Ty Trident

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Before joining the Seagate Adventurers Guild Ty used to work fishing and shipping boats with his parents. As the 1st son of these impoverished gentry he was expected to carry on the family business, but instead sought to gain a better way of life for his family and fight the inequalities he saw in the world.

General information

Ty Trident is a knight of Ormond in the barony of Cairmond. This entitlement comes with a modest manor and the rank and duties thereof. He has also become a Knight of the Golden Order, an organisation of the dragon Orthosopheles formed to fight evil dragons and champion justice and resist tyranny and oppression. As such Ty could be considered "good", however this is more a dedication to what is right rather than the more narrow view those bound to the Powers of Light take. As such sometimes the ends and means must be considered.


Ty is a tall, well-built human male with sandy-brown hair and grey eyes. No-one's going to accuse him of being good looking, but he has an amiable personality which shows through, and looks as solid and dependable as he is. Whilst on adventure he typically in covered head-to-toe in a suit of plate armour, with the tabard of his order, and two small strange objects which constantly orbit his head. Add the other usual adventuring equipment and various weapons, and he looks quite the walking arsenal.


Ty is noted as a Rank 8 Healer and Warrior of respectable skill. While Ty initially joined the college of Naming Incantations, he has since had the threads of Fate weave him into the college of Air Magics. He has most of the essentials, a couple of unique spells and has been known to throw Whirlwind Vortexes about with vigour. True to his heritage, he has become well-versed in all things water-bourne and is an accomplished Navigator, Cartographer, fisherman and is known as a pirate slayer down in the Five Sisters.


Turf - Ty is a good and honest man.
Scab - Ty is a great guy, he's never kicked me much and he did once cure me of that embarrassing infection.

This character is played by Zane