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Darn! (I refuse to swear any louder online :))

Isn't always the case that a perfect adventure turns up just as the character it's perfect for has taken an absence to cover new skills. Oh well.

Struan 09:33, 17 Jul 2006 (NZST)

Party down!

So, Ithilmor, I'll just go organise the fire, shall I? Need to keep those energy levels up for the entertainments!- Darien

Oh, oh. Where does one submit their entry?

"13th-Jharn Alden Memorial Art Competition (100 Guinea Prize)"


Place added for your entries. Terry, this is the competition we discussed last season, so no need to worry about a second big commission eating into time spent rebuilding Brastor. Other exhibitors welcome - don't be put off by mention of Rank 11 Sculptors, & God-struck Artists - it'll all come down to bribery, so it's a level playing field - honest.


Oh yea, I remember now. I guess I should cut down on the Special S. I'm sure Ive already bribed someone, or spent the money on Special S, definitely one of the two.

PSS: Sabastians puppet master (me) will be back in Auckland in Feb. Do you need a cameo :)


Nobody has ever heard of Saydar. Turf, who is under sentence of death, is apparently now the evil Baron.

Sorry Terry, quite right on the correction - although if Turf's in town, I'd expect rumours of an elf killing people and leaving sliced up bodies around.

If Sabastian hasn't been killed by security or jealous artists/husbands/ex-owners, or locked up for his exorbitant bribes of the judges causing excessive inflation in the corruption markets, and if the party hasn't had enough of dealing with slimy, stealing, weaselly "artists" who should have been executed a long time ago, a cameo of Sabastian during the Art Competition Grand Prize Presentation on the evening of Sunday 13th Meadow could be quite amusing...


We are so far behind schedule (8 sessions gone, evening of the 8th), that I can't see the next 6 days + wrap-up (4 sessions) affording much time for the big Art Competition Dénouement. Terry, there is only a slim chance that they will reach the 13th even by the 28th Feb.


Thanks to the professional script writer for finishing the play, just before final dress rehersal. And for re-writing people's parts to fit their egos. The cheque's in the post.


Our words are performed on stage AND we get paid too?

Oh what a wonderful town this is! Sanctuary, Sanctuary, I love you Sanctuary...