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* <s>Soul Potions</s> Presumable consumed again by Tegan
* <s>Soul Potions</s> Presumable consumed again by Tegan
* <s>Blood Amulet of Mind College Concealment</s> Returned by Mario
* <s>Blood Amulet of Mind College Concealment</s> Returned by Mario
* 4 x Time twisted dagger (from the Captain for the recovery of his crew).
== Buffs & Mil Sci ==
== Buffs & Mil Sci ==

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Scribe Notes


Adventure Red Dresses in the Shadows
GM Jono
Season Autumn 822 WK
Night Starting Monday the 14th of March 2022 in Gleneden (Jono's place) at 6:30pm.
Area Alusia
Level High
Info Information from players for Jono
House Rules House rules


Character name College / Skills Player
Cher Binder Sean
Roderigo E&E Michael
Tegan Earth/beast mage Kelsie
Anooke Ice mage Surfboard
Mario PL Mind mage Dean
Thaeuss elf (m) MilSci Scribe Binder, Mechanician, Discreet Stephen


Syrene The Keeper of the Great Heart, requires the assistance of six guild members who are not warriors.

  • First and foremost, you will need to think with a clear mind.
  • She is instead interested in those skilled in stealth, subterfuge, and quiet murder in the shadows, and the wisdom to know if it is required.
  • She is interested in those experienced in resisting or dealing with Adepts of the Mind.
  • She is not interested in employing evil mindless killers or those who do not know when to use discretion.


  • The party with the assistance of Syrene, will represent her in dealing with the Red Crowns.
  • Convince or strike a deal with an agent in the Red Crowns, to provide information about the location of some rebels.
  • Contain the "rebels" quietly, leading to the recovery of some items.


Syrene will provide payment as follows -

  • Coin to the value of 25,000 sp per person for success, or on failure, 1,000 sp and up to three resurrections per person.
  • Additionally - Spell training for Earth, Mind, or E&E adepts to a value of 15,000 sp each member.
  • Additionally - Professional skill training for those aiming at mastery.

Syrene will provide a bonus in special training (at her discretion) if the party does well.


PDF document Loot
PDF document Items given out and used in the game

Scribe Notes

Note to scribe - Please include the calendar day & month as the adventure moves forward. --Jono (talk) 02:45, 11 March 2022 (UTC) EPUB of scribe notes.

Meeting & Briefing

1st Fruit 822 WK

Guild meeting.

Syrene has many student mages in her camp.

Red Crowns - fanatical auditors of an armoury, mind mages, quasi-religious, lost their way, strayed, corrupted. Being driven mad by the nature of their longevity, trade life force for life extension. Wear golden crowns which allow pooling WP & MA (within a few miles of each other).

RCs stole the items from a friend's house (in mountains north of Brandenburg) some time ago.

RC schism, main RCs claim not to have the items and would probably have traded them by now if they did, splinter group probably has them.

Splinter group has disappeared from astrology. They were last seen about a week ago to the east, north of Tycho City.

Missing Items:

  1. Set of stones from the time tunnels. Relating to a specific date. Stolen some time in the last 4 years.

Potentially to be stolen next year:

  1. Belt
  2. Purple hand jewellery

Presumed that they will be stolen by the splinter crowns. Ideally this theft shouldn't happen.

  1. Leader: Inkala Gray - Human shapeshifter wolf, speaks to and charms Wolves.
  2. Lady Olga
  3. Captain Yasmin
  4. Whisperer Psaki
  5. Whisperer Turner

We disguise ourselves and head to Seagate to meet with Syrene over dinner at Turf's. 6 Superstition Mt Dwarves also there. Mario sells 30 barrels of Wine.

Matt Tumbledown appears, some discussions, Matt warns us there are Lunar Inquisitors at the camp who may take askance to those with extra souls.

Matt takes us to Syrene's camp which is in a north facing bay in a tropical climate (somewhere south of the Five Sisters). Cher is given 3 amulets. Syrene's enchanter studies us for locate. This evening's password for the guards is Nightingale (password changes regularly, we're given new passwords on subsequent visits). Dancers, performers, and entertainers from many different cultures - it is the second of a two-night seasonal festival. Cup rituals to indicate interest in dalliance for the evening. Dancing went on till dawn.

2nd Fruit 822 WK

Breakfast with Inquisitors, they tell us they were tracking the RCs north of Tycho.

  • The RCs went into Khatovar about a week ago, they have been here since.
  • Three Senators of Decay may have dealings/allies in Khatovar.
  • Mining troubles, mines outside city having issues with Minotaurs.
  • Castle on the Island in the Inland Sea is active - unknown to what end.
  • Inquisitors have contacts and a safe-house in Khatovar to help with exit if we need it (address & codes given).
  • They offer us introduction to colleagues in the Allied Traders (name & codes given).
  • Inquisitors are based at Cognitum, they're happy to help with any issues with extra-planar entities.
  • If we need to get their attention, there is a chest in an old windmill, 3 miles south of Khatovar, under 3rd floorboard.

Syrene's Mind Mage:

  • Shares what the five RCs look like.
  • A crown that they are believed to have - locatable.
  • Shows us similar time stones, look like river stones, unlocatable.
  • Blood mage on an island who can make an amulet to hide their Mind College. Matt can take us there.
  • Some Janx may have returned about 18 months ago.
  • Khatovar does not allow battlefield weapons or armour. Leather is ok for mercenaries.
  • Illusions are not detected but being found to have been under an illusion is generally bad.

A few hours of rituals.


  • Doesn't recommend using the Blood Mage amulet. Juan discreetly suggests talking to Matt about it.
  • The S. Dwarves have a neighbour who might be able to help with Tegan's soul problems.

Mario's Blood Amulet: Matt takes Mario to the rocky island, square tower, walled garden, graveyard, the blood mage makes the amulet (6 hours), it will drain his mind over time. He has a sister (hair weaver) in Tycho City who can find him if Matt is not available.

At around 4pm Matt takes Tegan and I to the Superstition Mt Dwarves, from there I fly us to Camdindel tower.

Crown Investigation

Tegan is taken to the lab and has some spirits extracted to potions.

Matt collects us from the far side of the lake and takes us back to Syrene's camp about 2am local time.

Mario arrived back from seeing the blood mage a few hours ago.

3rd Fruit 822 WK

Over breakfast, Syrene says the Crowns are known to destroy air as a tactic to disable/kill opponents, she gives us 3 Bottles:

  1. 3 x drops of Liquid Air: WP Pulses of Air, inspire joy for 1/2 WP days.
  2. 3 x drops of Liquid Air: WP Pulses of Air, inspire joy for 1/2 WP days, +20% for Air Mages.
  3. 3 x drops of Liquid Air: WP Pulses of Air, inspire joy for 1/2 WP days, +20% for Air Mages, -2 on Dice Rolls for Air Aspected

Syrene clarifies that in addition to recovering the stones:

  1. She wants us to arrange a truce with the main Red Crowns.
  2. She wants them to stop attacking.
  3. She wants to know why they attacked and what's going on.
  4. She wants her prisoners returned to them.

