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Chris C plays the characters:

  • Dalran - A human male sorcerer - Started adventuring in 788 - RETIRED 812WK - PERMANENTLY DEAD 813WK
  • Kern Silvercrest - An elven male Earth Mage - Started adventuring in 789
  • Father Broc - An Elven Male Rune Mage - Started adventuring in 790
  • Akuji von Todd - An Elven Male Necromancer - Started adventuring in 803 - PERMANENTLY DEAD Spring 808 during The Rites of Spring adventure.
  • Henric - A Dwarven Mind Mage - Started adventuring in 806
  • Tsayoi - A Giant Fire Mage - Started in Spring 810
  • Gnashdar - A nasty orc not a nice clean one like some of the toffy Orc's in the guild and no pretenshins eiver.
  • TBA 2 - A Hafling sneak and all round disreputable guy
  • Others - to be considered and started
  • Merricat_the_Enchantress A female human E&E - an associate of Black Viktor of the SMG
  • Captain Zohar Haima - A human Male Water Mage, known as a 'freewheeling' ships Captain of many vessels

Some of the Characters above may have been known under other names over the years, such as:

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