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Telen is an extreme distance from the Guild, far beyond the Sea of Grass. The only known portal to this area is the rug and blood-mirror in Garsen's Tower.



King Saithroul of Kamour was killed 50 years ago in a fight with the misshapen ones. Unknown who the current King is, although the previous King's name was Richard. Not sure if King Richard and King Saithroul are the same person or not.

Barrowmore the Dwarf

Barrowmore was released after being turned to Stone about 35 years earlier in Telen Forest. He is a dwarven shaper who lives in the Iron Mountains 60 miles from the forest. While being particularly unimpressed by certain members of the Guild party, he was grateful and provided help to the party including the making of charms which acted in the same way as a combination of amulets.

Lex and Martha

Lex is a farmer living 10 miles away past the river ferry with his wife Martha and 5 children. The two eldest are girls aged 13 and 14. They are very friendly, but poor and relatively naive of the greater world. They were very impressed with the Guild party, considering us of noble birth.


Telen Township

Telen is ruled by Marshal Cobart, originally from Nordica. The seaport of Kaymour is 30 miles down river (heading north) from Telen. With regards to healing, it is rumoured that the town's Apothecary once brought someone back to life.


Two establishments were recommended by Lex and Martha. These are:

The Giddy Mare 
South west of the town square.
The Falling Donkey 
A reasonable class inn out of town to the south. Horses available for hire at approx 200sp plus a significant deposit. Goodman Turner is the stable keep. We hired horses here on our rush to to retrieve Ettien's body.

River Ferry

The ferry operates while the City gates are open, and continuously during the day. If necessary, a green flag or lantern is used to attract the ferryman from the other side.

Telen Forest

The forest south of Telen is a meeting point of three ley-lines. At the point of meeting are 'standing stones' which are said to have been a great source of mana in the past. Barrowmore said that the forest is a great source of mana due to the ley-lines. These ley-lines are relevant to an Elvish Portal System that used to be active over the entire continent.

Telen Standing Stones

The standing stones are in the forest south of Telen and across the River. The stones are four pillars in a square around a wight's barrow. It is not a place visited by locals due to it's history. It was known locally as a place of magic until some important and large event in the past. Details of this event are unknown.

On arriving in the area, we found a large stone from the top of one pillar had been dislodged. We replaced the stone, and some time later a magical field became apparent over a large area around the barrow. It is believed this field turns you to stone if you are in it. This evidence comes from the statue of a Dwarf. Inside the barrow was a Wight, who has now left after we returned a Sacred Crown for the release of Etienne's body, and the Dwarf (Barrowmore).

History and Events

795-796 wk Scribe Notes


  • Greg Graydon