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As of Summer 818WK
Location 5 Miles north-east of Tobintown in Brastor. Tobintown.JPG
Owes loyalty to Tobintown
River trade Mostly river trade is for the mill from Tobintown
Population Manor, Mill & 35 homes.
Subinfeudation Carzala-sub-map.jpg


This small & peaceful farming village on the shore of the Champion River within the north west of Brastor Holdings and reports to and uses the market town of Tobintown. Located a few miles inland on the west side of the Champion River on the main road between Tobintown and Charity.

Westhold Manor
This small walled stone single story manor house is in need of major repairs and overhaul.

Westhold Mill
The Mill located on its own small island is driven by a modern waterwheel, and grain is offloaded from a barge at the local dock from Tobintown.

Village houses
The rest of the village has ~35 homes.