Scab's Secret Sasquatches

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Scribe notes for the Secret Valley Sasquatches

by Scab a sometime Sasquatch

(Translated into common from the original Orcish)


Being a simple kinda harmless forest creature and a plan man at the same time it had to start with a simple plan. My tribe of Sasquatches who I had hid out with because [section crossed out] ...were in trouble. Food was getting scarce when I left 'em, probably cause of all them damned refugees coming north from the Dark Circle. So I figured that now the Dark Circle was gone there would be plenty of space down there in them recently undead infested lands for some harmless forest creatures to peacefully co-exist with whatever manner of horrible evil or creature of the night was left over. See, simple, but cunning. I've scoped out Gryphon Valley and it's perfect, full of hungry Gryphons. No one in their right mind would go there. My adopted species will be safe there.

I had been putting this off for ages cause something more interesting kept coming up, like pub crawls, hobbit kickings, adventuring and the like. Once I put it off so I could spend a week clipping my toe claws. I'm going to train my duck to do that for me next time.

Finally though things must have got pretty damn desperate for my big furry brothers ands sisters. They sent me a small leaf box, with a message inside. Only I could read it mind you cause it was written inside in Sasquatch trail markings. It told me to meet them at Three Furs Pole in the Hidden Valley.

Tulip was hanging around so I dragged her along. She's not much in a fight but does know her way round a tree and I can look at her whilst I'm on watch... huh huh. And she doesn't yet know how far down her cleavage Pancake can see when he's on my head.


I collected together 6 duck skins (I kept quiet with pancake around) and Tulip and I portalled up to Ty Trident's place in Ormond. It's most of the way there and I can check in on Goliath my mammoth. He's got a nice glossy coat now from all the turnips. Ty gave us a whole heap of his little breads made from pixies then cast flying on us so we could get through Bordelay and Bowcourt. Ty's Flying spells ran out so I had to turn Tulip into a duck, put her in my sack and fly the rest of the way myself with my own wind spirits.

Another few hours of flying and we end up in the Hidden Valley. We snuck in checking the supply caches and met up with my Sasquatch bud, Peaceful Wind, at Three Furs Pole. He took us on to see Grey Moss, the elder where the rest of the tribe was camped.

There wasn't any big emergency. I thought that maybe there was marauding trolls or maybe humans hunting in the area. But they were just running out of food.


Tulip and I go hunting and gathering to boost the tribes reserves. We're having a hard time convincing them that they need to move. I'm not sure if it's a great idea either, but they're going to have to do it now and I'm sure it's going to hurt me more than it hurts them. I'm bound to do something stupid before we get there and pay for it with a beating.

Between Tulip and me we come up with a good ritual spirit journey. I'll evoke the spirit of the Crow and we'll travel through the spirit realm to a new place for the Sasquatches to live.

That night we pass around the magic herbs and do the right dances. Tulip gets into the dances too and helps convince the older and more stubborn ones.


We hunt crows


We prepare the skins for the spirit journey. Then head back into the camp to have a big leaving party.


We skin change the entire tribe of Sasquatches. Skin change is great. Baroque Lizard can even bring along a whole tree. This spirit journey plan is beginning to work out.

They get a few hours of flying practice, and time to get used to being birds. It must be a bit strange to go from a 7 foot tall, 300 pound, hairy, smelly Big Foot, to sleek, little crow.

Then we spend half a day flying, mostly I summon the spirits of the wind to carry me along and carry most of the crows/sasquatches and Tulip. I can fly much faster than a crow. We spend that day flying over mountains and uninhabited areas to the north and east of the Western Kingdom.

Long Toothed Beaver hurts himself pretty badly trying to land as a crow. Pain is a learning experience and he'll remember the journey from the scar he gets and everyone will respect him for it. Perhaps I should go around and cut and break them all.... hmmmm.... haaarrr.... Tulip is watching.... maybe that's a bad idea.


We must have flown about 250 miles today, all across Bowcourt and land to the east of Tuscana.


Flown another 250 miles or so. South of Tuscana and into the middle of the Sea of Grass.


A war band of Orc skirmishers came across us last night and we had to leave soon after midnight. They must have smelt us. I had to protect my tribe so we made a strategic withdrawl (I'm learning some military scientist stuff).

Flew on east of Brastor, down the north side of the mountains to the south of Brastor and crossed the pass into Gryphon Valley. I land cause them gryphons have keen eyesight and I dont want to end up being Orc steak for a pack of those hungry buggers. I also saw them tearing s horse to pieces. I got torn up badly by a Gryphon not to long ago when I summoned it so I could kill it.

So there ends the spirity bit of the secret valley Sasquatch's journey so I dispelled the skin changes.

I scout ahead to the forest I had seen years ago when I was hanging out in Brastor. It's still there and looks uninhabited by armies of evil darkness. That's a good sign in my rangering book. So we stay out of sight of the Gryphons and camp on the edge of the woods.


We scout in for a temporary camp to use as a base while we explore the woods. But ol' Scab finds a nice little spot in the east side of the woods, with a cute little waterfall.

I was going to name it Scabville, but I think Crows Rest is better. The Sasquatches now have a new home in Secret Valley. Baroque Lizard even gets to plant his tree.

We all have a big party and pass around the magic herbs.


Ohhhhh, I spend the day being groomed and feeling sorry for myself.


Scout the rest of the eastern woods. Find three more god camp sites.


Scout the centre of the woods. Find some OK camps sites. Not so nice around here.


Little Bird who is out searching with us gets caught in some webs. There are some bloody huge spiders around here somewhere. Damn everything was going well. We'll hunt them down tomorrow and I'll make a funny hat out of their bony shells and hairy legs.


Met some god damned cheeky little goblin bastards today. They got away this time but I'll come back soon and beat them like a drum.

Whilst scouting we found more webs. I tracked the spider trails back to work out where their lair was and we got ambushed by some sniveling gobbo spider riders.

We fought to a draw and made a tactical withdrawl. I'm not sure what the difference between a strategic and tactical withdrawl is, I'm not one of them military scientist types. I am a damn fine woodsman though and we covered out tracks well as we headed back to Crows Rest.


The Sasquatches are safe whilst they live in their bit so I can leave them alone for a while. Besides I think Tulip is getting bored with no farm hands around and the male Sasquatches aren't paying her the right sort of attention.