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I have updated the wiki for 'who runs Novadom' given Greg has limited web access. If you have issues with me the player updating this, please contact Greg Graydon. Please don't start posting here. Thanks in advance.

--Jono Bean 15:54, 9 Sep 2007 (NZST)


I have added the population numbers after talking to Michael, Greg and William.
Please note that the current write-up of Novadom does not take into account the strong Dwarven History which was GMed by Ian Wood. This may need to change to reflect other characters views of reality.

--Jono Bean 15:08, 29 Aug 2007 (NZST)

Who Rules Novadom

Most excellent!

But where is mention of the rightful ruler believed to have died as a child but would now be the right age for an obnoxious downtrodden scullion/farm boy with dreams of grandeur??

There are literary traditions to be maintained! Or is this the prequel where all the old heroes die? - Stephen 23:33, 28 Jun 2006 (NZST)

Well this is a Role Playing Game. The Prince probably has several children of adventuring age... Start with a ready made enemy!


Dean posted on the main Novadom page the follow: "The above is purely propaganda from Count Engalton, and it is unlikely there is any basis in fact. Currently the Prince is held against his will by Engalton, who has declared himself to be Prince. "

I have moved it from the main Novadom page to the Talk page (without changing it) until Michael, Greg and William have talked about things, and made sure that Dean also is kepted informed so that he no longer feels the needs to post such comments. --Jono Bean 20:06, 4 Aug 2007 (NZST)

Could we get confirmation from William that the current changes to Novadom's leadership are correct and accurate. Having the player concerned making the Wiki changes seems a possible conflict of interest and while I am sure it is accurate from Engalton's point of view the Wiki needs to reflect the actual status which the GM for the area should be providing. Mandos 17:51, 4 Aug 2007 (NZST)

Hi Mandos, Thank you for your consern. Yes good point. You are correct that this is in fact from my point of view based on games and interaction with GMs, not as Dean says 'wild propaganda'. I will get Michael, Greg and Willaim to post and make sure the page is accurate. In the mean time I will move Deans comment to the 'talk' page.

--Jono Bean 20:02, 4 Aug 2007 (NZST)

Hi guys,

It looks like there is a little confusion as to what is happening here.

I had to check this out a little for a couple of games I ran and I'll say here how I understand things to be.

Jono had expressed an interest in being involved, as a player, more in the politics of the game. Some GMs (most notably Greg) have been making the effort to include more politics in their games.

Stephen I think has the gist of what this is (a complex political situation set up with as many game elements as possible included for GMs to run with).

Although there is some truth in most of the rumours surrounding the situation, I'll try to outline an over-simplified version here: Duke Leto of Carzala has taken the opportunity following the destruction of the Dark Circle to try and gain control (or at least future taxes) from as many as possible of the devastated areas. Having Engleton (a vassal of his) named Count of Novadom would be ideal, however, Engleton is not a Count and has yet to gain enough political power, and to display the qualities (in game), to be named such without serious repercussions.

As I see it, the wiki page (as of 4/8/07) seemed fairly accurate although the implication that Duke Leto has come out in open support of Engleton as Count of Novadom is a little strong.

I suggest that if you wish to get involved in GM'ing within this you talk to Greg Graydon for more recent developments, and to Michael Young for older background.

Cheers --Lethe 20:38, 4 Aug 2007 (NZST) (Jon Mc)

I have an issue with this situation on so many levels

1. What does the campaign committe think of a PC gaining further power in the area? I have seen no announcements ratifying this change in the political landscape of Novadom.

2. Is it actually true? It is William and Gregs area, but Jono is the one updating on behalf of his own character, a dangerous conflict of interest. Greg has no knowledge of this upgrade of Engaltons status.

3. I was on the game that took Novadom. I in no way wanted any part in using our employment by the church to do such as a vehicle for the political ambitions of Engalton. Nothing we did gives him any right to declare himself the ruler, and allowing such to happen sets a dangerous precedent.

4. What possible right does anyone in such a party have to oust the rightful rulers? Yes we cleared the current evil rulers, but there were prior claims before the Dark Circle overran the area.

5. The area would become unplayable from now on. Having a PC as the ruler of an adventuring area, who is setting the rules and a powerful NPC, causes major issues.

Enough for now, I want to hear from William on this subject. --Dean Ellis 22:49, 4 Aug 2007 (NZST)

Well, it (the page) seems to meet CIA factbook specifications.

