Twice as Cold

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Twice as Cold - Combine Loot Split

This is a combined game. There are two games involved, one GMed by Jono and the other by Kelsie.

It will involve:

  • A journey to Ivinia which is in the far cold north of Alusia.
  • The parties will be working for Yarl Jaro Dagen, who is a son of King Osidar Dagen of Ibanvaal.
  • Guild Security feels that it will also involve working for a Evil Dragon.

Other information:
An Astrology reading from Nilus Voldtars (Guild Astrologer) may be of interest.

Jaro Dagen is offering to pay the parties with a Deed to two ships
Broc has purchased the larger ship for 200,000sp and Braegon has purchased the smaller one for 90,000sp.

This will be split as 20,000sp each and the remainder to cover expenses or awarded as discretionary bonuses.

Bonus Exp will be given out from time to time, and serious exp for up to date scribe notes.

Letters of Demand

Letters of Demand

Broc's Research

on Politics in Ivinia
on Orm the Dragon

From the Guild and employer

12 X Salamander tears 5 X Crown of Hair 1 X Virtue of Majesty
The Guild is sending along three members to do some research:

  • Elder Duncan Carwill Rune Master from Freetown (Guild Rune mage).
  • Lord Dilworth of Brastor (Released from Duke Leto's Court a Warrior & Mind Mage who will be acting as Bodyguard) and his Batman
  • William Boldman (Namer, and cooking).

Summary - Jono

Adventure: Twice as Cold
GM: Jono Bean
Genre: Some problem solving and this group will be more combat capable.
Session: Winter 811
Night: Monday starting at 7:00pm
Location: 39 Sackville Street Grey Lynn.
Level: High / Very High.
Information: Information from players for Jono.
House Rules: Quickness & Slowness while maintaining their uniqueness.

The Party

Scribe Notes: Twice as Cold: Shattered Heart

Summary - Kelsie

Adventure: Twice as Cold
GM: Kelsie
Session: Winter 811
Night: Monday starting at 6:30pm
Location Albany
Level: Medium.
Information: Print out this form - Character info- and fill it out, or vice versa. Bring me hard copy
House Rules: None at this point.

The Party

Scribe Notes: Twice as Cold: The Dragon's Embassy



Orm the Dragon

Heart Fragments

Aspect Location Notes
Majesty Braegon From Rashak's Horde
Justice Braegon From Saldorolt, Oracles of Lokis
Loyalty? Swenway Throne of the High King
Courage Dagen's "Highest pinnacle of all The Dagens"
Knowledge Mermaid Princess Of the hidden shards "it is closer than any think"
Compassion Given to Orm 15th Dwarven Axe
Wealth Toledo Was in the fish in Indeheim, Seldenbaal
Serenity Given to Orm 15th Clans of Crow
? Govyna

Orm already has 3 fragments, it is most likely there are 9 or 12 in total.

Frost Giants

  1. Balgie, a male frost giant Rune mage.
    Balgie is the boss giant and we discover him to be wearing a magical set of armor that has metal plates in it but moves like leather. We determine that it is made of Iron Dragon Scales and that the primary magical effect apart from protection from physical damage is increased magic resistance. Balgie’s rune staff has 3 runes on it (Surmise rank in Q1 is 6) which are darkness, curse and banishment.
    He also has 2 wolf like creatures whose GTN is Vargar who have no inherent magical abilities are not linked to anyone and aren’t pacted type creatures but their breath sure smells foul.
  2. Laufie, a female frost giant Air mage
  3. Bestla, a female frost giant Celestial Dark Mage
  4. Skoll, a male frost giant E&E mage




Men fight, women do the magic. With some exceptions.

Ivinian, some common, a few speak Destinian. Other languages may be found among the slaves/wives.

Osidar Dagen

King of Ibanvaal.


  • 3 with him at Bilun.

Jaro Dagen

Son of King Osidar. Yarl (Lord/Ruler) of Bilun. Sailed to Seagate with his fleet, raiding the coastline along the way. Represented his father and the Dragon in employing the parties.


