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A savage mongrel Orc originally from the Black Forest, Kirgoth has pale white skin from washing with lime; which also removes dried blood and flesh; Kirgoth is quite clean. When he hit puberty he moved to Naldaka, serving in the town guard, picking up several vices and removing some of his rougher edges, and alot of his teeth. He is quite moral, in his own way, and is excited by the prospect of unleashing slaughter and carnage upon evil with his new friends. Kirgoth wears heavy plate and hits stuff with the cultural weapons of glaive and great axe.


Maintains a poor level household in seagate.


Three hobbits of indeterminate gender and age were rescued from the Elven ship during an Adventure in Autumn 807. These ex-slaves had been missed during the liberation of the vessel and had spent the following months avoiding the ghouls and eating nasty stuff, one is currently crippled after being hamstrung by ghouls and needs to be wheelbarrowed about. Kirgoth is fattening them up, teaching them right from wrong, how to be good orcs and some useful skills.


Currently playing: Not on an adventure yet

Previous Adventures

GM Links

A GM cheat sheet is available for Kirgoth. It is detailed on a separate page for ease of Printing.