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Also see Operation Word

Autumn 817 WK



Message for Aurora from your agents, spies, allies and friends - Greetings Aurora - Giacomo Casanova bring to your attention -

Rumour has it - Lady Celene of Alfheim, Ambassador to the Western Kingdom is rumoured to be about to give a gift to the new Kings Rapier Captain once appointed.

You find out many things in the Guild Library. Of note - a cloud like the one reported allowed for some form of undead to move within them. You also find out the missing recipe for herb cookies, which are made from cloud dust and will charm earth elementals to ignore you when flying.

Heading on a cloud to the island you spot others on a cloud also at 10 miles out and they are heading in the direction of the Western Kingdom from the Elvish Isles. It is unclear if they spot you.

The fog over the island is thick and cold as already reported. With your excellent vision you see a very unusual sight which is a school or large flying creatures which turn out to be some form of animal growthed sharks. The sharks do not spot you. Your amulet protects you from any negative draining effect. Your research and study of the cloud and fog bank for two weeks, flying on the edge of it, reveals that the icky air making up the cloud is coming from a hole in the ground many miles away. Putting two and two together - The Guild library says that location is the old site of the Elvish Naval base on the Elvish Isles. As it is many miles away you can not see it with the naked eye.

Your loyal servant Giacomo Casanova.



Wise leader Aurora - Giacomo Casanova has received many rumours & stories and we have worked out that the following are of note

You spend most of Autumn Harvest in the fine city of Konigburg capital of the Western Kingdom, and life in the capital is rich and busy, with many many events happening in the city each and every night. To be able to keep up with all of the other courtiers you spend close to 25,000sp on new clothes and jewellery. With these new outfits you quickly rise through the ranks of common courtiers and get to see His Royal Highness, King Ulric Schwarzrotgold and many other important courtiers from a safe distance within court. You are beginning to learn real rumours and stories about the Western Kingdom. You expect that if you stick at court life for 4+ months you may make headway. The quality and range of food is excellent and your accommodation within but on the outer edge of the Kings Court is truly amazing and the level of activity is always high. You have meet many courtiers who are interested in meeting and spending time with you. Games of chance and skill are popular with many fortunes won and lost at the turn of a hand of cards, or throw of the dice.

With your skills you quickly spot you can gain access to ‘the salacious under belly of the court’ which seems to involve a lot of courtiers who, while maintaining their proper courtly face, are engaging in a bit of a seedier well hidden part of court life. It is clear to you that given your good standing with the Lady Celene of Alfheim, Ambassador to the Western Kingdom is able to get you appointed as an advisor to the Kings Rapiers. Do you wish to be appointed to this role? You are sure that Lady Celene will want to use you in some form within the court for her support in your appointment.

Given your time at court you have also found out that His Royal Highness, King Ulric Schwarzrotgold is appointing Baron Clementine of Seagate to lead the mission of the Rapiers to Borovia. Your loyal servant Giacomo Casanova.

Summer 818 WK



Message for Aqualina from your agents, spies, allies and friends -

Lady Aqualina - John André You head off the the south seas looking for the wave of life. You talk to many humpback whales and other creatures for its location.

After talking to a ghost of a whale it tells you that the wave this time of year will be migrating back from the Isle of Adventure. Another creature tells you that it will be at the south pole where life grows cold and then returns.

In the third week you swim a lot and find a tropical island deep in the southern ocean. The mermaids sing beautiful songs and tell you yes they can lead you and your friends to the Wave of Life. You find the wave you are looking for. Standing on a beach looking at a free standing wave which is constantly creating and breaking, without moving. It runs out at least a mile off shore.

You send a message by way of whale to whale broadcast throughout the deep to Seagate to get a mermaid to give a message to Aryan at the guild with your latitude and longitude.

In the third week you befriend the local sea people who are happy to talk to you and feed you.

In the forth a savage raid by invisible Drow attacks and all hands are lost. You fight valiantly and some of your new friends children make it safely away into the water before you explode in rage and kill a dozen Drow. The Drow are shocked by rampage and they rejoice when the finally kill you and they quickly leave.

Silverfoam restored you to life.

At the end of the month you and Silverfoam and Aryan are standing on a beach looking at a free standing wave which is constantly creating and breaking, without moving. It runs out at least a mile off shore


Oh Great Lady Aurora - Giacomo Casanova

You wake up at the Guild with your items but without any potions.

Autumn 818 WK



Lady Aqualina - John André

You send the month making close to 1,000 pointing with some Wicca from Slippery Rock who talk all the time about this dashing man - who turns out to be Kilroy.


Oh Great Lady Aurora - Giacomo Casanova

You send a message to Lady Celene, explaining the situation, and reassuring her that you are okay and ask her to use her contacts in Alfheim to look into the history of the Steelwind Clan, and also any references to the Steelwind Mace.

After replacing your potions, you return to Konigburg, using the portal network and bunkers. Once at Konigburg you Whispering Wind Aryan to let him know that you have arrived. You send a Whispering Wind to Clementine asking for an update.

You update Queen Meridith and apologise for your tardiness. After the update you find you have been invited to 30 occasions which have a day between each, and are all here at the palace. They are sitting for paintings, sculptures and attending dances and sawing circles, riding in the gardens and dinners with a range of selected nice people with titles that are all a lot dumber than you. The Queen has appointed you 4 footmen who you are to keep with you at all times outside of your royal rooms at the palace.

In the third week you meet a nice man in the gardens who is very interested in you and he’s a bit simple. He invites you to the weekend ball and you agree to attend and you have a lovely time. Two other young men who are both very good dancers sweep you off your feet and there is some sort of power play going on between then regarding you.

You have a lovely month with excellent accommodation and fine foods and great entertainment and company, that you find you are able to understand. You find that its like someone has take the wool from your eyes. So enjoyable.