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Since we are been teleported and could reasonably get this adventure done within 21 days (at least the first part, pirates might be a different story). may I suggest that we get the alternative casting method for greater enchantment for the party for all 4 areas and split the cost by 5 each.
(based of Lucius's prices in the SGT) this would be a total cost of 12,000sp for all four areas giving it a split cost of 2,400sp each.
if someone has a friend at rank 20(or close to) who would be willing to drop the cost to just the Mur price then this would cost ~8,000SP or ~1,600SP each.

also I've copied that spell table from last game across and removed the references to Marco, please make any changes if you have leveled/gained any spells.

Hooray for section breaks! Makes it much easier to read.

No DQ on 28th Feb 2022. --Jono (talk) 06:01, 24 February 2022 (UTC)