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[[Scribe_Notes#Autumn_806_WK|Scribe Notes]]: Session – Autumn 806<br>
[[Scribe_Notes#Autumn_806_WK|Scribe Notes]]: Session – Autumn 806<br>

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Scribe Notes: Session – Autumn 806

GM: William Dymock
Level: High.
Title: The Siege of Novadom.
Night: Monday nights starting on the 20th March 2006.
Time: 6:30pm until 10:30pm.
Location: 31 Methuen Road Avondale.

The Siege of Novadom

The Alliance of the Western Church proceeds into the western areas to hunt down and destroy the remnants of the Dark Circle. The need for a forward base of opperations and resupply is critical to being able to run a workable campaign. Novadom, with it's deep water harbour and existing fortifications is ideal. The church needs a few good men (and women, hobbits, elves and grendles) to help with clearing out heaviy fortified pockets of resistance.

Party Employer

Brother Suffer not a Witch to Live will be the representitive of the Alliance forces. He is a Michaeline fighting monk of the Order of Blessed Tome. He is not pacted.

The Party

Known Forces

Rashak and her minions siezed Novadom six years ago for pretty much the same reasons the Alliance wants it now. As such Novadom was a forward supply point for the DC. It had a sizable garrison of goblinoids and drow. Many humans are still alive, making food for the living forces and being food for vampiric types. It is highly likely that some vampires will be in residence.


The Alliance has several goals it wants the Guild Adventurers to complete

  1. ) Escort Alliance vessels to Novadom.
  2. ) Eliminate shore defences.
  3. ) Secure harbour.
  4. ) Open main gates.
  5. ) Take the Main bridge.
  6. ) Take the Keep.

10,000 sp will be paid for each goal in addition to the 30,000 sp up front.


2 Church War ships from Artzdorf
4 Church Troops transports
5 low/mid level water mages
800 Church marines
200 sailors

4,000 Church troops in Brastor Holdings

6 Newhaven ships
400 Newhaven troops
200 Newhaven marines
4 mid level water mages
12 Elite Mongoles
720 Novadom militia
80 Novadom Nobiles and troops

A Guild party

Current Plan of Action

  1. Get re-attached to the fabric of the universe.
  2. Sail Church ships to Newhaven from Seagate.
  3. A Letter of marque from Duke Leto of Seagate and from Alfheim regarding the Sea Goddess Haven.
  4. Send Isil Deth to Alfheim to work out how to make the Sea Goddess Haven go.
  5. Get a Herald from MMHS to come to Newhaven City.
  6. Releave the crew of the Sea Goddess Haven for 3 weeks shore leave with pay.
  7. Put new crew from Newhaven on the Sea Goddess Haven.
  8. Set up Rune Portals from Brastor to Seagate.
  9. Set up Rune Portals from Newhaven to Novadom.
  10. Sail the Sea Goddess Haven to Novadom.
  11. Move Novadom forces and Newhaven forces to Novadom area to attack Novadom city.
  12. Move the Church forces in Brastor Holdings to Novadom by way of Rune Portal.

Attack Plan

  1. Attack Novadom with army from the shore after beach landing (west).
  2. Attack the port/harbour with the Sea Goddess Haven from the harbour (south).
  3. Also attack hot spots in town with the Party.
  4. Once the city has been captured, then capture the Star of Naggaroth. which was seen leaving port.

Intended Result

  1. The Church does not gain ownership of Novadom.
  2. Invade and claim Novadom for Newhaven and the Duke and not for the Church (with the support of Duke Leto of Seagate).
  3. The Church gains an the use of Novadom as a deep water port for being able to supply Brastor Holdings from the south as well as from Seagate. It will also open up the option of the Church attacking deeper into the Dark Circle.
  4. Make sure the Drow are not able to use the Star of Naggaroth.

1st Planning

We planned the attack. We talked to the Duke and the Church, the fleet, the Novadom people in Newhaven, and scouted the city. We shouted the Sea Goddess Haven also. The church fleet left Seagate for Newhaven.

2nd Scouting Novadom

We fly over the Novadom City and we spot the Star of Naggaroth leaving port under the cover of magical mist. We also spot a huge hole at ground level in the side of the Castle in Novadom. We return safely to Newhaven. Logan feels a huge burning eye watching him. Logan feels a burning of a huge eye searching for us.