As for the rest, the real question should be, "Does this enchance adventuring/roleplaying oppotunities in the game?". At the moment the answer is yes.

I have no problem with PCs gaining power locally and in fact think it should be encouraged. It gives depth to the PC and comes with all sorts of neat hooks, obligations and adventuring oppotunities. It makes the player actively interested in the region. They also make for excellent non-tangible goals. "Count of Novadom" sounds impressive but isn't all that much use at knife range with Zagor the Unholy.

As for a PC being in power in Novadom it adds to the game. Instead of 'faceless noble MK II' you know exactly who's in charge, what they can/cannot do and their typical temperment. If the party needs to speak with the rulers you've got a lot to go on as to their responses. And if it seems 'out of character' later, well eveyone has their off-days. They can also assign extra missions to PCs adventuring in the area and/or sponser them in return for a service (eg Kirgoth).

There are also lots of adventuring options in Novadom, particuarly for low to low medium PCs. There's the swamp, border of the magic forest, griffon hills, the desert wastes, a band of former church knights, real church knights, dodgy merchants, a dwarven, um tavern and a volcano all within travelling distance. It's a little wilder and less comfy than Carzala. There's also intrigue and plots and secrets and since some of these are generated by PC action that relieves my workload. And having high-level PCs in residence allows for a credible 'deus ex machina' if the party utterly screws up.

Finally, if your character thinks Engalton has finally 'gone too far' do something in game about it. Write an article for the SGT, play politics in the Duke's court and find those allied to you, and those against. Sponsor a 'Black Ops' thief mission to liberate the 'rightful' prince. Take up piracy and raid the ships supplying Novadom. Get some supplier in the Western Kingdom to boycott the place. Make his name mud in the WK. As long as it's done in game and with a view to fun it's all good in my opinion. Bear in mind that other players have exactly the same options too.


(per William) Well, it (the page) seems to meet CIA factbook specifications.

I'm not sure that this is the best approach to aim for in this case, reflecting a particular organisation's Point of View and political restrictions. Wikipedia's objective (not always met) of 'Neutral point of view' seems better for this to me . By this standard, there look to be an appropriate number of 'claims' etc in the text. Prince Rainer's entry should possibly be rephased so that "He abdicated in favour of Count Engalton OM." doesn't appear as a stand-alone sentence. --Errol 11:41, 6 Aug 2007 (NZST)
Sorry, bad joke. Obscure refernce. I meant the information was sufficiently accruate. However that should't stop others from adding their infomation or facts as they see them. Hopefully it should be what people know and is freely availiable / common knowledge.--William
I have rephrased the Prince Ranier entry so that his abdication to Engalton implies ambiguity.
Whether there actually is ambiguity presumably depends on who you ask.
-- Stephen 14:28, 6 Aug 2007 (NZST)

William Typed: "Finally, if your character thinks Engalton has finally 'gone too far' do something in game about it."

I have a few issues around this bit and I suspect this may be the crux of the problem. If an NPC invades somewhere players can go in beat them up and restore truth justice and the ameri....Alusian way. However, with a PC there you are immediately inviting Player vs Player interactions that I don't think are a desirable thing in the game.

Assuming Sabrina leads the rescue mission and tries to put Ranier back in charge, we have a situation where either Engleton or Sabrina (And their player) has to back down or the issue escalates and based on DQ historically will get nasty personal and unpleasant for all concerned.

As GM's we should be working towards the greatest enjoyment and as such we should be working to try and avoid situations that encourage player vs player interactions.

I think we all need to keep this in mind. Mandos 16:00, 6 Aug 2007 (NZST)

(PS this in not meant as a slur on either Jono or Dean, any players could end up in this circumstance as we did with the Pol vs Pod discussions a while ago.)

The Guild Membership Agreement is designed to help minimize these issues, right? That some of the suggested activities at least skirt the definitions of actions subject to Guild Justice suggests that there are issues that need discussing.--Errol 17:05, 6 Aug 2007 (NZST)

I do not think for a second that fellow adventurer Sabrina would attack Engalton or vice versa.

Stating my views in a public forum does not seem to gain anyone anything. I for one do not wish to argue with people. I do want to continue playing what up until now has been a fun and interesting storyline. Dean you are always welcome to call me to talk about all this.

If it is in character - that is also fine - Engalton has always had the utmost respect for Sabrina.

Engalton / --Jono Bean 21:39, 6 Aug 2007 (NZST)