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Suteling Castle.JPG


LOCATION: Kingdom of Lokemheim
STATUS: Royal Town
GOVERNMENT: Clan Hargelsen
The stronghold of Bjan Hargelsen, king of Lokemheim and high king of Swenway. The dragon throne is located here.


Suteling is governed by Bjan Hargelsen and his lieutenants, most of whom are close kinsmen. There is a well organized “advisory council” who meet regularly with the Jarl to discuss issues of mutual concern. Bjan, born 765, is in excellent health. Suteling receives tribute from Hagelborg, Ijehus, Fyrdaar, Lepesaar, Mosig, Teleborg and Lorin.


Suteling is a favoured port for seafaring merchants seeking furs and jade. The northern coast, and particularly the Afarezirs, are a rich habitant for sea mammals, and particularly sea otter, whose luxurious pelts are worth a small fortune. Several Suteling clansmen specialize in the trade. A single sea otter pelt, purchased at Suteling for 12d, can be sold in Chelemby for 60d, and ten times that in far off Azeryan.

Suteling is also a good source of high quality jade mined in the Langia hills. The sea is also rich in cod and halibut, exported as dried or salted fish.

Head Tax 6d per annum
Hawking 8% of goods value
Bonding 1% of goods value per month
Pilotage 20d flat fee
Wharfage 1d per foot per day
Registry 40d per foot per annum

Suteling Map.JPG


Meamyt the Hermit

Askellin is a small islet lying half a mile off the south coast of the Isle of Lokem. Until recently it was uninhabited, visited only by occasional fishermen. In 799 Meamyt Pyryn took up residence on the island. Meamyt had established a local reputation for prophesy and miracles prior to his seclusion on Askellin. In 800 Meamyt founded a “clerical order”, The Conclave of Meamyt the Hermit, which is devoted to preparing the way for “one risen from the Plains and come unto the hearths of the humble”. Bjan is tolerantly amused by Meamyt, and has visited Askellin twice in the last two years, each time leaving the half-mad priest a substantive gift of food.

Caer Suteling

The seat of King Bjan Hargelsen.

Residential quarters for most of Clan Hargelsen, who make up the bulk of the population of Suteling. About fifty persons make their home here.

Miller (Hanus Koryb)

Quality: *** Prices: high

Hanus (b 870) is the wealthiest minor clan in the settlement. He is inordinately proud of his watermill which he built himself ten years ago. He is on friendly terms with clan Hargelsen. In 810 his youngest daughter was taken to wife by Sorli Hargelsen, a distant cousin of the Jarl.

Hanus luckily survived an attempt on his life in 810 by a lone assassin who was later hanged for the effort.

Hanus still believes the culprit was a common thief and still boasts to any who will listen of his “skill” at foiling the miscreant.

Temple of Thor

The religious clanhouse of clan Asarji.

Brela’s Stone

A large granite boulder is located here on the East Common, said to be the site where Brela Merovyne was slain in personal combat with Jurri Canjarl. Some locals believe Brela is buried beneath the stone, which is intermittently and covertly decorated with garlands of wildflowers. Legend has it that Brela’s ghost can be seen in the area on the anniversary of the fight, said to be the 9th of Heat.

Shipwright (Korri Hargelsen)

Quality: *** Prices: average

Korri is an easy-going man, a trait that his employees often abuse. Inventory tends to “walk”, and “creative accounting mistakes” are common.

The Drunken Hake (Liam Plearat)

Quality: **** Prices: high

The best inn in Suteling. Liam is notorious for his inexhaustibly creative inventory of obscene invective, to which he treats all patrons, regardless of their rank. His equally fearsome reputation as a brawler dissuades most persons from taking offense.

Harbourmaster/Bonding House

Barga Hargelsen, the youngest brother of the Jarl, acts as pilot, harbourmaster, and bonding master for Suteling. The building is always well guarded since it often contains large consignments of valuable furs.

The Haakapik (Jarri Kurn)

Quality: *** Prices: average

The Haakapik is named after a spiked club with a hook used in sealing. Several examples of the tool hang on the walls of the inn. Jarri is a former sealing captain from Amavik in Menglana. He moved to Suteling around 796 to follow the safer and more lucrative trade in sea otter. He retired and purchased this inn three years ago. Given the slightest encouragement, Jarri will bore his guests with longwinded reminiscences of his days at sea.

Weaponcrafter (Jyalan Hargelsen)

Quality: *** Prices: high

Jyalan is an uncle of the Jarl. He is a vain and moody craftsman with a reputation for producing excellent battleaxe heads, but most of his other work is only average.