The Red Crowns have a negotiator, Lady Vost who works out of an Inn (The Ravishing Philosopher) in Wasyrat (Arabie). She has a support staff:

  • Hornhoof the Unicorn
  • Penelope - Fae Mind Mage Sylph
  • 2 human Mind Whisperers - Sorogt & Najwa.
  • her own Red Crowns (the Crownless, 23, dressed in black).

Syrene and Matt take us to a plateau where she has about 50 Red Crowns are held captive in cold iron cages. These represent two groups that have attacked her in the past two & half weeks (since she decided to engage a guild party - which might be coincidental).

  • The captives are less powerful than they were when they attacked.
  • The Red Crowns have male members, but they don't leave home.
  • They may have a few hundred members in total.
  • They have probably 3 others of similar importance to Lady Vost. We later learn they had 5 founders, one may have been lost in the maelstrom
  • 800 years, guards & auditors of an (or maybe THE) ancient Elven Armoury. Last news of them that the High Guard have was 30 years ago.
  • Later review of translation could instead mean the original 5 came from The Armoury 800 years ago.
  • Known to have 5 leaders - The Five Ladies (descended from the Fates - according to some)
  • A Lunar Senator, Voross (since discredited, embezzled grain guild, exiled) sought information about them about 5 years ago. He still has 3 of the High Guard tablets that had information on the Red Crowns.
  • They gives us a High Guard Guild travel token each, Roderigo scams a couple extras in return for a promise to deal with a troublesome in-law.
How do we find out information about the politics of the Red Crowns and where is the best place to look for it
The High Guard guild in Lunar City

We ask Matt to ask the High Guild for the information they have on the Red Crowns, he takes us (Roderigo & me) there and they let us read the one tablet they have and tell us what they recall (info included above).

We return to see Syrene after lunch, she and Matt take us to her friend's tunnels, there he takes us back a few decades and we spend just over a week in a painting room (artist's studio) creating linked portraits and R&S Golems.

Mis-communication results in Tegan and Mario being left in Seagate and the rest of us back to Syrene's camp. They drop off Tegan's box of potions and pick up her monkey then Dream Walk back to Syrene's camp.

Syrene has a box for us with 5 x Mind Cloak Potions.

Around sunset, Matt drops us off where the prisoners are. After midnight we head up to the sleeping prisoners and start divining and psychometry.

  • History of their attack: Several Rune Portals, Buffs, Walked, Levitated, Captured.
  • History of one: 80 years as a potter, went to a fungal forest, there was rejuvenated & became a mind mage.
  • History of a couple: Slaves, maybe in Arabie, fungal forest...
  • History of others: varies, full lives, maybe around shores of Inland Sea, leading to a late life visit to fungal forest...
  • Most seem to be highish WP & MA (> 15)
  • Spells nearly always on: Mind Speech, Mind Shield
  • 1-week periods when they were significantly enhanced. Imbibed something and gained telepathic link to another entity that grants access to the pool. Mind College.
  • The Infusion of fungal energies to rejuvenate them was on Alusia. These prisoners originally got fungalled between 10 and 200 years ago.
  • Some have visited the Elven Armoury

4th Fruit 822 WK

Senator Voross was buried at his family plot in Vlifas, Doblian Province (southern Lunar Empire). Matt has bought us his coffin. We carefully avoid the curse and remove the traps (which included a mechanical Scorpion). We extract the 3 tablets that are concealed within his funeral wrappings then close the coffin up again without taking anything else and ask Matt to return it.

Tegan reads the tablets.

  • About 400 years old. Much of it written in triplets.
  • An account of an encounter with bad senators (presumably ... of Decay) who employed Crowns. Crowns being in a triplet that could equally mean: The Red Crowns, something from demonic realms, or an Elven dish of red crowned fungi.
  • Led by 5 women, who rule over 5 realms at North, South, East, West and Central. They meet in the middle for council.
  • from their realm, it is 3 days of night and terror travel time to the entrance of the Elven Armoury
  • Half of the crowns were slain in the battle with the Lunar Empire.
  • The 5 stole magic from the fates and stitched them into their line.
  • Factions have colours, Red (was ascendant 400 years ago, current status unconfirmed). Black, Gold, White, & ?.
  • Their collective mind doesn't work in Lunar Empire due to the Glow Lines.
  • The unknown colour (?) faction are associated with the Maelstrom in the Inland Sea, they were there and targets of Lunar Titans wrath which created the maelstrom.

Fates and Arabie

After dinner, at our request, Matt takes us to The Fates. He warns us there may be Drow nearby who don't like him. He'll be back to pick us up at dawn.

Mario picks up the feelings and minds of a hunting pack on the ridge above us, we stealth ahead invisibly, at a whistle the drop into the valley behind us. We sense something hiding ahead so exit the gully. Continue up the parallel Dwarven road.

A camp up top by the temple, pack animals, 50+ workers, tents, dogs. They look to be doing maintenance, some steps have been cleared and repaired, mosaics being worked on. We sneak around them.

There is a new wall at the back of the temple and 3 statues. Staring into the eyes of a statue takes us to the other side of the wall. Further in leads to the Mother at her loom. Tegan sees the mother skinning a crocodile.

  • Roderigo's greatest enemy is a Senator of Decay.
  • The leaders of the Crowns and their interaction with the fates is of no concern of ours and there is nothing she wants us to do about it. She is happy with the current situation.
  • There are three factions of the crowns we should be most concerned about: Red, Gold, Black/White. Mostly the red.
  • A Celestial Shape-Changer Polar Bear has been employed about 6 months ago to hunt Anooke.
  • The attacks on Syrene's camp by the Red Crowns was because she was planning to employ us.

We leave, touch the wall and appear on the other side of it. It is stormy outside.

We rest/sleep in the corner of the temple.

5th Fruit 822 WK

We sneak around the work camp then head down hill to meet Matt soon after dawn.

He takes us to a different camp, at a sea shore south of a desert, near Adjepbar.

Cher has a rolled up Crocodile skin, presumable placed in her pack by the fates. Matt says it is the skin of the mount of Ipos the Demon. On unrolling, it will spring into Ipos' mount.

Matt takes Cher out to the desert and has her leave the skin there.

We sleep through most of the day. Tegan gets covered by a tent and lost. Removing the tent, we discover Tegan is about 4 feet deep, partially petrified and covered by petrified Octopus from the Drowning Deep. When she is awake, Tegan says they look like the ones she has been seeing drifting around that none of the rest of us can see. Possibly indicating interest in us from Forneus.

Syrene asks us to check in with her Captain of the Guard when we arrive at camp to get weapon spells against demonics while we're in camp.

Wan tells us that we are likely to be attacked by Gargoyles in the next month. If they only have 3 toes then they are from the Summoner's Island.

A caravan of 300 halfling merchants dressed in blue arrive in the camp.

