Styx merchant trade guild

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Styx Merchant Trade Guild

The office of the trade guild is a busy hive of commercial activity, it is clean, well lit, open late, with people coming and going at odd hours. It has an optimistic feel to the place where things could get done, and coin and fair trade can help to advance anyone honestly.

Styx Merchant Trade Guild


The organisation main secure office is located in New Seagate.

Accommodation - Across different sites & cities - most offices have associated accommodation for employees with overflow arranged with nearby Inns.

Office architecture - Most warehouses are two or three stories with attics and roof access. All office and warehouses (in differing locations) are well maintained, made from fireproof stone, which has been reinforced with heavy wooden walls (to slow those using tunneling spells) and shingle roofs.

People - Guards have some support magics (such as extinguish fire investeds).

The warehouse that directly supports wagons teams normally have an association with local stables to support animals.

Trade ships

Styx shipping syndicate The guild has around 14 Caravels sailing under the Carzala & Seagate merchant guild flag. Most ships are at sea, some dock weekly in Seagate. All vessels have ship strength and some have water mages. For groups of experienced marines with magical support are birthed at any time. They often move between ships at sea.

Grain trading syndicate

Styx Grain trading syndicate holds the lease on a large area of land around Byson & Tims and make use of land in the Sweet Riding.