Red Dresses in the Shadows

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Red Crowns Face.jpg

Scribe Notes


GM: Jono
Season: ~Autumn 822 WK
Night: Starting Monday the 14th of March 2022 in Gleneden (Jono's place).
Area: Alusia
Level: Medium+
Info: Information from players for Jono
House Rules: Jono Quickness and Slowness


Character Info Player
1 1 1
2 2 2
3 3 3
4 4 4
5 5 5


Syrene The Keeper of the Great Heart, requires the assistance of five guild members who are not warriors.

  • First and foremost the need to think with a clear mind is needed.
  • She is instead interested in those skilled in stealth, subterfuge, and the quiet murder in the shadows, and the wisdom to know if it is required.
  • She is interested in those experienced in resisting or dealing with Adepts of the Mind.
  • She is not interested in employing mindless killers or those who do not know when to use discretion.


The party with the assistance of Syrene are to represent her in dealing with the Red Crowns.
Convince or strike a deal with an agent in the Red Crowns to provide information about the location of some rebels.
Contain the "rebels" quietly, leading to the recovery of some items.


Syrene will provide payment as follows -

  • Coin to the value of 25,000sp per person for success or up to three resurrections for free per person.
  • Spell training for Earth, Mind or E&E adepts to a value of 15,000 sp each member.
  • Professional skill training for those aiming at mastery.

Syrene will provide a bonus in special training (at her discretion) if the party does well.