Matt takes us to near Wasyrat, about 5 miles west of it beside a large river. We fly to about a mile from the city then walk in.

Make our way to the Ravishing Philosopher (near the library). Get a fairly expensive suite, drinks and food (2,300sp). Enchanted rooms, baths, dinner.

We meet Lady Vost in our room about 7pm.

  • Lady Vost has sent a discrete group after the splinter group.
  • The Red Crowns have sent a substantial squad after the splinter group, they will keep the time stones if they can.
  • There will be no repercussions if we take out the splinter group but there would be if we clashed with the red crowns group.
  • The Janx will be after the stones at some point and that is one of the main reasons they have been taken.
  • The Janx are still rebuilding their strength and have been working with the Senators. Both have been seen going into Khatovar and not coming out.
  • The Janx that were killed in the time tunnels are currently alive in our timeline, their death is still in their future.
  • The Splinter Group are likely to try to appeal to our sympathies (seeking emancipation from control), expecting this to work on most guild members.
  • Lady Vost thinks the Splinter Group is negotiating to recover the lost faction of the crowns.
  • In return for her help, Lady Vost wants forgiveness from Syrene from the thefts that will happen next year.


Demonic Oasis

Checking our bags for extras not there before we visited the fates then spend 2 hours divining them:

  • Roderigo has a set of Tarot Cards - Protected by Instil Fear on the nosey. Allow prediction within the next 6 hours. Aid Astrologers in specific predictions.
  • Mario has Dried Elder Flowers - May be consumed as a tea. Provides some sort of protection to about 6 people, an effect like Evil Eye, lasts 1 month.
  • Anooke has a potion in his pack - Piece of slime, magical construct, dissolve things and grow.
  • Thaeuss a crushed & singed old parchment - was restored from a previous time. Faded raised writing.
  • Tegan - Twisted copper cord, squished by a bear. Magic, Destiny/Prophecy. Is connected to a larger piece of copper. Will hint at your next death. Concentrate on it to gain a view of something.
    • Anooke sees being crushed by a bear
    • I see myself dismembered, presumably by Janx.

Mario takes us into dream to head to Adjepbar. We encounter 6 undead horsemen on the way:

  • Headless, carrying a cage of desiccated birds, ...
  • They appear to summon nightmares.
  • Looking at them through a crystal we see 3 Elven Women on white horses.

The Elves ride down to the edge of the road and hail us. They have been sent by Syrene to warn us of danger from summoned creatures - the horsemen. They say Elves could use the same method of hiding from them that they are using but the others couldn't. Roderigo casts invis to undead on us all and we sneak on past them arriving at Adjepbar a few hours later.

A short flight to Syrene's camp, passwords, checkpoints, check in with the captain. Get Enchant Weapon vs Demonics for the next 21 hours (doubles on Anooke, Roderigo, Cher, Mario).

They are expecting a large fight at the camp in 3 days about midday.

3am, we get some sleep.

6th Fruit 822 WK

6am, over breakfast, Wan tells us we need to come up with some bad news to bring to Syrene to fulfil an astrology reading.

We go to see Syrene, Tegan gifts her a kitten named Bad News.

Syrene says the Demonic skin in the desert has created a well of water from the Drowning Deep.

If someone successfully steals the items, Lady Vost will be forgiven, however in return she must forgive Syrene and her allies for any of the attempted thieves who are maimed or killed.

Excluding Mario and me, the party visits Syrene's Astrologer. He has a general reading he prepared a couple of days ago.

General Astrology reading
In the place that can not be seen
Where the eight female and eight male faces are blind
Where the Dwarves lost and gained their sight
Where the three mothers can not look
Inside the walls made of blood
The dresses of red have gone
The cast out gold can no longer be seen
The sister’s fear, the gold, the crowns, the eyes, the voice 
In the place not seen often but can be heard
Where the gold will tarnish
Where the voice will seduce
Where joint will's fail, savagery
Inside the face of the three skulls opposite luck
The wind will grow cold
The earth will grow hot
The waters will grow still, senators will weep tears of fear
In the place that you can not fly or grow old
The six eyes will have seen the six eyes caring a serving of death
The with six eyes will seek luck
The six eyes and the crowns will know the revenge 
Will it be cold, hot, or still
If the senators move
If only I could see
If some walk-in
Inside the walls
Make it count
Mastery, Stealth and surprise
  • The summoner on the isle set the monsters on Tegan, he is working for someone else.
  • Cher is being troubled by a jilted lover (Fire Dragon) from another world. A temple in Azuria was destroyed a few days ago, by the dragon coming through.
  • Roderigo is being hunted by a Senator called back from the dead relating to an incident of grave robbing.
  • One of us will become pregnant
  • Getting purified may help throw off pursuers (this may only apply to Tegan)

Matt arrives and takes us to the desert to deal with the demonic well.

In the desert, the well is 2-3' deep, about 15' across, the centre is about 40' deep, water from the drowning deep is bubbling up. Walls to create a bridge to the middle. Anooke charges in as bait to summon the undead spirits that are in the water. Roderigo, Anooke, and Cher slay the 3 wraiths. The wraith's drain as undead, the demonic waters drain EN on contact. We petrify and itemise the skin. Matt will bring Inquisitors to deal to the well water.

Tegan has arranged for the cook to prepare the Elder Flower Tea to have enough doses for all of us. It grants -15 on resistance checks of our targets for 3 weeks.

A young woman, Boyka wants to apprentice to Tegan as a Beast Mage.

Cher and Anooke go out into the desert to be wounded (punctured lungs), oiled and burned to recover faster from the demonic draining. Burns and wounds are healed afterwards.

Tegan and Cher consult Syrene then charm and bully the seer into helping transfer their dooms off them onto his assistants. 3 hours later, Anooke, Tegan, Cher, and Roderigo have their dooms transferred.

Matt arrives around dusk to take us to Wasyrat. We just missed a bull running festival.

We check into the Ravishing Philosopher, exchange messages with Lady Vost, arrange a 4-5am mtg.

Have dinner, arrange rooms, select the Desert Storm room - one random day a month a desert storm will sweep through it. One wall is sometimes an ice portal, Anooke snuggles up to it, clears the ice off it, 3 ice creatures react and move towards him.

Approx 11pm.

Anooke Picks a Fight

Ice Elemental, 2 Yeti's. Mental attack gets all 3, we kill the Yetis quickly, the Ice Elemental takes a lot longer.

Anooke then goes exploring further, opens another ice wall and gets jumped by:

  1. Ice Elemental with lighting effects - 25' radius disjunction - from black helm.
  2. Devil
  3. 4-Armed thing in ice armour. Threw alchemical darkness grenados.
  4. Yeti in ice armour
  5. Yeti in ice armour
  6. Humanoid

Nasty fight, lots of damage dealt both ways. Tegan is killed. The humanoid gets away, we destroy the others.

The Inn Management taps on the door to see if everything is ok.

Lady Vost arrives at 4am, resurrects Tegan, accepts Syrene's condition.

