Vale of Avoca

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The Vale, like Gryphon Valley and the Mucklands, is a nesting and hunting ground for Gryphons and is avoided by men (except for other adventurers). Accordingly, all non-animal encounters should be read as encounters with Gryphons unless they involve other adventurers.


Avoca Keep


At the southern end of the Vale is a small settlement and Keep which owes its loyalties to Novadom. The ring walled keep, is set in farm land far to the west of Novadom. The keep's local guard of 22 men are lead by 'Richard of Newhaven', a skilled Fire mage, and fighter. Bleyze a Fire Mage from the Seagate Adventures Guild lives in the area and supports Richard.

Scribe Notes

Some of the adventures and scribe notes involving this area: