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A summary of our options as I see them

--Kelsie 13:39, 24 Jun 2008 (NZST)

The first thing we need to deal with is Amdusias, with him following us round we will succeed in precisely nothing.

A) Kill his Avatar - a simple, short term fix.
B) Lift/change the curse, similar options to the other Curses.
c) Seren makes a deal
d) avoid himGreen-tick.gifso far

CursesGreen-tick.gifDeath AmuletsCult
Time frame only Sasha's is time dependant, and it's moving slowly before any deaths before the Days of Chaos (beginning 19th Snow) when she will be stronger and probably make a move
Actiona) repent - ha ha (how would this work anyway?)

b)misc sacrifice etc.
c)appeal to the eternals and do a task for them as penance*

d)"sway" RubeGreen-tick.gif
visit AnguitiaGreen-tick.gif, Zmeya can go-between, the Goddess will want a favour in return* investigate cult: a)Verity visits mum, with lots of willpower buffs and automatic return, with instant divination item and abilityRed x.png
b)reading from Hadron** on the note from Claw DeathGreen-tick.gif
b)Sasha can fix hers, E & E aren't sorry enough to sacrifice,Braegon?
c) which eternal would we visit?
d)Erzabet suggests doing this in the dreamland via the Yellow emperor
before destroying the cult we probably need to get Discordia off plane. Green-tick.gif
Anguitia says she did not give the invocation that Engalton used to summon her.
Sabrina has offered her 600 troops and we can name summon her
Sasha needs protection from her motherGreen-tick.gif
There is lots of loot in the city
Next stepDONE*deal with the cult at Kirkul**find Anguitia's lost scabbardGreen-tick.gif
**make a strange wood shieldGreen-tick.gif
find the Sword of SolomonGreen-tick.gif (doesn't fit in the scabbard)
Get the "hive mind" ability from the "Eye of the Queen" of the Hymanoptera (insects)Green-tick.gif
Incidental things that we might not have time for

a)the caryatid musesGreen-tick.gif
b)the guy who wants to die in single combat

c)what's going on with the succubi's children?

Treasure Split

  • Strangewood Shield (1 each)
  • Anguita's Amulet (1 each)
  • Fetish of Protection vs Horses (1 each)
  • 5 crystals from Sasha's Basement:
    • Eye Spy - Braegon
    • Drift - Serendipity
    • Watery Vision - Engalton
    • Helpful - Erzsabet
    • Trouble Seeker - Engalton
  • Anguitia's Scabbard - Braegon
  • Sword of Solomon - Serendipity
  • Giant insect carapace (wall trophy/coffee table/plate armour) - Sasha
  • Books, cultists loot, chamber - sold for cash.


  1. Sasha (1 - Carapace)
  2. Erzsabet (1 - Helpful)
  3. Braegon (1 - Eye Spy, 2 - Scabbard)
  4. Engalton (1 - Trouble Seeker, 2 - Watery)
  5. Serendipity (1 - Sword, 2 - Drift)