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Most famous for his time spent as:


Master healer of much skill and compassion as well as a Namer. Pacafistic against sentient beings unless they are undead, demonic or insectoid. Currently undecided about constructs. Also a courtier of skill although reputed to be a virgin. She is a greater noble but doesn't feel the need to make a big deal of this while she is a guild member.

Kerensky: The grey mage.

Without question the most notorious character in the realm he inhabits. Does things his own way but seems to have enough of a connection to the rulers of the realm that no one has been able to make a charge of treason stick yet despite his strange methods and lack of respect for rank. Currently has a poisonous tentacle in place of his right hand. He is reputed to study the central theme of magic and therefore be able to use general knowledge spells of more varieties than should be possible. Claims to be able to open portals but so far has not demonstrated this. Can traverse swamps without impedement and control undead simply by speaking to them.

Brad Ard:

Famous performer and linguist. Accepts any challenge when it comes to performance. Accomplished in all the standard types of performance and has traveled widely to correct his accent in the multitude of languages he knows. Reputed to heal any who need it with his rather basic healing magics and this has led to trouble with some churches and other groups. Has seen things no one should see when a creature from the mists temporarily removed his soul. Owner and operator of the Sphere Theatre he also has farming interests and does alot of charity work while dreaming up new ways to change the world.


Training Chronomancer and diplomat to the various races.