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She is a powerful and attractive Ancient Elven Earth mage, who works with, and for the first children of the Lunar Empire, the Titans. She is known to have magics in the area of; trees, growth, transport and healing. She is "The Keeper of the Great Heart."

It is rumoured (in Seagate) that she is involved in a mystical travelling court which roams far-off lands, hunting giant tigers, strange bears and exotic dancers.


Scribe notes:

Syrene's Travelling Court

A magical camp of tents, carpets, oasis, and partying people.

Magically and physically well guarded and protected from most external influence.

Mystically moves between locations, intentionally not to any perceivable schedule.

On the coast South East of Novadom city
The coast around the Five Sisters (near Adjepbar at least once)
The far end of the Sea of Grass, north of the city of Kilema (on the coast between the Five Sisters and Tycho city)
Impact on the Area
Within a mile or so radius of the camp, foliage is greener and more lush, richer & healthy. The weather is normally calm and fine. Earth dwellers and Earth mages will feel better, culminating in a bonus to healing and earth magics close to its centre. Near the centre of the camp is a large stepped fresh water well.
The court usually has 50 servants and about 100 Elven ranger guards and scouts, some mounted on Elks or winged horses.
The court is often attended by about 50 members of note sometimes including:
  • Elves from Alfhiem
  • Lunar Titans
  • Giants
  • Dwarves from the Superstition Mountains
  • The Blind Dwarven Seers
  • A Paladin or two
  • Merchant hobbit clans from Adjepbar
For half the year one of a few travelling troupes of entertainers (Master Milos Magical Music, The Harps Return etc), along with tinkers and other Domani (“gypsies”), attend her court, often resting, healing, training and recuperating while at Syrene’s court.