She'll notify her people to meet us for lunch at the Dancing Dolphin inn on the 8th, black scroll case on the table. Her agent will use 'golems' in a sentence.

She is expecting some Red Crowns to visit her for lunch.

7th Fruit 822 WK

We settle our bill and head out of town to meet Matt after dawn.

He Teleports us to a rocky shore about 10 miles from Khatovar. We find a quiet copse in which to rest, ritual and recover.

Head towards Khatovar, stop at a hamlet when we realise we won't make it before sunset.

Nearby large tiled arrow and tower, lit up at night to direct flyers to Khatovar.

Large arrow pointing at Khatovar

Orcs & Ogres raid the region occasionally, usually in groups of 200+.

8th Fruit 822 WK

Walk the rest of the way after breakfast, get to gates about 9am.

50' high sheer red walls. Cleared ground around the outside. Black gates. Guards, some in purple, others in blue. Paper Guild.

First Contacts in Khatovar


Multi-story buildings, road in towards the first square has 9-12' golems stalled in the street being inconvenient - Obsidian Servants, apparently something the Artificer's Guild were responsible for.

Book into the Dancing Dolphin, a suite on the top floor with 2 1/2 small rooms on the top floor for 3 days with 2 meals per day.

Roderigo has some contacts here:

  • Dunwise - Information broker, a few years history
  • Degrace - Fence
  • Black Face Rose - Head of the Thief's Guild
  •  ? - Assassin's Guild

Roderigo & Tegan head to the Temple of Tyr (a fire god) to make contact with Dunwise through a dead-drop.

The rest of us head to Allied Traders to register for work as Marco's Mercenaries and to send a message to Syrene's contact (1sp).

Because we have hobbits, a Dwarf immediately hires us on to guard a ship (Blue Wave) until 4pm. Paid 14 gold coins. Mario and I head back to the Dancing Dolphin for our lunch date while the others head to the docks.

Outside the wall through the harbour gate, through fisher districts, stone docks. Crew heads off to the pub as soon as we arrive. Ship is about 60' long, open cargo hold.

Mario makes a date with a local girl, Lady Vost's agent turns up a while later and we discretely chat on Mind Speech.

  • Stable boy is a spy for the Allied Traders.
  • One of Inkala's people has been seen at a building. Sophie will engage us through the Allied Traders to spy on the building.
  • Allied Traders are looking for a human female mage who was involved with a poisoning at the Healers Guild. The Healers want the assassin found (10,000sp reward) or they'll go on strike. One of the healers was killed.
  • Rumours of mercenaries selling odd trinkets.
  • Another mercenary group is looking for a part-unicorn woman.
  • Lunar Empire Senator of the Earth Clan, getting mercenary contracts for 6 months starting in a month.
  • Princess from Cognitum looking to restore her family seat.

Meet here tomorrow at midday, or send a message through Allied Traders to Sophie.

Ship guards are relieved at 3pm. All meet back at the Inn.

Roderigo gets an appointment: Caroupian Square, red seat, 10.35pm.

6pm dining downstairs and awaiting Allied Trader contracts.

  1. Suden - Bearded Human, dark brown robe, makes containers, bread tins and coffins - recover daughter (Oksana) held by ruffians, they have an alchemist, taken yesterday. 4 women (Coleen's Roses) hired yesterday for the same pay, took his money and didn't come back. Pays 2,500sp. Undertakers say girls are being taken and sacrificed at the full moon.
  2. Glamoured dashing man (Sibelious of the Enchanter's Guild) - 4 women assaulted him and his guards claiming he had stolen an heirloom (his fiancé, an heiress - Princess Bael of Cognitum), he wants proactive protection. He leaves when 4 female Elves in light leather armour turn up looking for Glamour Boy.
  3. 2 male older, regal Elves in robes - their master (Aron Bonesinger) is missing, water scrying showed him to be in Khatovar, in the Artificer's guild. They live at 'the grove'. They have been here 3 months, they have a room in an Inn (Golden Crown), they took the whole inn for a year, he went to take a bath and was taken a month ago, possibly taken by a water elemental. Offer a year of training in secret arts in their grove, may stay at their Inn. They cover our current rooms for 3 weeks while we consider things and leave a significant deposit. They bless our halflings with 'Tears of the Grove' - luck of the wild (bad things will happen to non-Elves intending harm to you).

The Dwarven captain (of Blue Wave) enters with his first mate and another human. His crew was assaulted by 4 rough women (Ogres), they beat up the 15 guards, 4 of his crew, then took 8 of his crew to the abattoir in the port - outside the walls. He wants them rescued, 16,000sp if we can do it tonight. Optional pay in enchanted daggers that prevent healing, he has been selling them locally. He has heard through a kinsman that the Healer's poisoner was a bug lady. He offers a night of passion for our ladies at The Cockatrice's tail.

Local waitress offers to sell us info as we're new. There are gangs that control the docks area.

  • 200sp bribe to the (papal?) paper guards at the gates to report trouble that will get the gates closed.

As we head upstairs, a women is waiting and wants us to break into the Artificer's Guild to rescue her sister (Natalia). She was charmed by Lord Randal (the budgie smuggler) who plans to render her down (shriving?). Went missing two days ago from the public bathhouse. She can conceal items, protect them from being located/found. She has contacts with the thieves guild who may be able to give us a discrete way in and out of the Artificer's Guild. She is staying at the Dove and Blanket.

Rest and plan in our room, I divine Anooke. Meanwhile the rest of the party get involved in screaming from a building across the street. Roderigo casts Wizard's Eye and triggers an alarm from the palace. Crossing over, a man is being attacked by a Wraith and a wall-walking assassin. They are quickly defeated, presumably they have been trying to break into the neighbouring jewellers. Return with the body which we petrify and itemise.

Roderigo's meeting is with an old lady.

  • She believes the Healer was poisoned while on a house call in the docks area. Inkala's team may have been involved.
  • Artificers - twin brothers are trouble. 4 are good, the golems are theirs and they are investigating what happened to them. The golems appeared one night and took about 12 steps towards guild street then stopped.
  • Rivals to Black Face Rose are operating from the Abattoir.

She has sentient cat guards, some follow Roderigo from the building.


Rescuing Oksana

Heading towards the building where Suden's Daughter is held, Roderigo is attacked by a special sort of Spectral Warrior. A Necro Special area counterspell dispels it. Cher speculates it could be a consequence of Roderigo casting Wizard's Eye earlier.

Cats everywhere, careless rats are extremely short lived.

Dishevelled part of town, 3-4 story buildings, wild dogs. We sneak up and across the roof of several buildings. Two-story building, 2 Guards on roof. We sneak down and through a 2nd floor window, servants rooms, down to better rooms, steal a black crystal (friendly light) & quality thief's tools from a hidden nook on the landing. Kitchens on ground floor, continue down to basement a couple of floors below ground, 2 guards that we sap, door with warden (old lady) on far side, room below with urchins.

