Vun Enchanted Evening

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Adventure:Vun Enchanted Evening
'GM: Ian Wood
Night: Wednesday-first session 31 dec 10 am. 20 pahi place.
Location: 32 Dawnhaven Drive Te Atatu Peninsula
Level: what the cat dragged in, but hopefully competent

The warrior band

  • Human the Fool - Fearless warrior - Warchief & Illusionist - Michael S
  • Mungo Third Son- Mighty Warrior, Skald & Joint Warchief Michael M
  • Aaron- Dauntless Warrior Enchanter - Leader. Helen
  • Aurora - Brave Warrior Air/Fae Keith
  • Veor Peerless Warrior Ice Shaman Bernard
  • Ben Unsurpassed warrior Non Mage - a tall red haired human who can shift into a Were Tiger Ian
  • Vladimir Feared Warrior Mind Michael Y

From the continuing saga of Mungo Third Son, Slayer of Demons' (well the avatar & assisted by Odin) Bearer of Odin's Spear, Skald, Scourge of the Unholy & Illusionists etc

My companions on this adventure are, aside from Aaron, mostly new to me but clearly are the boldest and most worthy warriors of the guild, despite an alarming propensity toward the magical arts and that a surprisingly a number of them profess an interest in horticulturalism, (particularly as Asparagus Farmers ), but by Thor's Red Beard from the worn hilts of their weapons, they are doubtless the types who would stand with you shoulder to shoulder to the front of a shield wall staring down our foes, aside perhaps from Aurora who is a fair maid of the fae....well she wont be at the front,

Human the Fool and I shall share the duties as joint war chiefs – the more Generals the better as more ideas confuse the enemy. Aaron a warrior and Sorcerer shall be our leader.

Meadow 1 Our employer, from Aquila is Alfred von Doodle, aside from his bristling blond moustache, firm jaw, broad shoulders and square head, is in fact only a merchant who, but about to get an upgrade to a Viscount, no doubt having slipped a big bag of silver shekels to the Duke – it seems anyone can become noble these days...Anyway he is concerned that his son, Albrecht a bookish theoric from Rotweilstein in the county of Feisenheim to the north of Konnigsberg, (famous for its dogs); needs to be made fit to be a Viscount’s heir - or more specifically to be made a man of so that his subjects will take him seriously & not stick his head on a pole …. That is our task - we are told to take him on an adventure, help him kill a troll or two, rescue a damsel – all very embarrassing really for warriors of our ilk - but the pay is good - the transferal of a debt for 170,000 silvers from a Baron Reith. There may be some issues in these spscifics as Veior and Ben apparently have a kinship with trolls although in other aspects (shapeshifting abilities aside) they both seem rather normal (at least in the guild meaning of normal),.. anyway they may not be too keen on killing their relatives.

Veior, confirming this relationship to trolls with unseemly manners immediately volunteers the services of Aurora to assist in the "up manning".,…… but prowess in the bedchamber would be too easy – Alfred says it has to involve the spilling of blood & martial rather than marital endeacvour . We are advanced 10,000 sp and given local information – in Rotweilstein healing magic is scarce, in fact so scarce that the locals have taken to honour duelling - i.e to first blood only. Food costs 3 times the usual rate. Accomodation and services cost half, Magic costs 10 times.

Meadow 2-3 A mighty feast is held over the next two days – ales flows and Odin’s honour is toasted properly before we set off on our request. Some of the others make preparations.

Meadow 4-5 We travel by some cloud magic with our horses that one of the mages has cooked up – I forget which, they all look the same until you get to know them (I mean the mages not the horses) . This takes two days. At Bowcourt we obtain the necessary permits for Konnigsberg. Flying on the lands have vbeen severly damaged by war- someone from a farming background says the top soil has all been removed. Innesberg is a small island city flaoying in a lake.. we land at Oxforfrei?

