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Natural Habitat
Very Rare
1-100 (10)
Pixies are small people about 2 feet in height, with transparent wings, pointed ears, and almond-shaped eyes.
Pixies are very hard to hit in combat (+30 to their normal defence). They are highly mischievous, and they will often play pranks to annoy the foolish traveller who enters a forest where pixies are said to dwell.
Pixies are naturally invisible, but can become visible at will. They can create full-fledged visible and audible illusions, and can appear to change their form. They are also able to use most counter spells, read peoples' minds, and cause disorientation and the inability to think clearly in the victims of their pranks.
Movement Rates
Running: 150; Flying: 250
PS: 3-4 MD: 18-21 AG: 17-20 MA: 10-15 EN: 3-4 FT: 8-10
WP: 12-16 PC: 10-14 PB: 10-17 TMR: 3-5 NA: None
Pixies use daggers. They may wear leather armour. Their bows have a range of 50 feet, and fire three types of arrows with BC 60%.
Damage Arrow: [D – 6].
Sleep Arrow: [sleep]. Resist 4 × WP.
Amnesia Arrow: [amnesia D – 4 days ]. Resist 4 × WP.