Basement 1, has a secret wall that leads to cells, 2 guards sapped and slept, we release Oksana and Coleen's Roses from their cells. Oksana petrified and itemised. The Roses offer 35,000sp for their rescue and recovery of their equipment and loot.

Basement 2, guard (Slept & Ench Wpn), Roses' equipment, some coinage, black crystals, disguises, poisons. We take 20 small vials that were in a secure trapped and warded, 6 x Quality Thief's Tools.

Exit the way we came, covering our tracks, then to Allied Traders.

The Roses head their own way, they will pay us tomorrow night at the smugglers mill, midnight.

Allied Traders is busy, wagons coming and going. We return Oksana to Suden. Oksana thinks she was bait to catch Coleen's Roses.

Spiced hot potatoes are consumed.

A short human offers Anooke work for hobbits, meet up at the Rampaging Stag, they have 5 and would like 2 more.

We head out through the gates for the docks, get directions from an urchin (Servie) to the abattoir, a wall enclosed building.

Servie offers info on the abattoir, takes us to a young human woman who serves tomato soup and tells us of a tunnel in and that the Paper Guard will sweep through and kill all of the Ogres in the morning.

Down Well, secret door, room, tunnel, another secret door to stairs into a cold storage room in the abattoir near the cells.

Docks, Blood-Zombies, Succubi

We see sailors held prisoner by an Ogre and a dozen Blood-Zombie urchins. We Sleep/Mental Attack the Ogre, wall off the Zombies, extract the prisoners and leave.

Escort sailors to their ship, keep watch, then the horde of Blood-Zombie urchins starts rampaging down the street to the docks, we narrow the street and start killing the zombies, those they kill rise as undead, we hold the line for a while, the Paper Guard arrive, they summon the Priestess of Tyr who burns all of the undead when she arrives.

Castron, the leader of the Paper Guard says someone will be along to talk to us in the afternoon.

We head to the Allied Traders to get advice, many people are being hired to clean up the mess in the docks.

3 men from the Enchanters Guild, arrive to hire us to locate 5 mind mages (red dresses, gold crowns) to get them out of the city, they offer special training and knowledge in payment. Engravers and Artificers are after the crowns.

Roderigo finally agrees to hand over the cursed blood cleaver to the Enchanters.

Encounter on street with Dwarves & Hobbits complaining about us stealing their work.

Back to our Inn.

9th Fruit 822 WK

Small amount of rest.

Noon meeting with Lady Vost's agent (Sophie).

  • Gang of female hobbit thieves has recently arrived.
  • Elves with the missing master are a good lead for us.
  • She tells us the location of the building the crown has been seen in, blue walls, a block and a half from Allied Traders.

Natalia's sister is waiting for us, she tells us of a false wall with repelling magic and wards that could let us into the Artificer's Guild. We give her the 20 vials to hide, she snorts powder and sneezes on them. She'll report back on them in a few days.

2pm - 2 Paper Guards, meeting in private dining room, 3 Enchanters, lunch. We explain our actions and innocence. They tell us that some of the zombies got through the gate. They tell us the neighbours who we rescued last night have gone missing.

A member of a Thief's Guild is waiting for us, they want their thief back, in return for the neighbours. We agree.

4pm - 'The Carpenter', older human, has a message for us from the mind mages (Red Crowns?) - to stay out of their business.

Back to our room to sleep until 11pm, the itemised Thief statue is gone.

We head out through the dock gate.

Fly out over the water to the mill. 70' base, hundreds of feet tall, broken. Inn nearby. 15 people inside. The drawbridge starts lowering, minds approach from all directions, including some Succubi, we fly off.

After a precog indicating it might be safe, Mario returns on his own to talk to them.

  • They claim the Engraver's Guild has taken two of the mind mages (Lady Olga & Captain Yasmin).
  • One of Inkala's group has a crown which if it fell into the hands of The Senators, would be bad, would lead to them controlling all of the Red Crowns, which would be a problem for the Summoner (from the isle).
  • They have Whisperer Psaki, bring her out to talk to Mario.
  • The crowns stole the stones to trigger events that will lead to their sisters not being controlled by The Senators.
  • The crown they have allows control of mind mages and may help restore the lost faction of crowns, after the death of The Senators. This would help balance all of the crowns, restoring sanity.
  • Astrology led her to make contact with the Succubus agents of The Summoner after her sisters were taken by the Engravers.
  • Each of the Sisters had and hid one of the stones, all of them are required to recover all of the stones.
  • The Enchanters, Engravers and Artificers all want the stones, to use them to travel to that date.
  • The Papal Guard are looking for the mind mages and would treat them harshly.
  • The Golems are of the artificers, they were triggered by a single powerful entity entering the city. They were stopped by The Healers & The Papal Guard.
  • Psaki poisoned the Head of the Healers because he betrayed her sisters to the Engravers.
  • The Maelstrom leads to The Drowning Deep. The 'White Crowns' are down there and almost certainly insane.
  • The Greater Summoner has turned down jobs to target Seagate Guild members.

Cats, Rats, Rocs, and Crows

Mario is given custody of Colleen's Roses and Psaki, he releases Psaki to go her own way and escorts the Roses away from the tower where they trigger Shadow Wings and fly off. We spot a group of 40-ish on the ground heading our way from Khatovar, they change direction when the Roses fly off.

We fly back to the docks, flying cuts out about 50' out from the shore, from there we swim.

Many people working in the docks area or maybe a dockside festival/ceremony for those who have died.

Cher bribes our way back into the city through the gates that have been closed while the Ogre Magi are hunted then we hasten back to the Dancing Dolphin.

Natalia's sister is waiting for us, she is concerned about some of the potions we gave her.

  • 6 x Blade Venoms that will halve all abilities. They were recently made - within a few months.
  • Most of the others are Herbalist stat potions.

She recognises some of the potions, the group that makes them are known Assassins for hire associated with death cults.

We sleep until midday.

10th Fruit 822 WK

Lunch downstairs. Baths. Tegan flirts with the local cats.

Roderigo gets a message that a woman we're looking for is staying at the Trumpet & Goose.

Street gossip is that someone was torn apart in the garden district.

We head to Allied Traders, deposit the money from the Roses and Elves with them, send a message to Sophie asking if she knows which faction the woman at T&G is with. We ask a broker (Alistair) about whether we could shame the Artificers into giving up their prisoners or get the Papal Guard to lead the rescue.

  • It would cost a lot more than we're getting paid, the guilds are very reluctant to go up against each other directly.
  • Unusually high number of abductions in the past two weeks, many of them brunette women.
  • He believes a large reptile (Winged Serpent / Basilisk?) entering the city (disguised as a man) triggered the golems. Healers reported they cured blindness for some guards involved.
  • Normally defences like the golems would only be triggered by one of the guilds after all of their own dirty laundry was put away. They are very destructive.
  • A powerful Herbalist has been called from Cognitum to aid the dead head healer.

We hunt for an office to hire.