Then we travel a short distance to Rottwelistein a town of about 5000 people, many refugees and the junction for a number of trade routes. The people are all armed and seem expectant of trouble – bandits perhaps? There seem to be cold iron horse-shoes nailed above every door – incidentally causing Aurora no end of grief – apparently the faeries are getting all the blame for the drow wars, as are lycanthropes. So a watch is kept that night in our inn.

In the evening crowds garther in the square around troubadours telling stories and regailing songs - all of woe – they seem to be miserable sorts. Food and board is expensive but beer seems plentiful – and the rotweilstinnians seem all be crying into it.

Human, Fellow War Chief, performs juggling feats – not what one necessarily wants in a war leader – although to volunteerily suffer this indignity in public, he must be truly fearsome as a warrior……but even this does not raise a glimmer of mirth amongst these down mouthed civilians.

In the morning (Meadow 6) the mages are all moaning claiming they cannot “purify” due to lack of mana (backbone more like it). - so at 10.00 am after obtaing directions from the guard we set about the education of Albrecht - by finding him. ...turns out he is studying with Bertrand a Notary – some sort of abacus rattler with ink stains all over his fingers– although apprerently held in high esteem by the weasel class (bueracrats & shopkeepers) that inhabit cities. Hardly surprising but Albrecht is not interested in coming with us, does not think he needs to be made a man of & would rather be a notary…..& Bertrand claims he is also indentured & may not leave anyway – a slave? My suggestions, in the face of this mealy mouthed nonsense, of a direct approach ( I have brought a large sack with me) is rejected and we leave to think of a plan to some how persuade him.

Searching local stores I come across a military book telling the war secrets of the Stenefen Clan, enemies of my family which seems a bargain at 2250 sp. My library with three tomes (all about fighting if you must know) is now fairly bulging.

Meadow 7 We leave the city (in part Aurora the faerie is sick from iron horseshoe poisoning & needs to leave) exploring the small townships - all a few miles apart. The locals have all heard of Bertrand and despite appearances is held in great respect as an important man ?! Who next!? Bards?!

Meadow 8. Returning we meet with the local Chancellor, a follower of the God Gabriel who sets up a dinner the following evening with Albrecht & Bertrand invited. We hope he will help twist the wrist of Master Von Doodle.

Over dinner, the next day (Meadow 9) appealing to the advantages in business, trade & influence by being a respected Viscout (i.e. his greed) Albrecht agrees to honour his fathers wishes & let us make a man of him. Bertrand also with an eye on the main chance agrees to let Albrecht go. ' Meadow 10.We debate how to get started in the art of manliness, Albrecht not having had the benefit of going raiding ponies or the like in his youth, so we will have to start with the basics. Hunting it shall be. Various species are rejected before we settle on boar as being the most appropriate. (Human rejects rabbits as likely to involve too many guild members - & besides "Albrecht the Rabbit Slayer" does not have that ring to it.

Well it is hunting but not as we know it..back home its all a test of skills and knowledge of the outdoors for example - you might go out into the hills armed with a bottle of mead - having found bear tracks you drink it all on the first night and then on waking in the morning, sniff the wind for a scent, listen to ground for the sound of footfalls. Then making a dagger out of the glass shards from the empty bottle you set about hunting the giant white bears who have been attracted by the smell of the honey liquor - (one of my shield companions told me he definitely did this during a night we spent drinking - but it could have been a sea serpent i forget)) - but here everyone stands in a line and beaters bring the game to you. At the end the day 2 giant boar (500 & 600 lbs respectively) and the mother of all sows - 5 foot at the shoulder and 700 lbs lay dead at Albrechts feet - he definitely stuck his spear in at least one of them either before or after it died - but the glory is his as we march back to feast. Albrecht is blooded properly with the beasts gore painted on his face and manfully eats the heart of one of the boars. Magnamaniously meat is provided to the beaters and bearers as a good lord should.

Meadow 11 Armour is sorted out for Albrecht, who knows how to use a rapier (toothpick) and surprisingly a mattock. Aaron & I will teach Albrecht use of the spear and shield.

