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⬅️ Borovia Issues - Information / Spy reports from characters
⬅️ Operation Word

To think this is all over a tiny little shithole like Borovia.

From the whoresons of Destiny to the docks of Tycho rumours abound that it is all about to kick off again. Facts are thin on the ground and that is the way we like it, all the better to stir tales of conspiracy and betrayal. So here is a run down of the A list celebrities so far.

The Good

Baron Silverfoam
Who even if he gets Borovia back will be left with a toxic slagheap rendered sterile down to the bedrock.
Lady Katerina of Borovia
Silverfoam's other half and something something to the Western King.
Sir Celladoor Bladekind
Alfheim's man on the ground, splashing the cash to entice greedy and stupid adventurers into suicide missions. Editors note: this is why is on the good side, because he is paying me so say so.
The Kings Rapiers
All the King's Hobbits. Editors note: This looks like either purely token support or an attempt to get some boots on the ground should Drow be dislodged. It wouldn't hurt if the portal was distroyed and all trade between Alfheim and the outside world, including the Elven Isles, had to run through Bowcourt.
[Autumn 817 WK] A group of 20 or so Hobbits in Western Kingdom style dress who turn out to be Kings Rapiers are seen in New Seagate. They have spent the first week dining at Alphonses.
Quillian Warthold
Leading the assault on Elven Isles. Semper Fi and all that I guess, sending in the marines. Word is she and her lads will be hitting the mean streets of Seagate any time soon so expect news.
Lady Celene of Alfheim
Ambassador to the Western Kingdom Ed: Now that is being in the hotseat.
If the reports have any varacity then they are committing serious resources but for whom it is unclear.
Clan Chief Dunbait Hammerstrong III
Top dwarf in the Superstition Mountains
Axe Alliance
Some sort of dwarven military compact
Clan Leader Norgram
Superstition Mountains honcho.
Chieftain Kragview Lomhead.
Superstition Mountains honcho.

The Bad

Elves and Drow are all the same when correctly cooked - Orcish Recipe

Who knows, apart from occupying Castle Ravenloft.
Lady Dunmer Moriquendi
Drow commander is Borovia. What the milheads call a hard target. Leader of the Golden Desert Wolves.
Golden Desert Wolves
Based in Borovia Town.
Sub Commander Wayfair Prev
Leader of the Dozar City Regional Guard
Dinossz City Regular Troops
Drow troops persumably, based around the mines near Borovia Town.
Dozer City Regional Guard
Based in the town of Vallaki, which is situated on the shore of Lake Zarovich in Borovia. It isn't clear if they are trash Drow or that of a lesser race.
Sub Commander Dan Mich
Leader of the the Caleen Walkers
Caleen Walkers
Group of human mercenaries, location unknown. Editor's note: Try to get the WK rules to declare all non drow working for the drow classified as renegades if they remain working for them after the start of 818 WK. Any regenages will have any property within the WK forfeit and they are to be killed on sight. Not hugely practicle but if word gets around it could increase defections.
The Infected Prince Smith
Probably the #1 target in Borovia but needing serious firepower.
Dilxae Baenath
The Fae Fallen Fawn ([Ed: WTF?]). Leader of the Skilzek Drog. A portal mage (Ed: any idea what colleage that would be?).
Skilzek Drog
A group of serpent mages (Ed: So are these serpents that are mages or mages of some sort of serpent college?).
Supreme Commander Lady Dokkalfer
Commander of the drow in the Elven Isles and Dark Celestial mage.
Master Bluevane
May be a Mind mage, Spy & Assassin and squeeze of Lady Dokkalfer.
Lord Azzur
All around bad guy out of Calder City and owner of the Black Fleet.
Lieutenant Duncan Sil
Henchperson of Lord Azzur
Reeve Stephen Willowtown
Henchperson of Lord Azzur
A worshipper of Kukulak (Khulian God of Storms), who somehow has a combination of mage along the line of Wicca & Air Mage, with Ice magics, has started the wheels turning for finding out more information about 'Missy Ratajkowski' who is a campainion of Lord Azzur. Rumour has it that he is concerned.
Missy Ratajkowski
Elven squeze of Lord Azzur. Ed: Could be on the good guys list, double, triple, quadruple agent territory.
She is said to be the most one of the beautiful woman in the Western Kingdom, and this is supported by the fact that she turns heads in public and people stop in the street upon seeing her.

