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Played by Adam Tennant

Ughbash Facebiter


Ughbash fled persecution in his tribe of Orcs for being small and weedy. So he vowed to go back one day and shut their stinkin' mouths for good. To get to the guild alive he crated himself up and posted himself there. He was a long time partner in crime with Daemian, the pair both having joined the guild because it offered a place to hide and the members were obliged not to attack them by the guild rules. They relied on each other for protection and the occasional "murder in the dark" game, a favourite of Ugbash's to this day.


Ughbash is a stooped, solidy built Orc around 5'4" in height. He has a pale complexion and sunken, hollow eyes. He has large canine teeth, almost fang like. He wears a tatty, brown hooded robe over black, witch-skin armour. He carries various sharp implements, most notably a great axe.

General Information

He is a vile creature who delights in torturing, killing and eating his victims. (not necessarily in that order) Uggy, as he is sometimes affectionately??? known, is partially a greater undead Lich. That on top of his orcish and dark mage nature means he shuns any form of light if at all possible and casts Darkness frequently. He has darkness instead of blood and a poisonous bite.

One of his more endearing traits is that he carries a burlap "food sack" with him to which gets added various tidbits collected from dubious sources for later consumption.

In short, Ughbash is that person your parents warned you about. But he's perfectly nice once you get to know him. (providing you live that long and don't turn your back on him)


Ughbash is a Celestial Dark mage Assassin. He's good at sneakin' about, torturin' and murderin'.