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The Seagate Times is the quarterly unofficial chronicle of the guild. The guild does not endorse what is written nor lend credibility to its articles.

The current issue is usually made available at guild meetings for a modest donation and back issues are in the guild library (in PDF).




Seagate Times Editorial Room

The electronic editorial room is closed. Contributors please send your lies and slander, I mean articles and factual accounts to the Editor

A physical column is about 350 words, so take that into account if you can.


I'm going to be trialling PAYING for articles (accepted) etc with EP and item chits.

I'll be paying probably 1000EP per page column (that's about 350 words, so about 1000 words for a full page).

There'll be cumulative significant bonuses for ongoing series of columns eg 1000 for the first, 2000 for the second, 3000 for the third etc. especially if a series can be submitted at once (with the option of editing before each publication to keep it up to date and topical.

But there's more... ONE LUCKY randomly chosen contributor (big or small) will receive a UNIQUE MAGIC ITEM donated by a senior guild member.

Quotable Quotes and What's Hot

Try to make them humourous and with enough context for those who weren't on the adventure to get.

What's Hot/What's not: remember that these should be submitted in pairs, one for each column.

Mission articles

They are not the same as scribe notes. Remember that most people will read the first paragraph, and decreasing numbers as you go through. The editor may also lop off paragraphs at the end for space considerations, so "front load" your article.

The first couple of paragraphs should contain who, what, where and the result. Details then follow. Try to use third person, but first person is OK too. Quotes are good. eg Lord Hardwick was heard to say "I'll never employ those bumbling fools again!"

Other Stuff

Think about what you can contribute.

As well as main stories about missions we need columns, advertising etc.

Classifieds: got anything surplus you want to sell, personal ads, work wanted, services offered.

Letters to the editor

Dear Abby column. Puzzles. Quizzes. Travel reports - places to visit and places to avoid. Recipes. Helpful NPC's and NPC's to avoid... etc. Art. Poetry.

Email me at if you plan to submit something.

PS any JUICY TIDBITS for the GOSSIP column can be sent discretely to the editor.

817th Year of the Western Kingdom

  • Issue 96 Spring 817 (for September 17 Guild Meeting)
  • Issue 95 Winter 817 (for June 17 Guild Meeting)
  • Issue 94 Autumn 817 (for March 17 Guild Meeting)
  • Issue 93 Summer 817 (for December 16 Guild Meeting) Print Edition

816th Year of the Western Kingdom

815th Year of the Western Kingdom

814th Year of the Western Kingdom

813th Year of the Western Kingdom

812th Year of the Western Kingdom

811th Year of the Western Kingdom

810th Year of the Western Kingdom

809th Year of the Western Kingdom

808th Year of the Western Kingdom

807th Year of the Western Kingdom

806th Year of the Western Kingdom

805th Year of the Western Kingdom

804th Year of the Western Kingdom

Back issues of the SGT in PDF format

Reference Articles Index


Guild Members


  • "On The Nature Of Powers" - 87
  • Aim, The Fire Duke - 91
  • Dantalion, The Duke of Faces - 94
  • Furcalor, The Duke of Waters - 93
  • Ipos, The Prince of Fools - 90
  • Labolas, The President of Murderers - 92
  • Seir, The Willing Prince - 88
  • Sitri, The Beautiful Prince - 89