Various beasts lurk all around the wilds surrounding this town - griffons, minotaurs, naga - but we settle on goblins who have been raiding small settlements in Unterland to the North East. Normally goblins are an easy challenge, most useful in padding out your battle averages, but these ones are cunning, skilled and organised. It is two days travel to Kaiseienta a fortified town where we are welcomed warmly by the Seargeat of the Guard, having introduced Albrecht as a Lord who has come to aid in the rout of the goblin hordes. (Meadow 13)

We learn the following of these particular goblin: they set ambushes relying on surprise, the use fog, knock out gases and some spells causing confusion and dizziness and also darkness. They have magic - apparently hedge mages/ shamans or some sort of minor enchanter. The have war bands numbering 200-300 and are very resilient despite significant losses. The may be using tunnels or caves to move around secretly and quickly. Tactics used against them by the locals are a rapid response flying "Reaction Force" of troops and trying to get the goblins in the open where they cannot ambush.

Some kind of flying creature seems to be dominating the airspace, possibly a dragon or a wyvern as it breathes flames.. Vieor (in gargoyle form) and Aurora explore this - a hawk tells Aurora that the air creatures all know about the flying beast.

Eight days after our arrival, Meadow 21 the alarm goes off in a village "Yarden 8*. We will be accompanying the flying Reaction Force of 70 men, 20 being mounted.

On arrival we are on a plateau about 4 x 10 miles. The village is in the middle involved in grim combat. About 2000 of the foulest most fierce goblins, each the size of a large orc and armed to the teeth are besieging the village with approximately 300 obvious mages in their ranks (staffs/ robes/ pointy hats with sculls hanging every where as mystical ornamentation). Our brief view suggests that some powerful arcane magic is protecting the walls as the black and foul arrows of the gobllns are repelled. The goblins are unnaturally well drilled as if they were men or elves - which is convenient since they are closer together we can slay more to the single blow..

Heavily outnumbered, we charge in and land about 250 yards away, not a hint of doubt or fear on the face of any of our party - even from Aurora the Fae who is as bold as any shield maiden. I call out a battle poem telling of the deeds that will be enacted here today and how Odin will be honoured by the mounds of dismembered dead that will surround our feet in pools of their stinking goblin blood by the end and how their goblin wives and children shall be wailing and gnashing their fangs etc (i might have to change that bit - Im not sure goblins have such permanent relationships) ....and anyway our party draw their blades with deadly intent and combat begins.

The goblins turn to face us advancing supported by volleys of arrows (cowards) and egged on by 20 foot tall hobgoblins armed with enormous flails. They link shields in a wall which unleashes some sort of magical shielding force repelling arrows and even a cavalry charge by the Reaction Force.

Ben and I each engage in single combat with a monstrous hobgoblin (1 each of course) causing them monstrous wounds but their power is enormous and they do not fall immediately responding with ferocious blows that stagger us, smashing our armour before they are dispatched. Albrecht fights with the courage of a lion, charging approximately 300 alone and slaying many. Such is the might of our attack from our party that the goblins flee, leaving piles of dead behind and rivers of their blood. It was a great victory,

Seldom have so few stood against so many in victory - the names of all party members should be carved in stone in mighty monument that shall stand through the milleniums and the saga commemorating this battle shall be epic! We are told that this was obviously a trap and that the goblins have never fielded so many before - but we spring it straight back on them. Full credit to the mages: none of them turned tail and scarpered and they were generally damned useful, especially at evaluating the loot: about 1000 arrows and 73 powerful short bows = later Veior with his divination magic determines that there is a "master bow" (rank 16 arrow flight, highly weaoon-smithed. Most of the other bows are rank 7 arrow flight)

We are greeted as heroes by the town folk who are honoured to receive Albrecht's band of heroes. The villages appear hopelessly un-warlike & have in the main relied on the powers of their artefact to shield them from attackers as they cowered indoors - so the artefact is a mixed blessing - on one hand offering protection but on the other hand encouraging fearfulness not even appropriate in women and children. About 40 if the 70 buildings have been damaged.

We are lodged in 2 large rooms of a stone manor house, offered baths & invited to a communal feast around the fire. I relate the initial draft of my saga to the crowd, praising Albrecht and our party of warriors, as does Human.

That night, watches are set. Ben and Aaron both believe we are being watched - but by who the cannot determine.

22 to 25 Meadow Our wounds are many and grevious, all received with honour to the front of our bodies - Aurora is now one eyed like Odin thanks to an arrow. Three days are needed to recover and heal. Likewise, Aaron skilled as a smith in both weapons and armour, quickly makes all repairs.

On the first day a village man, E'ath wanders in from the dark and foreboding forest which surrounds the village. This is apparently normal as he is a coward who is never present during a goblin attack. Human can see he is shrouded in illusion but cannot see exactly what the illusion is.

Outside the goblin corpses have turned rancid. Some of them have moved very slightly over night. Aurora and Veior who can see into the spirit world can see their spirits have not departed as would normally happen

Vlad, an evil mind mage by trade, (but damned useful nonetheless and proven to be as brave as they come) is able to talk to the spirits of the Hobgoblin who tell him that they use spells which cause earthquakes, make walking faster and summoning mountain spirits.

Found on the battle field are: A large (8-10 feet) bone from perhaps a woolly mammoth - still seen sometimes in the North where I come from - carved with magical runes of power. This is a powerful weapon but would need a mighty strength and body mass to wield properly. (It will cause massive damage on striking (+23) and always cause a grievous wound, fast walk, quiet walk, hall of he mountain king, earthshake, augmentation). Found also is a large magical green gem that allows the graft/ transferal of a souled creatures body part onto the bearer.Aurora uses the gem to make temporary use of a beady goblin eye to repair the empty socket in her head, covered by a glamour. It works perfectly.

Veior determines that whoever is behind the goblins has been using a foul dark magic to return the spirits to their dead bodies which are then repaired - thus limiting the goblin losses from every battle - most of them have simple crawled away, been re-souled and patched up to fight another day. He tells us he can deal with he problem. We see him moving about strangely as if in a trance and welding an invisible giant club and striking near the goblin corpses. He has entered the spirit realm in the form of a troll and permanently severs the spirits from the goblin bodies so that they might not be repaired / resurrected. When it is done he tells us he has dispatched about 170 goblin spirits to their goblin hell.

During this time, two children go missing - having been last seen near the edges of the dark wood.

We question E'ath. He is a trapper who enters the fringes of the wood (10-15 tress in). After that he tells us it gets strange, become disorientated and losing their way. Hs says he has only escaped by trying to run into the woods. Veior uses a divination spell to discover how he has been affected by spells over the last two weeks. He discovers: the day before the tactic there were no spells on E'ath. On the day of the spell he has had the spells known as : locate, soul speak, death something.... He has a disguise illusion on him. Veior speculates that he is a simacularum - an evil magical construct composed of himself - but we don't know for sure.

Meanwhile, Albrecht has decided he has done enough to get a reputation - but his arm is eventually twisted to commence the quest of finding & rescuing the children. We commence tracking finding two sets of child's footsteps that move up to the edge of the woods .. and disappear - foul magic is at hand here!.....

The missing children are Stephan and Wrjight. Aurora and we are guessing that the fae folk have them.

The difficulty with this part of my (our) adventure is this: when its late in the evening with the gnawed bones of some roast beast strewn about the table, the ale horns spilt and your shield companions - all scarred and battered from many a battle, reeking of the gore of our slain foes are talking in slurred voices of their exploits … you are not going to win any bragging contest by claiming to have vanquished a gang of faeries .. It just does not carry that much cachet…which is hardly fair because the nasty little shape-shifting magical swine are a match for sly and wicked Loki himself

So I will get through this bit fairly quickly, but the peril we faced should not be underestimated.

