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Played by Karen Dransfield Contacted via menolly @


Kelestra Windsom is a female human wicca apprentice, who has a plains cat called Rawny as her familiar. She is a tallish wispy built female who is always seen wearing long green dresses and an apron, using a staff for walking.


Kelestra Winson was born and raised in Brastor, a minor noble family with some land and businesses in the area. Being 7th meant she wasn't really in line for inheriting, but to be useful in bridging families in arranged marriage. She was taught to be useful to the family, and learnt sewing and embroidery. Learning the skills of running a household, she was taught the basics for keeping a still-room. She took an interest in the dyeing of threads and fabrics. Her family was caught in the conflict in Brastor and she was among those who had to flee. Most of her family are now dead or missing in action. She meet Anathea in one of the camps and accepted her invitation to learn with her. She is now apprenticed to Anathea and spends most of her time living, training and helping the people of New Charity.


In her studies, Kelestra has begun learning the ways of healing, herbalism and enjoys sewing and embroidery.


Kelestra is training in self defense with the quarter staff, mainly to subdue where possible. She prefers not to take part in combat unless in self defense, as she believes violence is inherrently bad.

Spells and Talents

Kelestra is an apprentice Wicca to Anathea.


Currently playing: (nothing, doing something in New Charity until time to travel back to Guild for quarterly meeting)

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