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Uzi giving a traditional wardance; "It's just a jump to the left..."


Uzi is from a semi-nomadic tribe of orcs in the swampy bits of the Sea of Grass. As 3rd son of the clan chief, and considered quite the runt growing up, he thought it better to go learn magic rather than try to compete physically with his older (and larger) brothers.

General information

Although falling firmly into the "back-stabbing scum" type of orc, surprisingly he has been known to show the odd attempt at bravery, which probably stems from trying to live up to his "noble" heritage; or that head-wound he took a while back. He naturally picked E&E as his college when joining the guild, as he is much more a lover/leecher than a fighter. He has been put on probation for certain incidents, although he will still claim his hands slipped while applying Healing... He was exonerated regarding the goats.

He mostly lives at the guild in the orc pits, it's nice and cheap after all, or can be found at the Fight'n'Fuk tavern.


Uzi is the "copper-topped orc" (quote: "no other orc looks like him or lasts like him!") due to his gingery hair. Standing full height he's 6'3" and doesn't stoop too much, but is kind of weedy. He typically is seen adventuring in a posing pouch (only) with a shoulder belt of potions, weapons and a sack. To his great disappointment he's never been scarred enough in combat to be truly scary, although small children usually run away, again to his disappointment.


Uzi doesn't really do anything. He can make quite a good brew, but that also takes effort.


Scab: I'm not lending him my goat again.

This character is played by Zane