The forest needless to say is well infested with the fae popping in and out of the spirit world, through their circles of mushrooms, like spiteful maggots. Anyway when Aurora disappears through one of these , we follow her through, arriving in their realm before a Dark Fae Lord seated on a Stone throne with his Court of Chaos, guards, with a feast laid out before us. Aaron arrives struck with severe wounds and is decapitated - but somehow alive. Their polite but sly offers of hospitality are frequent and tempting - but none of our party, forewarned, are tricked in to supping. Nonetheless, their fae tricks distort our perceptions and seek to trap us. The Fae Lord greets Aurora as a someone familiar, eh what’s this a serpent in our midst? …..but then in a foul and treacherous move betraying the law of a good host - reaches forth and tears the silver spirit cord (which we can see here in the fae realm) from her body. Full glasses of wine and mead appear in our hands, a cake and fork appear in Human’s hands …it would be so easy to be tempted to consume their food or drink and then be trapped forever – Human with his Fool’s skills quickly begins juggling, somehow mesmerising the fae. Aaron appears to be grievously dismembered before our eyes but somehow lives. Amid this madness, Aurora and Aaron spirit’s– appearing as silver cords are flowing away. We escape somehow, but Aurora, unlike Aaron was never able to secure her spirit within her body, and when emerging in the woods in the world of men and beasts, she perishes - her body is empty and lifeless.

We make sure Aurora’s body is preserved and then plan our next move. Veor through magic creates a glacier of ice to crush the wood– but fae kings magic from deep in the fae realm - responds with an equally sized glacier….Veor attempts a blast of magic fire that also is resisted

Only one thing for it - I seek the wisdom of Odin, foremost of the gods. He will have no time for these cowardly back-biting weasel vermin who never stand forth like men (or women even – some of the shield-maidens in the guild are damned tough) to actually stare you in the eye & face you fair and square in combat but rely on magic and trickery like thrice cursed Loki – I can say his name because he is tied up somewhere. One of the forest deer is summoned forth by Vlad the mind mage to do the honours. I slit its throat as a sacrifice and hang from a giant tree - honour to Odin & a slap in the face to the fae king right in his own forest where it hurts. I am guided by Odin’s hand – a clear path shown by the night time stars leads me back to the village – protected from the fae illusions , to a woman known as the songstress who I know will help us. Ben meanwhile has got lost in the woods tricked by illusions which made him believe I was being lead to my doom by the fae.


In the morning the songstress, armed with breakfast - soup and buns - & I return. Ben is located by Aaron’s spell in the middle of the forest. The songstress then sings a mysterious song that she says has magically sent the forest (& the fae) to sleep. Through Vlad’s esp spell and Aaron’s locate spell Ben is sought. Maybe they are asleep but still illusions, strangeness and queer happenings are everywhere – Ben appearing in his hound form is about to devour a white rabbit . An illusionary wound appears on Human’s leg – and Ben and also Aurora’s spirit are found inside wriggling about like maggots – the strangeness knows no bounds……They are pulled out & Aurora repatriated with her body apparently as sound as Tyr’s stumpy arm..

….now that we are altogether we can find those kids – Hansel and Gretel or what ever they are called.

We walk through a meadow, up a hill where there is a giant tree it reaches to the clouds. On the other side of this we find a faerie ring of mushrooms -! Aha this is what we came for. Albrecht & I walk inside – easy enough and there reside a number of children. Unfortunately we then cant get out despite our best efforts. After what seems like hours we are attacked by a hideous giant troll which enters the faerie realm - all warts, fangs, pendulous belly and slimy green drool - but which runs in terror when it sees the glint of my spear & Albrecht’s mattock – maybe trolls are more cowardly then I thought or perhaps its just heard my latest saga and recognises Albrecht & I (or so it seemed until Veor later claims it was actually her in her true spirit form and she was trying to lead us out….which is all a bit too much information. Certainly if my spirit looked like that I would not tell anyone – especially not womenfolk who might not favour a man with a troll soul despite what his deeds at war might be). Eventually we do escape after still more searching finds another hidden fae ring …..but only to exit on a windswept glacier somewhere near my northern homeland fit must be for the aurora borealis fill the night sky. After sheltering briefly, Odin guides my eyes and the stars point clearly to a path that leads to a moon bow – very rare – which we enter. On desiring to be back at the village we are transported there instantly and magically, just as the remainder of the party returns.