3rd Set up Portals

We fly to the Novadom area and try to set up a Rune Portal from Newhaven. After 3 hours we are attacked by 9 dragon-men who where around 8 feet talk with GTN of Black Dragon's. We killed all but two who flee. Amber and Bleyze almost die in the battle.

We fly for an hour to the west past the keep at the village of Avoca and find a new sight for setting up the Rune Portal. We portal in the troops from Newhaven. The troops are attacked by an elemental throwing bolders at them from a few miles away. The party quickly attacks and captures the Keep of Avoca that the elemental was on and distroys it.

4th Capture the West of Novadom City

We are run into a huge 70 foot long Sea Dragon Doom Beast with a dozen drow riding on its back. It came ashore at the beach area to the south of the keep. We fly to the area and kill it.

Later that day the army marchs towards Novadom, and set up camp around 5 miles west of the city. The army puts up walls of fire to protect themselves. We return to Newhaven by wings and portal to rebuff and restock on supplies. We find on our return the Rune Portal is down. We fly two hours to the Novadom area, and return to the army camp and when we fly in we find another huge beast slowly leaving the city heading towards the army camp. It is large and covered in 40 undead all over it. The Church Knights pray and a flight of angalic cretures decend from above and start attacking it, at which time the party quickly moves to help. We fight it for a long time and then decide it is safe to Banish.

Just before dawn we fly to the city walls and Logan and Amber the Witch and Bleyze distroy all the defenders with dragonflames and hell fire. The defenders fall. The western side of the city is re-taken, with very few loses to the Church Knights.

5th Dawn and we move into the Novadom

The party captures the western end of the bridge without resistance. Points 1, 2 and 5 of our employment are completed. Half of the harbour has been taken. The party quickly head up to the Novadom Castle and we run into some bad people and others which can only be called monsters - a large fight happens.

As we move in Amber feels an huge burning eye watching us.


The Huge burning eye and Amber.

Waiting in Novadom Castle are a horde of villians. We get ready to attack them and then we quickly enter the castle, by way of a large 50 foot hole in the wall. We encounter a dozen Summoned Hero's who attack us, and we defeat them. We are quickly set upon by eight of the nine-foot tall Black Dragonmen, who are being healed by a large group of charmed human Mind Mage slaves. A savage combat erupts, with huge amounts of fire and flames and smoke, with both Amber and Blayze casting in a damage-enhanced area from Logan. The combat is over quickly.

At the end of the combat only the powerful Black Dragon known as Scaleryx and the mind mages (with a counter spells under them) are alive, others have fled. We let the Dragon live and make a truce.

He in exchange for his life, will leave the area, and withdraw from any combat or field of battle that any of the party enters onto/into. He will not work against the Guild. He vows to give us the Names of three other Dragons that where/are in the service of the Lady of Masada. He also provides us with some invaluable information on how to get into Masada.

We win, and hold all the captured city and castle. A couple of hours later, Logan falls asleep on the Dragons horde of gold and silver coins. We all decide that yes sleep is a good idea, and we try to nap for a few hours sleep in the newly captured Novadom Castle.

Engalton is awoken by a head blow, to three assassians. The assassians have managed to knock out the the rest of the party, and are about to leave by way of a magic arch of formed up in the middle of the room, with a rolled up carpet containing Logan. The party stop them. It turns out that someone has paid them to recover Logan for a high paying person in Lunar City. We have other clues but they are unimportant at this point.

With the capture of the City Engalton appoints Lord Blackensmith to take control for the moment.

Real problems in Novadom on the 6th

The Church send runners to us telling us that they are having issues fighting off some winged woman demon trying to carry of their dead that have fallen bravely in battle... so we leave this to Sabrina to sort out.

Reports of the death of some Novadom Nobiles make it to the party.

Many other things happen over a few weeks, including Bleyze skin going missing but being found again, Sabrina falling down dead and other things, the capture of a Drow warship and a wild band of Elves, but all that is another story for another time.

Holding Novadom

Novadom Nobles and armsmen and Newhaven men-at-arm hold the city. Engalton has with the support of the Nobles set himself up as Prince of Novadom. The Church forces are allowed to use the port to re-supply their man in the field.