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Hi all,

This coming Monday being the 5th we will all be playing at Rosemary & Andrews place.
The address is:

 removed the address to protect Rosemary & Andrews privacy
if you need it please call Jono on 021 917 173

If you are not able to make it please let us know in advance. As more a few people will not be able to make it to the Guild meeting we are aiming to have all the record keeping completed by the end of Monday night. This means all write-ups printed and given out, and all Exp Chits given to you also.

To help with this we are doing a couple of things;
We have a list of the loot taken from the pirate ships, a small amount looted off corpses, and some other recovered items. This has added up to a large list which will be split between all 10 players.

To make this go quickly and easily we are asking you to do some homework and work out in advance which (if any) items you want.

Please go on-line and down load and print out the Excel document found at Google Docs here.
Please review the loot in advance which is a PDF document also at Google docs here.

At the top right hand corner of each of the item write-ups is a number from 1 to 185.
Please use this number and record it inside the "Your Pick #" inside the Excel doc.
After reviewing everything, please print it and bring your list along on Monday.

If you can't do this please let us know in advance. We can print stuff before hand so please be pro-active about helping.

On Monday we will all have a loot list and people who have not done it or reviewed the items ahead of time will be given a set time to do so.
Once we start the loot split we will attempt to go smoothly and quickly around each person and everyone should be working from their own list.

Once the Split is complete we will add up all items values and enter them into the Exp spreadsheet.
We will print them on the night and hopefully be done promptly.

Kind regards,