Three Sided Mary

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Three Sided Mary is a human Illusionist whose right arm has been replaced with an orichalcum prosthesis that appears clockwork. It is covered from shoulder to wrist with a sleeve of half-centimetre fish scale sequins.

Her eyes are always the same colour as the person who is viewing them.
She has a 50% chance of avoiding the Specific Grievous Injury - 11
"Your aorta is severed and you are quite dead. Rest assured your companions will do their best to console your widow(er)."
Her MD and PS are reversed with respect to each arm.
Right arm PS 16, MD 9: Left Arm PS 9, MD 16.
Raising PS or MD raises the value in both arms at the same time.
Calculating Encumbrance is based on the lowest PS, calculating Climbing is based on the highest MD.
She takes 1 extra point from weapons of iron or steel, unless the weapon has been enchanted not to inhibit spell casting.
She takes 1 extra point on entering an iron-rich environment like a smithy or foundry, and another every 10 full minutes she stays there.
She may see reflections in illusory mirrors.
The arm contains an ampoule of a silvery fluid which is slowly draining. It allows her to act as if she were a Rank 3 Thief.
There are two other sleeves that could hold potions of similar size (the potion must be less than 4 oz).
In amongst the gearing there is a mounting which, in another clockwork device, would hold a gem. The mounting is quite large.
If she casts "Seeming" on the arm, it has the affect of an armour spell adding 5+[1/5 ranks] to armour and 1 pt of defense per rank. This stacks with "Heroism".


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