Walk past the Artificer fortress, first two floors are windowless solid stone, main doors have guards.

Oscar the baker's brother, has real estate contacts, he suggests two 5th floor units we could rent for 2,500sp per week or less:

  1. Monster House - Previously Gargoyle infested, safe during the day, dangerous at night. 4 female Celestial Dark Mages moving into 2nd floor. 5th floor, human blood from several people, flour scattered everywhere, 20' nest, Psychometry shows a human stabbed to death from behind by someone invisible then torn apart by a giant bird (a Roc). Tegan attacked by an unseeable phasing spider-rat-lizard. 6 quiescent Gargoyles on the corners of the roof. Monsters may be summoned/sent by a neighbouring landlord aiming to acquire cheap property.
  2. Lightwell Building - Former flour storage, owner died and wasn't found for a while, haunted. Central light well. Dwarf & Hobbit gang on 3rd floor. Maze-like effect on the alleys around the building making it very slow to get in. Mosaics of forest settings in the courtyard, from above it shows roots converging to a point. 4th floor partitioned by draped cloths, large spider webs. 5th floor, sacks of flour, 60' square warehouse, kitchenette, sleeping room. Margaret the (beautiful, 25ish PB) florist on 1st floor is responsible for building. 1,500sp per week, free for the first 3 weeks if we deal with rats, Banshee, and 3 sailors on the roof. Used to be a well to another land in a grove of trees.

Back to Dancing Dolphin (8 mins walk), messages from Allied Traders waiting for us:

  • Roderigo has an appointment for 10pm at the park bench.
  • Sophie says the T&G resident is not hers.
  • 2nd floor of warehouse on dock street. One-eyed sailor has useful information.

We move our apparent belongings to the lightwell building. Cher messes with the furniture deliveries of the Hobbits on the 3rd floor. Tegan spies on them, they have a curse removal wooden pentacle on their floor, 3 petrified hobbits, crew of about 15.

Lightwell Building, 5th floor:

  • 20' square stone pillar, presumably structural support, rat nest, 5' shaft in the middle with stone ladder. Capped with stylised sun dial.
  • Roof rigged up with (5) masts, sails, rigging, nests. 3 deranged sailors.

We Blow Our Established Cover

Tegan and Anooke discuss the dangers of using fire in a place used to store flour.


Anooke creates a snow simulacrum bodyguard. Tegan summons some rats and appears to cast a bi-directional control spell on it. They say the Banshee turns cats to stone so they are safer here. Rat scat up here has been petrified, Binder-like magic.

It gets cold, the Banshee emerges from the floor and screams (in Elvish, hard to understand, asking for something), the simulacrum turns to stone and crumbles, everyone else resists. Roderigo throws a dark grenado to supress her resistance, Tegan throws a fire grenado at her... in the room that has been used to store flour for years... it explodes.


100 fire damage, 65 impact damage for those that went through walls We depart the 4-story (previously 5 & roof) building at high speed and gaining elevation. Tegan and Anooke are unconscious from the explosion and going through walls. Cher saves Anooke and nearly dies in the process. Anooke gathers up Tegan's body and I itemise it for transport.

Regathering battered survivors, we quickly disguise/illusion ourselves and leave for an Inn to recover at, The Captain's Bollox. A 'family' (human parents and 2 children) fleeing the explosion checks in.

We resurrect Tegan, rest, eat, sleep.

11th Fruit 822 WK

We come up with new disguises, leave as the family, then adopt the new look (same races, altered appearance).

Wanted posters are going up, the Papal guard is offering 30,000sp for both Marco's Mercenaries and The Dwarf & 3 Hobbit group in relation to the explosion. Anooke changes to a leopard to alter our racial composition from Marco's Mercenaries.

We hire a tiny attic room above a coffee shop.

Tegan, Anooke-Leopard, and Cher lurk near the Engravers Guild looking for an in-bound guard to ride the mind of, chat to guards and workers, ask about getting tattoos. Returning at 6am will give her an in.

Roderigo & I scout the Trumpet & Goose, the young woman staying here was reportedly taken by a group working for a money lender, Jake Peg who works out the back of The Tanner & Hoof. Peg has a sword cane (and peg leg), comes around about 8am most mornings. 3 Paper Guards (disguised by taking off their uniforms) also inquiring about her, obviously suspecting her of being a mind mage.

Gather the whole party to try to get the abducted crown before the Paper Guard arrive. The Tanner & Hoof looks like it was recently trashed by TK Rage, we assume the mind mage was rescued or escaped and leave.

Thugs attempt to mug Tegan for her big cat, Cher kills a couple, others merely get the crap beaten out of them and flee. We flee.

We head to a nice part of town to scout the location where Lady Vost's agents saw one of Inkala's people, it is opposite the Golden Crown (where the Elves are staying). A dance competition is taking place, we mingle for a while, a couple of Elves recognise me and invite us over the road, an invitation we accept.

Transformations cause pain as we enter so everyone reverts to their normal form. Roderigo & Anooke meet and chat with 4 female halflings also employed by the Elves, swapping adventuring stories over food and drink.

The Elves invite us to bathe, they're especially interested in Tegan going to the bath house to attract the trouble that took their master.

They offer to do a ritual to protect us from the draining effects of the Drowning Deep, rushing things, it will take 3 days to prepare the appropriate rituals.

We get shown to our 'outhouse' accommodation.

Trojan Red Crowns

Mario learns two of the Hobbits from the other group have been caught by the Papal Guard, crucified and hung from the gates. The next day (12th), we learn a Dwarf (maybe from the same group, maybe just an unlucky patsy) has been given the same treatment.

12th Fruit 822 WK

Tegan and Anooke head off to get tattoos at the Engraver's Guild. Anooke gets stopped and interrogated by the Papal Guard, all Hobbits are apparently getting stopped.

The Splinter Crowns have been into the Engravers recently getting protection from Charm/Control.

They get small tattoos that can hold a spell of rank 6 or less. Tegan rides the mind of the tattooist and spends the day in a nearby Inn to stay in range.

  • An evil apprentice attempts to collect samples of Tegan & Anooke's blood but is thwarted by their tattooist. - Internal politics/factions with different agendas.
  • Secret doors opened by touching with appropriately tattooed hands
  • Tattooed Flesh Golem guards - referred to as 'skins'. Six being activated as the Engravers are concerned about retaliation from the Artificers.
  • Room with equipment for Blacks Ops, 4 damaged brunette females (not tattooed). Caught after "an old friend of Wilbur" spotted them entering the Artificer's guild and gave them away. Engravers then recovered the bodies.
  • A young woman with a glowing gem detects the Mind Riding, credits it to the Enchanters.

Cats watching & following Tegan and Anooke, cough up a message for them - return at 10pm to be target of Mind Speech to chat.