The feast is enormous and Albrecht is the hero of the hour with his name toasted by all for resuming the chilbrdren who the whole village are glad to see ......but strangely do not recognise then all - who knows how long they have been in the faerie world........Human entertains, I compose saga and the songstress sets about singing a song to the children which seems to calm them...she then accompanies one of my sagas with a flute...

The ale starts to flow, songs begin to be sung and the chieftain's wife is in the process of measuring Albrecht's thumb and giving him a knowing look, with much raucous cackling by her friends. Her daughter flutters her eyelashes and makes cow-eyes at Albrecht,.

... but she is not making cow eyes for too long, and the ale that has been flowing is spilt as it turns there is a good reason for not recognising most of the children "captives" and that is because - suddenly 5 of the "children"reveal themselves to be fae and some turn on us while others head for the chieftains hut. "You fools" the Mayor cries, "you've invited the fae into our village." We are caught unawares without full armour and weapons. Dark clouds gather overhead. No time to take umbrage at this insult from the chief indeed it would be churlish in the circumstances. A melee erupts. The songstress is locked in spell combat as are other mages from our party. One fae turns into some toothy weasel like creature and runs up Ben's trousers attacking his "manly orbs" .. eventually eating one.... I jump on one sizzling it with my iron armour. One makes it to the chieftain's hut and heads straight toward a large exoticly decorated chest - a great mana source the mages later claim - but with Veor's spell assistance I wrestle him to the ground before he can swipe it. At the end, two have escaped by cutting a hole in the air with their fae knives, stepping into the hole and disappearing, two have been captured and bound in iron manacles and the rest destroyed. The two fae "children" who have been invited into the village mean that effectively the fae have a free entry ticket hence forth.

The next day, the two captives initially appear to have escaped but Veor's sight into the spirit world shows that the sneaky fae swine are still there but hiding behind an illusion. Veor starts talking to them. They reveal: the chiefs chest s a fae place of power, and the locals are occupying a fae place of power. The fae court itself is very factionalised - & the people we have been fighting are "kindred allies" in the Court. We decide the only way to influence the fae is to create an aura of power around us. The mages create a magical image of this for the prisoners - a giant tree (Ygdrasil?) a court including throne etc made of ice, Aurora attempts ( against her nature) to act in an imperious manner making stern demands of the fae to leave the villagers be - & when she isn't the rest of us step in glaring at the prisoners with the sort of rage Thor would have if some one stole his hemmer - finally Vlad who has a dark heart and few scruples - pokes the fae cruelly & they are intimidated. They are told the must bring to us their leader, who they call Cottonbud - it must be irony that name for what lord would chose a name like that unless he was extremely tough? One fae is kept prisoner ( & licked menacingly by Ben the tiger - whose "chariot" may now only be powered by "one horse" but is still menacing ( not to me personally of course) but you wouldn't want to be so close to a giant angry cat having earlier bitten off part of said giant cats manly parts. The other fae uses his little knife to cut a hole in the air through which he dissapears...

Mil Sci

Daily Pattern

Herbal Tea (5 Ft) with meals Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner.
Wilderness Camps ground sealed vs Earth Elementals and Rune Warding on Camp site.

Watch Order

6-10 Veior & Aurora, 10 - 2 Mungo, Vlad, Aaron, 2-6 Human, Ben

Marching Order

front: ben, aaron & mungo second: veior, aurora, ....

