South Lending

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South Lending
Location South East Brastor
Government Complicated
Population ~3,500 settlement & area
Mostly Common

Mostly Folksprach


– Property Tax:
– Bonding rate:

% per annum
% of goods' value/month

As of Winter 807WK

South Lending (Brastor Holding)
Blackwell Clan
This burnt-out, ruined town (802WK) in south east Brastor was once the seat of power for the small and independent clan of plains barbarians, the Blackwell clan. The Blackwell clan or simply, ‘The Clan’, as it is known locally, has a mixed blood line of minor Carzala clans and the powerful Blackwell plains barbarian clan. They have supported Lord Leto in Carzala over the last thirty years.
Eltrandor arms
In autumn 807WK, the Eltrandorian soldiers that were demobilised close to the ruined town of South Lending were reported to have finally cleared the remainder of the undead. The few hundred men and additional camp followers that settled in the ruins in autumn were joined by several hundred settlers who returned in the winter of 807WK. Many of the settlers are from the Blackwell clan. Rebuilding has started with three main barracks and tents as well as an earth and wooden palisade.
In mid 807WK, around two hundred members of the wealthy Gabrielite ‘Order of the Untamed Path’, said to be from northern Aquila. The group, which is made up of both Gabrielites and Michaelites, is known for its magic use and tolerance of others. The group has claimed, cleared, and started settling two ruined manor house and a larger ruined ex-merchant house in adjacent ruined hamlets, a couple of miles from the ruined town (Arms Manor & Eltran Rest). They are led by the elderly human woman affectionately called Mother Grey. She is a mind mage. Order members have already ‘blessed’ the surrounding fields.
Baron Balrain
The Balrain family of Gugnir's Hope has been granted South Lending as a Barony for outstanding services in the war (feeding the arm with beef), by the Duke. As of Spring 807WK, the three groups (Blackwell Clan, Eltrandorian soldiers and the Order of the Untamed Path) have had no official contact with anyone from the Balrain family.


South Lending as a village has been rebuilt but the few 'old Brastorians' will not likely recognise the place due to the change in architecture and the fact that the village has been completely rebuilt from the base stones up since the Dark Circle war. The Village is larger and most of the settlers here speak with foriegn accents.


There is a few notable buildings in town and these are;

The Golden Light Inn
This has been built over the ruins of the old 'Sleeping Dragon' Inn and has been rebuilt with 3 stories above ground as well as being twice the size.
The Church of the Cleansing Fire
This was one of the first buildings completed once the ‘Order of the Untamed Path’ arrived
The South Lending Chambers
This is an administrative building as well as being the barracks for the Lending Guard.
Shop Smart, Shop Sabastian-mart. Purveyor of All Things Good, a prominent merchant house.
No. 1 Hobbits' Detective Agency
Established a two story stone premises in 817. This branch of the office specialises in finding lost dreams
Arms Manor
Manor house of 'The Order of the Untamed Path'
Eltrans Rest
A Manor house of 'The Order of the Untamed Path'
A Manor located South East of South Lending at the base of the hills there beside the ‘Verain Quarry’
A Manor located North East of South Lending


Eltrandorian soldiers

Blackwell Clan

the Order of the Untamed Path

Mother Grey: A mind mage and leader of the Path.


Autumn 810
S-Mart is built and begins trading in the town.

Summer 810
The stasis effect has faded and the temporal magics have also dissipated.

Summer 808WK
A Guild Party encounter the locals and helped remove a problem with Giant undead spiders. GM: Jon McSpadden

The area is liberally covered with temporal magics causing a stasis. This may be affecting how others think of it, or explain the relative freedom of the undead. There are 500 church knights within a day of here (South Lending), who haven't bothered to wipe out the undead. It's got to be magic...