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This article is 100% rumour, 80% true, 60% relevant, 40% accurate, 20% dependable and 0% guaranteed.

There are far more mages in Sanctuary than any civilised city could support. They and their servants are well-known about town, and generally not to be crossed. Their magic differs a little from most, but not as much as rumours would have it. See Sanctuary Magic for details. The biggest grouping of mages is at the Sanctuary Mage Guild.


Proprietor of Sly's Place, a legendary dive within the Maze. Aquilan. A brilliant, wizard-on-the-rise, who had to leave Aquila after falling in love with Jodeera, the wife of a powerful noble. Though 'retired' from magic, he still maintains the odd spell, usually to protect friends (and cats).

Aquilan Ex-Lady of Leisure/ Barkeeper. The woman Ahdio loves, and who works for him at Sly's Place. Since she is far too beautiful to travel safely through the maze, Ahdio protects her with a disguise of ugliness. Was married to a wealthy and powerful wizard called Ezucar. Has probably picked up some magic from her ex-husband and her lover.
Elven Barmaid of Sly's Place. Often helps Adhio's wife tend the business.

Alain Aspect

Rankene Alchemist extraordinaire, Namer, and assassin. Pretty, ageless, a blond. Aspect was rumoured to be in Sanctuary on Kadakithis’s request. He was killed trying to remove a cult of Crocell which had appeared in the Maze. Now officially retired, and doing research at the Sanctuary Mage Guild. He is a womaniser, and a political stirrer. He is known to work closely with both Catlan and Black Viktor.


Mage of Bordelay. Known for his magical knives. Mignureal's husband - they arrived together from Bordelay.


A magician who claims he is so powerful that the gods set him apart from men to rule the world of dreams (he wishes!). Now married to Tempus' sister, Cime.


Rankene. Handsome head of the Sanctuary Mage Guild, he appears to be the same age as Randal. Catlan is estimated to be a mid-thirties human male. He is a known Hazard-class Earth Mage with knowledge of Shaper & Necromantic Magic. Catlan gained his Hazard Class rating through a physical trial rather than a theoretical one. Catlan is known for his Healer abilities, politics and knowledge of plots, plans and other political issues. The leadership of the SMG is a full time role dealing with bureaucratic headaches, internal and external politics, power structures, hand holding and ego massaging on a day-to-day basis while providing leadership to a bunch of self-centred researchers with lethal capability and mild senility.


An old man from Bordelay. Rumoured to be an evil mage who retired south for his health.


Mage-in-training .An apprentice wizard accidentally imprisoned in the Mage Guild during the False Plague riots. He is now learning a different sort of magic. He is Rhian's fiancee. Darios has taken up Earth Magics as his college of choice. Darios's family work the tougher streets of Sanctuary and live in Downtown.

Enas Yorl

Legendary wizard. It is said that in all Ranke there have been but three Great Wizards, powerful enough not to care that their true names are noisied abroad: one was at Ranke and served the needs of the court; one was at Tainsfield and accounted the most skilful; the third, by reason of some scandal, made do with the slim pickings at Sanctuary, and that was Enas Yorl. Quasi-immortal mage cursed, because of his lust for women, with eternal life and constantly changing physical form by a rival mage. (He often asks females seeking his help to sleep with him.) He can only be identified by his red, glowing eyes, since he is under a curse which causes him to change shape at unknown but frequent intervals. He is seen only in voluminous robes and is a good source of information regarding anything in Sanctuary he's interested in. He has been alive for centuries and is not a fighter but is very quick with his spells. Yorl lives in a palatial residence below Pyrtanis Street in the Jeweler's Quarter. It is reported to be guarded by basilisks. He has a blind servant called Darous. There is said to be a tunnel connecting his underground lair with a tower overlooking the bay. Enas Yorl was the head of the SMG prior to Catlan and he gave up the position in Catlan's favour to pursue his research, achieve a life balance and to avoid the insidious politics.

Old, blind servant of Enas Yorl (he says he's blind for a good reason - so the basilisks that guard Yorl's door don't affect him.) Darous carries a silk blindfold for visitors to use.