  1. Askiroth - Late 20's, daughter of Stein of Rydaen. Her sister is married to Erlon. Barren as is her sister, rumoured that their family is cursed by Orm.
  2.  ?? - Early 20's, originally from the Hellenic States
  3.  ?? - Early 20's, pregnant due in Summer.
Rune Mage

Erlon Dagen

Son of the King, leading the armies in their war. Employed mercenary company 'The Black Mace'.


  1.  ?? - Daughter of Stein of Rydaen. Sister to Askiroth. Believed to be barren as is her sister, rumoured that their family is cursed by Orm.

Stein Erjolafsen

Lord of Rydaen. Father of wives of Erlon & Jaro.

Osidar claims that Stein is the only one that knows the history of how Orm's heart was shattered.


Granted magic by the gods (Hel). Monopoly on miraculous healing. Not necessarily good healers (though some of them are) but granted the ability (from Hel) to call the dead back from the lands of the dead.

Stone in the temple in Dagenholm is a doorway to the lands of the dead.



Priestesses in Lokis have Oracular Gifts.

  • Saldorolt - bought the Justice Shard to us.


  • Lynraal - The Newest Valkyrie, she may be contacted via her temple in Lokis.


Clan Dagen

  1. Osidar Dagen,
  2. Jaro Dagen,
  3. Erlon Dagen,

Clan Gythya

Clan Haraksen


These are mostly a harper or bard who wander the land and sea, spreading news and retelling history. Some enter the employ of nobles for long or short periods. Skalds take apprentices to pass on their knowledge and they also exchange news with each other. Some are believed to practice magic and it is bad luck to harm a skald.

The Bloody Mace

Mercenary company employed by Erlon to help with the war.

  1. Jack - male Human Necromancer, mid-forties
  2.  ? - male Human Necromancer, middle-aged
  3.  ? - female Human Necromancer, young
  4. E&E
  5. Air
  6.  ? - male Human Mind Mage, wearing chain.
  7.  ? - male Human Non-mage, wearing chain.

Sitri Cult

Cult of Sitri currently based on the Isle of Gly. Formerly based in Eltrandor until driven from there.

Members include Human, Halfling, Dark Elf, 6-armed-Naga-ish. Some are from the Western Kingdoms, others have been recruited locally.

Guild Research Team

These 3 will be researching a potential northern outpost for the guild.

  1. Duncan - Elder Duncan Carwill is a Rune Master from Freetown (Guild Rune mage).
  2. Dilworth - Lord Dilworth of Brastor, released from Duke Leto's Court - he is a Warrior & Mind Mage who will be acting as Bodyguard to Elder Duncan.
  3. William - William Boldman - Batman/valet to Lord Dilworth, Namer, quiet mover and good with cooking etc.



The stronghold of Clan Erjolafsen who pay tribute to the Dagen of Bilun


The stronghold of Jaro Dagen, a son of Osidar Dagen the king of Ibanvaal.

Bilun gathers tribute from Dergenborg, Elgenhus, and Rydaen.

Kingdom of Kuzjera


This kingdom has a holy mountain that is the sight of pilgrimage for most locals and some foriegners



Letters of Demand


Winter: Frost 811 (7)
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon2.jpg Samhain 1 Guild Meeting 2 Portal to north of Harbaal 3 Rendezvous with fleet at Borin 4 Sail North 5 Arrive at Ibanvaal:

Rydaen, Visit Orm. Bilun


Orm, Rydaen Sail South ~100mi

Moon3.jpg 7

Kuzjera, Harhakeim Rydaen, Fae Isle


Harhakeim Fuhrelling


Orcs Suteling


Selkai & Axe Suteling, up-river village


Dwarves, Rydaen, Tavu Isle Sail East to Tavu Isle


Fly Dwarves => Eldeskaal Tavu Isle


Sail SW

Moon0.jpg 14



Borin, Float/Walk NW from Fae Isle



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