Von Kroft

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Commonly known as V.K.

A dwarf (played by Russell Barke), from one of the 6 (or was it 7?) merchant families from the Superstitous Mountains. He was a non mage, favouring battleaxe as his weapon, and became a rank 10 merchant, specialising in Gems and Magical Items. He created and ran "The Lone Dwarf Trading Company", a shop in Seagate (with a reputation of being heavily booby-trapped) which brought and sold items from guild members, as wells as general merchandise.

He adventured for many years, including leading one of the ships that discovered the Terra Nova (Santa Maria, Nina or Pinta). At some stage he received a doomed to die by a Balrog, but history is vague on how he really died.

He married fellow adventurer Dido, and she was pregnant with their daughter when he was killed. She retired from adventuring to raise their child and to run the family business.

VK's cousin Katria also joined the guild.