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Mandos, I notice from scribe notes that Dramas' tower has/had a door here? --Errol 16:19, 23 Jan 2009 (NZDT)

Yep, flew to it, stopped off long enough to pop a tower on the western coast and buggered off again. No idea of what is really there. --Mandos 22:01, 23 Jan 2009 (NZDT)

Some comments from DQ elist

from memory Greg Taylor gm'ed there 20 years ago. Isil Eth went there twice i think. there is a volcano, or high hill - could not be sure as there were no tell tale signs like hobbits throwing jewels in to the top - with a portal to a hall of portals (one portal for every plane of existance). I may have some scribe notes but i am not confident. oh yeah, i think there were lizards or something down low.

Delph has (at least) one very big mountain -- think Everest height -- on the top of which may be found the God-Mind of Delph, some sort of cabal of Mind Mages in a permanent groupthink / mind-meld. Since the party that found themselves on top of the Everest-sized mountain managed to climb down sans-special equipment (e.g. ropes) we may surmise that either the god-Mind assisted them, or they exaggerated the height and difficulty of the mountain. :) Martin Dickson 11:28, 10 Mar 2009 (NZDT)

Does anyone know what those shapes drawn on the island on the map of Alusia are meant to represent? My personal feeling as that this island kinda sounds a bit like New Guinea...only with lizardfolk.

The Great Lakes of Delph !! Those shapes are probably inland seas of the order of the great lakes in North America. Considering the Island is maybe just a bit smaller than Australia. Looking at the last map on the Alusian map page only the east of the Island is forest/jungle the west is desert and savanna. The latitudes are of both Delph and New Guinea are close to the same and as the wikipedia has this to say about the New Guinea.
"New Guinea contains many of the world’s ecosystem types: glacial, alpine tundra, savanna, montane and lowland rainforest, mangroves, wetlands, lake and river ecosystems, seagrasses, and some of the richest coral reefs on the planet."
I guess there maybe jungle areas that a simular. - Helen
Papua-New guinea is much smaller than Australia and is elongated NW-SE, is at the edge of the Pacific with its El-Nino, La Nina oscillations. That written, any island of that size in that (Allussian) locality with high mountainous ridges is going to have micro-climates. some will be very wet and others relatively dry. so what is on the dq wiki is likely or even probable, hence my advice would be to just use it as is.Ian