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Scaleryx is a Black Dragon formerly in the employ of Rashak. He was

subdued by Amber, Bleyze, Engalton, Logan and Sabrina at Novadom in 806 WK.

Scaleryx is a master of the college of Enchantments and Ensorcellments and knows many things such as Counterspells, ITNs and most of the non college magics. He is wise and crafty and has spent decades learning the vulnerabilities and weaknesses of his enemies and rivals.

Some of his known abilities:

  • A very far reaching wiz-eye type scrying
  • Summon Heroes ritual

Scaleryx was defeated in Novadom. The deal reached with Scaleryx in Novadom allowing him to leave was his acceptance of a Geas not to return north of the Islands of Adventure, or allow his minions to do so, and not to activity work against the guild, or seek revenge for the defeat for 100 years.
GM: William

Scribe Notes: