Walvo Beast

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Walvo Beast (Mustal-Reptillious)

Walvo Beast Colour.jpg
Natural Habitat 
Dessert, Tropical Fringe
1-25 (6)
The Walvo is said to be another product of meddling wizards. To be accurate – the Walvo is an evolution of a long lost wizards creation and some very improbable mating. They sport the iridescent scales of a dessert lizard and the fur of the weasel that they resemble. These creatures are ferocious omnivores – preferring fresh food over carrion but will eat anything if they are hungry enough.
The breeding patterns of the Walvo are erratic in frequency and form. Some females will produce live kits and others clutches of eggs. There does not seem to be any difference in the physical form of the young by the time they reach adulthood. The live born tend to be more precocious than the egg laid.
The Walvo is generally an animal of superior intelligence. Approximately 3% of the Walvo population can be considered sentient.
It is possible to use the Walvo as a hunting beast. If they are raised in captivity they may bond to their trainers – becoming extremely faithful servants. A few wizards have taken them for familiars.
While the Walvo can not cast magic they can develop quasi-magic talents <<Treat as rank 4>> They can not backfire but their ‘cast chance’ is limited.…
  1. (10%) Blending : One of the prized talents of the Walvo is that they can ‘Blend’ (qv Earthmage)
  2. (2%) Shadow Walk : (qv Celestial)
  3. (5%) ESP – they use this for locating prey/predators
  4. (1%) Mind Speech – These extremely rare specimens can be taught to convey concepts and accept instructions. They can be trained to initiate the link with their masters. In the wild these will generally be the head of their tribe or hunt co-ordinators.
Movement Rates 
Running: 300
PS: PS 4-6 MD: MD 3- 8 AG: AG 20-26 MA: MA - EN: EN 6-12 FT: FT 8-16
WP: WP 10-25 PC: PC 10-20 PB: PB 6-12 TMR: TMR 8 NA: NA 3
Tooth and Claw
Describe types of attack, then list (examples below).
Bite: BC 50%, [D + 2], Close, Rank 2.
Claw: BC 65%, [D - 2], Melee & Close, Rank 2.
(15%) Some of the Walvo carry a paralysis poison. This will affect most small animals almost immediately – causing their muscles to seize. The Walvo will never eat an animal paralysed by their own bite – making these specimens ‘soldiers’ of sorts (vs. hunters). Any entity with more that 10 EN must make an endurance check or suffer numbness in the affected area of their body. There can be further ramifications (e.g. losing TMR or the ability to hold anything). The poison will dissipate after 1 – 3 days.