Standard Buffs

Magic Rk Effects Dur Hu Mu Aa Au Ve Be Vl
Greater Enchantment 9 10% All/2 areas 3 Months/ 2/3days ALL 2 - All All N All
Enchant Armour 11 24 def +1 armour (must wear armour) 11 Days or 6hrs or 9.5hrs N Y - Y Y Y N
Enchant weapon 9 +10 sc +3 dam 11 days or 14/21Mins Y Sword - - Axe Axe All
Resist Cold 20 -6 Cold Damage 21/28 Hr Y - - Y Tal Y Y
Vapour Breathing 6 Breathing Poisonous Gases 3 Hr 30 Min Y Y - Y Y Y Y
Ash Armour 11 60pt Elemental Ablative 12 Hr Y Y - - Y Y Y
Greater Heart Rune 7 On EN Damage, Heal 7 EN 8 Days Y Y - - Y Y Y
Spell Name ?? ?? ?? Hr ?? Min - - - - - - -

Situational buffs

Magic Rk Effects Dur Hu Mu Aa Au Ve Be Vl
Scales 9 38 pts ablative scales vs magical & mundane damage 19 Min/ 26 enhanced. Y - - - - - -
Enhance Enchant 7 + 7 rks to range,dur,BC or dam. 45 sec - - - - C.C. - -
Feather Fall 10 6 Hr 30 Min Y - - Y - - Y
Branch Counters 6 +26% MR vs Branch 11 Min Ent - - - Thau - Ent
Water Breathing 6 Breath Water 7 Hr Y - - - Y - Y
Mind Speech 8 Silent party communication within 270 feet 90 Min Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Spell Name ?? ?? ?? Hr ?? Min - - - - - - -



  • Horses.
  • Flying (50 mph - 10.5hrs).
  • Cloud [Air Aurora] (11 mph - 45hrs).
  • Running 48mph (requires the big dog)

Overview of the Region (Slightly old)
Middle Duchies War map.jpg

The Contract

Details that may trip us up, or predecate our choices.


Book (Mungo) 2250 sp.

72 * Bows / 1 * Master bow.

Mastadon Thigh Magic Club. (Fast Walk, Quiet Walk, Earth Shake, Hall of the Mountain King, Augmentation)

Green Gem Magic.

Giant Mace & Mau? PS 30 & very heavy (1 Ton+) needed, D+23, Always Specs, Hits spectrals/spirits/etc.

Scrolls : Veor weapon rank, master work herbalist, REichspiel 4, warrior subskiil, purification

Mungo: weapon rank, Reichspiel 4, Volkspracht 5.

Ben: Reichsteil 4, weapon rank, purification.

Human 2 x languages, weapon rank. purification.

Aurora Weapon rank, Volkspracht 5. purification

Aaron 2 languages, weapon rank, purification.

Vlad 2 x languages and weapon rank.purification.

Rolls: B 67, H 52, Au 53, Aa 02, Vlad 94 M 100 V 48

Individual Blessings

Various blessings from various gods

Party Member #1


Summer 815wk: Meadow
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon0.jpg Beltane

Full Moon

1 Guild Meeting 2 Feasting 3 Feasting 4 Horse Flying 5 Horse Flying 6 Rottwelistein
Moon1.jpg 7 Day Trip 8 Rottwelistein 9 Rottwelistein Dinner 10 Boar Hunt 11 Rottwelistein 12 Riding 13 Riding
Moon2.jpg 14 Kaiseienta 15 Kaiseienta 16 Kaiseienta 17 Kaiseienta 18 Kaiseienta 19 Kaiseienta 20 Kaiseienta
Moon3.jpg 21 Kaiseienta? 22 Goblin Fight? 23 Healing? 24 Healing? 25 Healing/Children? 26 27
Moon0.jpg 28 Full Moon 29 30 1 2 3 4
Summer 815wk: Heat
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon1.jpg 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Moon2.jpg 12 13 14 Midsummer Eve (Faerie Day) 15 Solstice 16 17 18
Moon3.jpg 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
Moon0.jpg 26 Full Moon 27 28 29 30 1 2
Summer 815wk: Breeze
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon1.jpg 3 Day of Death 4 5 6 7 8 9
Moon2.jpg 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Moon3.jpg 17 18 19 20 21 22 23
Moon0.jpg 24 25 26 27 28 29 30