Separated husband of Jodeera. He was a well-off and powerful mage in Aquila. Now a broken man, trying to win her back.


An experienced Elven Journeyman witch (she prefers 'Warlock') at the Mage Guild, she has recently changed masters from Markmor to Catlan, and become his administrative and research assistant. She is the local expert in Theoretical Cursing, and it is likely she will be made a Master shortly. Fingalie is one of the few female mages who has successfuly progressed through the 'educational' system of the Mage Guild despite having apparantly rebuffed the advances of every tutor, master, supervisor, invigilator, and passing visitor (of any gender). Fingalie is from an old Sanctuary family, but is quite unlike her sister. Reading her aura or her future is said to give the scryer information on a social disease, which is also inflicted upon them.


Famed dwarven sorcerer, believed by some to have created two sets of indestructible mail armour.

Died Winter 816wk


Necromancer and thief. Her curse is passed to her lovers, who die from it. Her rivalry with Roxane drew her into the murky realm of Sanctuary's politics. No ordinary doxy, she often goes about hooded, or in the form of a bird. Said to possess female roundness in delightful proportions, but a less then delightful attitude.

She has gathered quite a household at Peres House in Uptown:

Dancer / bard apprentice. A Brandenburg dancer and slave sent to Ischade by the Stepsons; now free. Her apprentice, he betrayed her and became trapped in a warded house with the witch Roxane. He claims he is Roxane's cousin. Finally escaped and crawled back to Ischade for help.
Elven Ex-Hawkmask cut adrift by Jubal's downfall. Now a sellsword and servant of Ischade who saved him from death and whose pain she holds at bay in exchange for other services. Twin brother of Moria.
Elven Ex-Hawkmask / Would-be noblewoman cut adrift by Jubal's downfall. Now the somewhat alcoholic chatelaine of Ischade's uptown establishment, the Peres house. Caught stealing Ischade's magic, she has now transformed from an Elven street-wench into an aristocrat. Sister to Mor-Am.
Retired Stepson, now working for Ischade. Most of his former associates count him among Sanctuary's damned.
Undead animated by Ischade, whom he serves as ambassador to Hell.


Scholar / Magician The scholar came to Sanctuary searching for a man named Setios who had a stele from his land, Neverre, the Land of the River. The stele gives the location of a tomb. He says he and Samlor fought 6 demons together and had to be saved by a conjured tornado. Khamwas has a cultured voice and goes about hooded. He is of average height and a fine-boned structure, though he looks taller in his hood. Khamwas carries a staff that can with glow pale blue light. He has a daughter. Has a golem/pet named Tjainufi - a man no more than a foot tall which sits upon his shoulder. He received the golem after he had preyed to Seir for wisdom. Tjainufi sprouts advice but it is often wrong for the particular circumstance.


Elven Necromancer. A powerful, ambitious, youthful wizard who killed his adversary Mizraith and then worked with Mizraith's son, Marype. Markmor was killed but brought back by Marype. He then took over his young apprentice's body, trapping Marype's soul in an vole. Recently lost several apprentices to Catlan and Black Viktor, and Marype is seeking revenge.


Elven Magician. Markmor's silver-haired, arrogant yet blundering apprentice. He was the youngest and most ambitious son of the dead mage Mizraith, and brother to Stefab and Nestaph. His soul was trapped in a vole for several years. As of Summer 807 he is an apprentice of Black Viktor, and seeking revenge on Markmor. In 815wk he journeyed to Seagate (at the request of the Sanctuary Mages Guild) to become a liason between the guilds and has taken the name Vladimir

Menostric the Misadept

Elven Magician. The cheapest mage in town. A bit of a clumsy drunk.

Died Autumn 813wk


Apprentice Mage. A girl apprenticed at the Mage Guild because of her shadowy, powerful aunt up north. Shawme's only uptown friend. She has an unrequited love for the mage Randal. A shortish, roundish girl with a plump face and button eyes and all the softness of good breeding. As of Summer 807 she is an apprentice of Black Viktor and has taken up the college of Ensorcelments and Enchantments under Viktor's tutelage.

