Southhaven Academy for Girls

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The Academy accepts any girls in their teenage years (Specific ages dependant on race).

The academy was once a quiet finishing school for the nobles of the Western Kingdom until a change of management in 799WK. Since then the curriculum has changed a little and now, needlepoint and music is interspersed with battlefield tactics, siege weapon maintenance and magical training.

Despite the slightly higher mortality rate, the schools popularity has increased with many nobles sending their daughters. A number of guild members are also known to send their children.


The school itself is located in Artzdorf a few miles down the coast from Port Artz. and displays a wide variety of architectural styles with regular buildings nestled amongst stepped pyramids, ziggurats, temples and other buildings of a less than conservative design.


Liessa Varden - Until she ascended. She is perhaps now the patron deity of the institution?
Mistress High Treason
Headmistress and experienced Celestial.
Lady Stylacroias
Head of Healing and Herbalism
Spiteful Sisters of perpetual dissonance
The members of this cloistered religious group make up the bulk of teaching staff at the Academy. Known for making random and unpredictable noises.

Notable Students

  • Firenya - Daughter of Dramus - Graduated (812)
  • Lady Madeline Barkington - Winner of the 1mile swimming medallion 788wk
  • Corinna Silvercrest - Lady of the Northern Marches of A&F and wife to Kern
  • Letitia Wansbone - niece of Corinna

List of Classes

  • Class of the Leopard,Summer 801 to Spring 801
  • Class of the , Summer 802 to Spring 802
  • Class of the , Summer 803 to Spring 803
  • Class of the , Summer 804 to Spring 804
  • Class of the , Summer 805 to Spring 805
  • Class of the Tigress, Summer 806 to Spring 806
  • Class of the Vixen, Summer 807 to Spring 807.

Students of this years 'Class' include:

    • Princess Mary of Artzdorf and Flugelheim,
    • Lady Sydnie FitzHerbert, Sydnie is a lady of Jurgenmark, a County of Aquila
    • Lady Erzabeth DeWinter, Erzabeth is a lady of Konigburg (the capital of the Western Kingdom) in the County of Aquila
    • Lady Ruth Fermoy, Ruth is a lady of Valliere, a County of Bowcourt.
    • Lady Sara Churchyn, Sara is a lady of Bar-Sur-Loup, a County of Bowcourt.
    • Lady Marie Beaton, Marie is a lady of Freetaun.
    • Lady Mary Seator, Mary is a lady of Innesburg.
    • Lady Marion Fleming, Marion is a lady of Baltheim, a County of Aladar.
    • Lady Marys Livinton, Marys is a lady of Bolar, a County of Aquila.
    • Lady Ulrike Stormveld, Ulrike is a lady of Delheim, a County of Aquila.
    • Lady Anne Vermont, Anne is a lady of Borderlay.
    • Lady Cecilia DuMont, Cecilia is a lady of Alencon, a County of Bowcourt. Cecilia is known for her high sprit and partying behaviour. She has the notable Bowcourt looks with a subtle hint of elven/fae blood in her heritage. Firm friends with Ayn Boylarin. She is said to be a woman of the moment who reacts quickly although with some consideration since she has attended the academy.
    • Lady Ayn Boylarin, Ayn is a lady of Ostow, a County of Aquila. Ayn is known for her high sprit and partying behaviour. She is firm friends with Cecilia DuMont. She is said to be a great long term strategist who plans well for the future and considers many factors.
  • Class of the Lioness, Summer 808 to Spring 808
    • Lady Cassandra de Mûre
    • Lady Klara la Forgette
  • Class of the Hind, Summer 809 to Spring 809
  • Class of the Doe, Summer 810 to Spring 810
  • Class of the Muscrat, Summer 811 to Spring 811
  • Class of the Ferret, Summer 812 to Spring 812
  • Class of the Zeypher, Summer 813 to Spring 813

Adventures run in this area:

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