Queen Ithilmor

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Scribe Notes


Willim has decided that he does not wish to GM this coming season.
Therefor I have removed this game from the upcoming Borovia event.

--Jono (talk) 23:59, 5 June 2018 (MDT)

Adventure: Queen Ithilmor
GM: William
Season: Winter 818 wk
Night: Unknown
Level: Medium

Dramatis Personae
  1. Ithilmor - Elven (f) - Celestial
  2. Lucius - Elven (m) - E&E
  3. Prudence Smith - Human (f) - Water
  4. Tegan - Human (f) - Earth/Beast mage
  5. Alandis - Elven (m)AKA Prince Iymthrae Ravenous Claw (prefer Monday or Wednesday nights)
Baron Silverfoam
Unsure at this point.
Payment from Royal Court of Alfhiem is unknown but will be large.

Terranova Northeast coast