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Blacktooth Clan arms


Name: Shoka
Race: Human
Gender: Male
College: Air Mage
Level: High
Played by: Jon McSpadden


Shoka would appear to be a fairly average human (5'8" & 174 lbs) except that he has drunk a shriver Potion of Orc Essence and his left eye has been gouged out and replaced by an obsidian stone with rivulets of blood oozing around it, reducing his Physical Beauty to 10. On adventure Shoka normally wears heavy plate armour and carries a large two-handed sword especially made for him by the Granite Peak Dwarves.


The 6th child of Impoverished Gentle Folk, Shoka (oddly) spent most of youth hanging out with Orcish farmers. His habit of brawling prepared him well for life as an adventurer. Recently Shoka has taken to hanging out at the Air College and has picked up a few spells.


If he wasn't so fiercely loyal to his friends Shoka would be a total sociopath. He is intelligent and well spoken but has no social mores.


  • Can competently use most weapons. Is especially skilled with Glaive & 2-Handed Sword.
  • Beginning Air Mage. Only Special Knowledge abilities are: Gaseous Form, and Summon & Bind Cloud.
  • Very Talented Apothecary (Herbalist/Alchemist).
  • Skilled Armourer/Navigator.
  • Mediocre Assassin/Spy/Thief.
  • Dabbles in: Cooking, Astrology, Beastmaster, Mechanician, Military Scientist, Ranger (woods), Troubador, and Weaponsmith.


  • Common (9L)
  • Orcish (9L)
  • Lunar (4)
  • Silent Tongue (3)


  • White Stallion of Eastdale.
  • Chesmé - Female Gryphon (or Female Human).


  • The clerk of the Astrology Dept at the Guild has it in for Shoka and will give him a copy of any stray, misplaced, obscure or particularly dire astrology readings. Being astrology, these readings have a tendancy to come true.


  • The Lunar Inquisition think well of Shoka.
  • The Wizard's Guild of Artzdorf think well of Shoka.
  • A silver dragon owes Shoka a favour.
  • Traveling companion Chesme.