Roderigo learns:

  • Jake Peg's boss, a Thieves Guild VIP, has a female Mind Mage and will be auctioning her off. The main guilds are not officially/openly invited to the auction.
  • the Princess from Cognitum and The Bonesinger are interested in bidding for the Red Crown.
  • Auction is tonight, Black Hanging Square, 2am. Cash & carry, 25-100k estimated sales price.
  • Unholy denizens (The Greater Summoner's Succubi - about 15) have moved into a discrete location in the docks.

Disguised, I leave info at dead drops for Mario to catch up with us. Then head to Allied Traders, the Engravers have paid to have us declared dead and our assets frozen. The Traders are able to release some small ingots of True Silver (50,000sp). Alternating disguises I head back to the Golden Crown. The ingots were tagged with unique bits of engraved lead.

Dinner together at the Golden Crown. Talk to the Elves, they think someone (presumably whoever took him) is using Bonesinger's name to draw on their line of credit with the Allied Traders. They may do something about it eventually.

10pm Tegan and Anooke are guided to a basement to mind speech with someone, on a table is a stone bust of a head that looks like Penelope, it is used to target them with Mindspeech.

  • She warns us off the 2am auction, it is one of the Splinter Crowns, they are going to rescue her before the auction, it will be a massacre and will be blamed on The Enchanters.
  • She could transform us and our possessions to look like Red Crowns and have us sold to the Engravers.
  • If we capture Engravers, she can potentially transfer their tattoos to us.
  • She suggests we avoid the 'Skins', they're dangerous.

We agree to the trojan Red Crown plan and accept the magic.

We awake on slabs in a ritual room. 2 x Earth Elementals pinned with Cold Iron/silver spikes. Stasis torches for light. Prisoners in side rooms, under waterfalls that drain WP:

  • A male Elf (rescued), on 0WP, restored enough WP to function - Aron Bonesinger, he takes command of the Elementals once we release them.
  • Two human women (rescued) - fairly sure these are Olga & Yasmin
  • Ogre Magi (we leave it there)

DAs indicate that there will be a detectable change in the waterfall's state if they don't have something with willpower to drain, we replace the prisoners with temporary Rag & String Golems which will hopefully last their full 45 mins before any alarms are triggered.

3 guards (armoured and tattooed, living) in an adjacent room, one slept to be used to open doors, other 2 Petrified & Itemised.

12 humanoid acolytes sleeping in a bunk room. We knock out, petrify, and itemise them.

3 bodies cut in half (2 backs, one front), kept alive on magic meat hooks (attached to chains & a 'spider' construct concealed in the ceiling), one might be Natalia. We Hibernate and unhook them.

The guard room has a portal out of it that we've blocked with ice. The main room has a portal that Tegan's Engraver used earlier today that leads to known ways out. We plan to use this one.

Escape from Engravers Guild Basement

Through the portal to a room with about 10 skins, 2 giant wyrms that emerge through the floor, a bard.

Pitched running battle, swings either way for a while, Mario charms the Bard who soon deactivates all summonables and constructs, we leave.

The Slept guard we were using for door opening is left behind (dead), we have collected a couple of dead acolytes.

Back at the Inn we can only get part way in before the transformed (Petrified) entities get too heavy, we stash them in the garden under tarps.

Most of us sleep, Tegan leaves with the Elves through mystic/mushroom portals.

13th Fruit 822 WK

We send messages to "Sophie" (lunch time meet), and Natalia's sister.

Tegan gets back about 10am after a several week walk in the woods.

Healer Guild trackers (using a wooden bowl) with pale (washed-out) hounds and guards stop outside the wall of our compound, about where we went over the wall.

We get an fancy-expensive written invite to meet under a Bell of Truce with the Healers, we agree for 2pm.

Head to the lunch meet. There's some sort of match making ritual for an important house going on at the Inn we selected, prospects lined up in the street outside, going in a few at a time to be processed.

Exit Khatovar - Stage Left

We enter and get seated in 3 groups. After a while two groups come in and make contact with us, under cover of a disturbance they organised we all head upstairs to meet.

  • Tegan is given an empty box.
  • They are happy with the result of last night and have the stones for us.
  • If we make it out of the city with them, they will transfer the tattoos for us. We only need the tattooed skin, not the whole bodies. We should meet them at the Candy Plum Store in Adjepbar.

They leave.

We turn up to the meeting point at the Bell of Truce. They insist on a teleport to the Healer's Guild to talk then object to the 'Mind Speech', I get Mario to remove it. They add more conditions, I push back, they insist I leave.

Back at our Inn, the Elves are meeting with guild representatives, after that they tell us they are leaving town today. We can come to them at The Grove any time within the next 5 years to arrange our rewards. 600 miles north of here, SW of Lake Ualwê, go to Inn north of forest.

The Elves and their entourage are being offered safe passage out of the city at sunset, they offer us a place in their entourage, we accept.

Mario & Tegan contact Natalia's sister. We agree to leave with her sister's body and meet up later at Tycho City, an inn there is a message drop.

  • Divined bottles and Dried Tea Leaves of dream memory of their contents.

Meanwhile we de-stone the guards and skin their tattoos off them:

  • 2 Backs
  • 1 Sleeve
  • 3 Smaller tattoos
  • Magical Dagger

Re-petrifying the guards, we leave them and the acolytes in the corner of the garden with a label indicating they are "For the Healers from the Engravers".

The Papal Guard escort us to outside the city, the Elves are expecting to be attacked tonight, we walk on to the edge of a forest.

There the Elves discuss setting up camp here for a few months to kill everyone that comes after them as the intro to a thorough revenge against the Engravers.

The attack comes and is decimated.

14th Fruit 822 WK

In the morning Mario volunteers to help clean up. At the Elves request we erect a 3-tier frame and array the remains on them.

Elven reinforcements arrive later in the day, they are fortifying the area.

We dream-walk to Adjepbar. Tegan tries to divert elsewhere, Greater Summoning (Summon Hero), we try to hold on to her and hurry to the end.

Outside Adjepbar, we fly to Syrene's camp. Greeted and checked at the edge by her guards, Cher is invited in by the bard - even though Lila isn't with her.

Hot baths.

Audience with Syrene. We give her the box of stones from Lady Vost's people and brief her on events. She confirms these are the right stones, we can keep the box. Aron Bonesinger and company are her people, she'll head there soon so supervise and de-escalate.

We're paid 25,000sp each. Mario, Roderigo & Tegan get an extra 15,000 each in services from allies of Syrene.

15th-16th Fruit 822 WK

Rest at camp, Divination, de-lousing (Tegan & Cher had wave tags).

17th - 23rd Fruit 822 WK

We head to the Candied Plum store in Adjepbar.

Stay there for 5 days until Vost's agent arrives.

Investigate the tattoos, some are transferable, the most powerful 3 have souls bound in, we come up with a plan to break them on an altar in the desert. Killing the 3 Spectres that emerge when we break them.