DEAD - Merricat died in Autumn 817wk as a result of being sucked into the void


Elven Magician. Marype's father, slain by Markmor in a power-struggle shortly after the Prince arrived in Sanctuary. He had 3 sons, one of which turned traitor and sided with Markmor. He was one of the most powerful mages in Sanctuary. He was an old man who rarely ventured from his warded home.


Elven Black Mage assassin, pacted to Leraje. Always works with Raithe.


Elven mage. One of the three sons of the sorcerer Mizraith.

Died Winter 816wk


Mind Adept particularly skilled in mental disciplines.


A magician assassin with a snake familiar.

Rabben the half-handed

A magician Adept who is so named because he is missing 2 1/2 fingers from a duel. He has broad shoulders, cat-yellow eyes and a black beard and wears two daggers cross-girt astride his hips. Not to be confused with Beast Rabban.


Elven Mind mage assassin. Always works with Moonshae.


The only mage ever trusted by Tempus. Now a teacher at the Mageguild. Described as the Stepson's own expert on covert enterprise, secrecy and wizardry, he is formerly of the Flugelheim mage guild. He has a boyish freckled face and a winning smile, and long hair which he has grown to cover his too-large ears and too-thin neck. Randal has numerous allergies and often goes about in the form of a black half-wolf dog and is always sneezing because of his own dog hair.


Brandenburg witch and spy sent to Sanctuary to create problems deep inside the Rankene economy which will, hopefully, divert some of the Rankene money towards her homeland. A woman of unnatural beauty - witch hair like ebony and wavy; her sanguine skin like velvet; a pale stare. She keeps large house snakes which she transforms into men.

Information trader. An ex-soldier, he is now Roxane's first lieutenant in espionage.


Child mage. Samlor's seven-year-old niece. Part of the Aladarian Kodrix nobility. A single lock of white grows amid her black hair. The priests claim this is the mark of the favour of the gods and the child does seem to have strange abilities. She certainly has a talent for "picking up" magic.


Elven mage. One of the three sons of the sorcerer Mizraith. Stefab, while being a Journeyman Namer and Healer was also a master Rune mage, and was Catlan's assistant until the 11th of Meadow 807. On the 11th of Meadow 807 (during the Festival of the Arts) Stefab decided he'd had enough, left some forwarding instructions for his belongings and moved to Aladar, where it is rumoured that he became a follower of Sabrina.


White Mage of Mittlemark. Strick has a curse which part of it makes him "care" about people. He will help anyone who comes to him, but there is always a Price, sometimes trivial and sometimes not, for his aid. A first appearance he could easily be mistaken for a fighter and sometimes he does wear a sword - he is a big man with a big bronze-red droopy moustache, ruddy face and an usually-large neck and powerful arms. He always wears something coloured blue.

Elven Receptionist. Once a preteen barfly at Sly's Place, now Strick's very young and increasingly obese receptionist with a sweet tooth.
Ilsigi former palace guardsman, now Strick's fiercely loyal guard. Known to sleep on the job. A deep-voiced man.
Bodyguard. A down-and-out young local whose life has improved immeasurably since he began working for Strick. He once worked as a lackey for Jodeera, when he was best described as an overage street urchin.


Healer / Magician /Goat-herder. A little man from the Order of Lizerene, a humble order devoted to the study of healing through sorcery. He wears a threadbare robe because living with goats does not encourage the wearing of finery. His patients have included the weaponsmith Balustrus and Jubal. He uses his goats for his magics, transferring the patient's wounds to them. His healing talents do lend to the cosmetic, often leaving his patients with twisted remnants of muscles and exposed lengths of bone.

Died Winter 816wk


Viktor, also known as Black Viktor is a human mage new to Sanctuary as of 804. Reputed sightings have him wearing a mask with dark bulky clothing. He was given 3 apprentices in 807, to be trained and then take part in the SMG Apprentice competition. Rumour has it that he made a play for the leadership of the Sanctuary Mage Guild but little else is known of it. Viktor was the Mage that recovered the kidnapped girl during the Festival of the Arts 807.

Whereabouts unknown. He was seen in Sanctuary Summer818wk by 3 people and then disappeared.