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Arms of the Sammaelite Sect
Arms of the Sammaelite Sect

Sammaelites are the scholarly followers of the Archangel Sammael and are charged with the collection of knowledge and the guidance of those who would learn the mystical arts. The sect prefers to accept mages, but will only welcome those who can demonstrate firmness of will and moral and ethical behaviour.

This sect is rather smaller than the previous four but is quickly growing in strength and popularity. Most of the important figures within this sect were previously Raphaelites or Urielites, and there are still significant tensions between this fledgling sect and that of the Michaelines.

Sammaelites usually wear black robes, or white robes edged with black, and their symbol is the golden candle Lumen (meaning both Light and Life) of their patron, which is often displayed alone but sometimes shown within a circle or ring. They say that the black speaks of the darkness that surrounds knowledge, and the danger that all who would tread this path must face, for it is the dark path that seeks to seduce the philosopher and mage, and the candle is their guiding light. Since they are predominately scholars and mages, Sammaelites seldom wear armour.

Sammaelites do not have a proscribed day of worship. Instead in keeping with their recent integration into the Unified Church they tend to worship on either the Sunday or a day that matches the local custom. Their services however take place at dust and involve the lighting of the chapel with candles to represent the taking of light into darkness.

The relationship between Sammaelites and the other major sects will depend on the individual orders involved, but as a general guide:

  • Michaelines are over-zealous and often ignorant, substituting brawn for brains and believing somehow that by shunning erudite matters they can lessen their importance and impact. Their bravery is beyond reproach but if they would only take the time to understand what they oppose their effect in the world would be so much the greater.
  • Gabrielites are fellow scholars, learned and wise, but overly concerned with the contents of their books, believing them more valuable by dint of their age and prestigious authors than the actual truth to be found in the world.
  • Raphaelites are steadfast friends, stoic and dependable. If they have any fault it is only that by being so concerned with the plight of the common-folk they may lose sight of greater events that if left unattended may overwhelm them despite all their bravery and resilience.
  • Urielites are incorruptible guardians of the law, and understand redemption and forgiveness, but could learn to temper their justice with more mercy. They believe the law to bind all, but if we cannot understand the consequences then the law is just arbitrary rules enforced by those with power.


Order of the Finders of the Lighted Path
A small order dedicated to discovering and uncovering the activities of demonic cults and other enemies of the Powers of Light, the Pathfinders as they are sometimes known work through subtle observation and even infiltration of their enemies. This is a perilous undertaking; aside from the physical dangers of discovery, even the most dedicated and resolute follower of the Powers of Light risks corruption and damnation through such close association with evil forces and participation in baleful rituals to maintain their cover. The Pathfinders maintain however that in order to fully combat the dark forces their organizations, secrets and alliances must be fully revealed and torn out at the roots. Most of the order operates individually from their small chapter houses with others acting in supporting roles. When the time comes to take military action the order usually co-operates with more martial Raphaelite or Urielite groups, letting them take the credit for the evil-doers brought to justice.
Order of the Keepers of the Hidden Lore
the Lore-Keepers -- also known as the Black Monks from their austere and unadorned black habits -- are scholars and librarians, collecting and studying occult texts and tomes of dark lore so as to understand the powers and determine the motives of the enemy so that they may be better combated. The Order maintains a large library, the "Bibliotheca Occultus" (the hidden / secret library) containing thousands of volumes of dæmonic lore and dark magics. Many of the books are originals, liberated from cults and secret societies, others are copies made at great risk to life and sanity. Some of the books are themselves malevolent and dangerous, and only the most strong willed and moral researchers are permitted access to them. While the continued existence of the dark library is opposed by some within the Church, (particularly amongst the Michaelines), the Black Monks make their volumes available to the Inquisition, who have so far ruled that it is a resource that the Church cannot afford to ignore (or destroy). The Order maintains strong ties with the Silver Friars and some of that scholarly Order are known to have access to the library, and to have contributed volumes. The Library's physical location is a well guarded secret, although it is believed to be extra-planar with only a few, highly secure, entrance ways.