Google Docs loot -

List from scribe nots -

  • Pay from Syrene: 25,000 sp each. Mario, Roderigo & Tegan get an extra 15,000 each in services from allies of Syrene.
  • Pay from Khatovar sub-missions after expenses: 35,000 sp (50k less 15 for prisoner)
  • Less cost of Healing of Natalia's Sister and potentially of other two half bodies + potential reward for their recovery.
  • From Fates
    • Set of Tarot Cards - Protected by Instil Fear on the nosey. Allow prediction within the next 6 hours. Aid Astrologers in specific predictions.
    • Slime Potion - Piece of slime, magical construct, dissolve things and grow.
    • Crushed & singed old parchment - was restored from a previous time. Faded raised writing. Contact poison.
    • Twisted copper cord - Magic is Destiny/Prophecy. Is connected to a larger piece of copper. Will hint at your next death. Concentrate on it to gain a view of something.
    • Dried Elder Flowers - Evil Eye effect - used.
    • Skin of Ipos' Aligator Mount - Destroyed.
  • From Syrene & her allies
    • 5 x Mind Cloak potions
    • 3 drops of Liquid Air: WP Pulses of Air, inspire joy for 1/2 WP days. Green-tick.gif
    • 3 drops of Liquid Air: WP Pulses of Air, inspire joy for 1/2 WP days, +20% for Air Mages. Green-tick.gif
    • 3 drops of Liquid Air: WP Pulses of Air, inspire joy for 1/2 WP days, +20% for Air Mages, -2 on Dice Rolls for Air Aspected. Green-tick.gif
    • 3 x Wan’s Necklace of Desires Green-tick.gif
  • Tattoos:
    • 2 Backs (lesser tattoos extracted from the full soul-bound ones)
    • 1 Sleeve (lesser tattoos extracted from the full soul-bound one)
    • 3 Smaller tattoos
  • Magical Dagger (From Engraver Guard)
  • Box that contained the Time Stones
  • 20 small potion vials from Thieve's hideout
    • 5 x Blade Venoms that halve all abilities (was 6, 1 used)
    •  ? x Herbalist Stat Potions
    •  ? x Other Potions
  • 6 x Quality Thief's Tools (from hideout)
  • Training from the Elves of the Grove for rescue of Aron Bonesinger
  • Hiding Things or Training in Hiding Things from Natalia's Sister
  • 2 x High Guard Guild travel tokens
  • 2 x High Guard Guild travel tokens that come with an obligation to deal with a troublesome in-law.
  • 2 x Minor Tattoo of Storage (Anooke & Tegan costing 25k each) Green-tick.gif
  • Soul Potions Presumable consumed again by Tegan
  • Blood Amulet of Mind College Concealment Returned by Mario
  • 4 x Time twisted dagger (from the Captain for the recovery of his crew).

Buffs & Mil Sci

Long Term (assumed always on)

Magic (caster) Rk Effects Duration/Enh An Ch Ma Ro Te Th
Mage Armour/Shield (Th) 19 +24% def, +5 physical damage reduction, 1 S.G. 20 hrs Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif
Alligator Skin (Te) 12 +13% def, +4 natural armour 6.5/12.5hrs Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif
Resist Cold (An) 12 4 Gauges, -4 Cold Dmg. 13 hrs Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif
Magic Cow Milk (Te) costs 3 Ft, +3PS, +3EN until dawn Green-tick.gif
Firearmour (Te) 12 costs 3 Ft, 52 ablative prot 13/25hrs Green-tick.gif
Cat Vision (Te) 6 110ft vision in low light 7/13hrs Green-tick.gif
Ice Cubes (An) 20 Heal 1/2 dmg up to 40 Weeks Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif
Modify Aura (Th) 6 +/- 3 Levels 7 hrs
Linking Lifeforce Sketch (Th) 20 Reflect health within 2,100 miles. 20 dmg. 1 day each to make. Perm Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif
Linked R&S Golems (Th) 15 May hold your spirit on death Season Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif
Greater Enchantment (Ro) 20 +21% Season Green-tick.gif - Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif -
Self Only  
Ice Armour (An) 16 24% 4 AP, SG, Fire Armour 8.5 hrs Green-tick.gif
Force Shield (Ma) ? ?% Def ? hrs Green-tick.gif
Herbal Lore (rk) +10+2/rk% to Find Herbs 1+rk hrs 6
Mind Shield (rk) +10+2/rk% vs M.Att. 1+2/rk hrs 8 ** 10
Sense Danger (%) Mind Talent (or equivalent) 75% 79% 48%*
Detect Ambush (%) Ranger (-5/rank of opposition) 151/161% 124
Sixth Sense Thief/Assassin ability 111% 106% 127%
See Invis Ranks Effective rank for seeing invisible 20 7 20 any*** 11

Enhance Enchantment (Ro) rank 12: 70 seconds

* Thaeuss' Danger Sense from Ladybird brooch, 7 hr downtime and re-cast to recharge after use.
** animal mind
*** Tegan can see all invisible, out of phase, ethereal etc, recognise illusions. In fairy gown can also target same with magic and see through illusions

Short Term

Magic (caster) Rk Effects Dur/Enh An Ch Ma Ro Te Th
Heroic Aura (Ma) 17 Mario: +18 SC, +3 Dmg, +18 vs Fear;
Allies: +5 SC, +1 Dmg, +9 vs Fear;
Both: +5 Def, +1 DR
9 hrs
Trollskin (An) 12 90 sec Y
Fireproofing (Te) 6 costs 3 Ft 7/13hrs
Mind Speech (Ma) 8 Range 240ft 80 mins
Weapon of Flames (Ma) 11 +12 SC%, +5 Dam 16 min
Weapon of Ice (An) 18 +19 SC%, +7 Dam 23 min
Enchant Weapon (Ro) 20 +21 SC%, +7 Dam 25 min
Invisibility (Ro) 20 Std or Invis to Undead 105 mins
Ice Traversal (Ch) 20 Travel over ice and/or snow without slipping or sinking in. (+7 TMR on flat ice) 7 hrs
Instil Flight (Th/Ch) 10/20 40/60 mph, 650/1,000 lbs limit 5½/10 hrs - Y - - - Y


Herbalist Lunch/Broth
Thaeuss rk 6, Meal 4 FT or Broth 4 FT
In arctic, jungle, waste or woods Tegan gives
+7 def and +7 IV vs melee or missile attacks
Cher's Snail Shells
Crush it to roll back a pulse (1 each)
Dance (Cher)
Reroll 1 failed MR or ignore 1 stun
Sausages (Roderigo)
Bonuses for Thieves

Watch Order

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Thaeuss Cher Mario Thaeuss
Tegan Roderigo Anooke

Marching Order

Skirmish Formations (Front)

Anooke Roderigo
Mario Cher
Tegan Thaeuss

Double File

Anooke Roderigo
Mario Cher
Tegan Thaeuss

Single File



Autumn 822 WK: Fruit (4)
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon1.jpg Lugnasad 1 Guild Meeting 2 3 4 5 6
Moon2.jpg 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Moon3.jpg 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Moon0.jpg 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
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Autumn 822 WK: Harvest (5)
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Autumn 822 WK: Vintage (6)
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