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City on fire

One of the five city states that make up the area known as the Five Sisters



Shorapur's recent history is one of misery and strife. The town had been run by a council called the 'Lords of Shorapur' who were locals with sufficient power to merit an official position in the city. These lords have ruled the town for the last few decades as the town has grown in an attempt to recover from past losses and move forwards as a new town. The town has increased trade with far off lands, become more welcoming and understanding of new cultures and the population has grown commiserately.

As of Winter 807

See party scribe notes Flute Interlude for detail of recent events and what the party have found out of the area.

A summary of these is; Shorapur is a large town shaped like a Kidney with the wharves etc on the Western side in the centre of the town. There is a battle raging at the moment between the 'New Lords of Shorapur', the 'Lords of Shorapur', the Residents and new factions recently come to the area. Vampires abound and the local populace shows signs of being drained by these undead and others. The previous Lords appear to have fallen back to their strongholds within the town along with sundry mages who call Shorapur home. Recently arrived is Captain Bazcot who seeks to either take over the town himself using the 'sailors' and other mercenary companies he has bought with him or to become a Lord of Shorapur once the battles are over.

Basically its a war zone and there is a Demon Lord here who we expect is Alloces, along with sundry other Devils, Demons, Imp and the like. (Ed: Just as well the guild party passing through here is the best ;))

The Demons, vampires were defeated 10 Frost, and Bazcot & the Urielites set up in an interim administration. Rights of review are held by Kit, based on how well they fulfil the civic principles of Charity, Justice and Sewerage.


  • Raoul Delgado, the Harbour-master. Since Winter 807 more commerce has been coming to the city and Captain Bazcot made Raoul the Harbour-master as he showed particular affinity for cargoes, shipping and contraband.