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Xanadu, The Dragon Father is a god and was creator of the Dragons, the first mortal race.

Some legends claim that in the days before time, before there was a mortal realm, and the gods warred amongst themselves, that it was Xanadu who proposed a peace, and brought to an end their feuding, and that for this Xanadu was granted the honour of creating the first mortals.

Whether or not the legend is true, it is known that the first mortals upon Alusia were the ancient dragons, eight mated pairs created by Xanadu, and that their descendants, although now much lessened in stature and power, exist on Alusia into the present time.

Xanadu no longer appears to be worshipped on Alusia in any formal sense, although some of his children's descendants still venerate him, and a Guild member, Axis Dragonmage, holds the position of his herald.

There is one known Temple of Xanadu, which lies in a swamp near Carzala (Caves in Swithan's Cove area -- Suarime population. See link for exact locale.). Until 802 WK there were 13 great statues in the temple; 12 attendants, and one of Xanadu himself, through which he has on occassion spoken with mortals. When a Guild party returned to Alusia with the spirits of the ancient dragons who had departed aeons earlier, these spirits inhabited the 12 attendant statues and disappeared from the mortal realms along with Baal.

With so few of Xanadu's children left in the mortal realms it may be that his interest in Alusia will wane further.