Sub Commander Gredia Dinossz
Leader of the Dinossz City regular troops.
Whitefire on sight by the sounds of them.

The Ulgy

What do you call a Destinian ship lost with all hands - A good start

Plutocrats, enough said.

Destiny came to an understanding in 812 WK. The Dons were approached by agents (Master Bluevane) of Supreme Commander Lady Dokkalfer. The agreement was for Destiny to -

- Not work against any Drow ships or fleet for the next five years.
- Not support or work for the Western Kingdom or merchants of the Western Kingdom.
Don Paulo De Marona
Ambassador from Destiny to Carzala and general rake.
See Sanctuary and die. Always up to something.
[Autumn 817] A report from a scout of yours says that their was more fighting in Sanctuary than normal and someone said it was a shipment or cargo of goods at the core of the troubles.
Elemental Brothers
In the ugly column since is totally unclear what their beef is.

Places to Be (or Not)


One northern barony on offer, in poor repair and infested with squatters. Reviewing my notes from Blitzkrieg's Memoirs on Mayhem I'd say a frontal assault isn't going to fly. The enemy are defending, encamped, fortified, have protected supply lines, are in mountains and control their environment. That should only give them about a forty times advantage, all things being equal. Taking on the forces in the Elven Isles would be safer bet, then invade via the portal. Then the mountains work against the drow, bottling them up. Editor's note: This could just be complete BS but even I can see it would have to be WDMs or nothing.

  • Merchants report considerable business stocking Barovian forts.

Elven Isles

Time to get your kraken out if you have some (or even one) spare. The place seems to be ships aplenty so piracy and privateering may be in order. A good time to hire an old scupper, some dockside dregs and a good water mage and possibly head on over, provided you don't want to go in the water.

  • There is fog over the islands
  • An enchanted aquatic song can be heard from a few miles out, getting stronger the closer you get.It is from an ancient Elvish item known as "The Sea Kraken Hearthstone" which is resistible at range but not up close. Works on sentient creatures in the water. Water College Counterspells help with the resistance. If you do resist it still has an incredibly powerful allure.
  • The song originates from The mystical Sea Elf town is mostly located offshore underwater with minor elements (large village size) on shore.
  • Lord Azzur's ships from the Black Fleet are in port, disguised as other ships.
  • Port covered my illusionary terrain, up for at best it seems 22 hours a day. Ancient Elvish navel base is active, humans and Ogres working on an ancient ships. Are the Orgres Calder Elite Black Guard??
  • On the headlands is a large camp which is well dug in, with underground tunnels that is home to 500+ Drow.
  • The fog near seems to be slowly draining your health, leaving you with a cold chill. Necromantic protection (including jade Amulets) are sufficient to avoid the current level of Drain.
  • A school or large flying creatures which turn out to be some form of animal growthed sharks.

Superstition Mountains

Are there secret dwarven underground highways between the Superstition Mountains and the Dragonspines? If so this could become a launch site for push into Borovia.


Seething with antagonists. Ducal levies and taxing coming up looks like a distinct possibility.

Western Kingdoms

Is the King going to sit this one out or go all in. It really has to be one or the other I feel.


  • A huge band of soldiers and warriors who are clearly Drow are working with the Drwarves outside of Novadom.
  • Local merchants supplying Dwarven traders in the foothills out of town, with large amounts of imported food which does not seem bound for the Superstition Mountains.

Merchant Activity

  • Someone in many markets across many citys (Arzdorf to Tycho) has been attempting to purchase St John's-wort. Many tons of St John's-wort has been stolen in Brandenburg which only has increased jitters in the market. The demand is well beyond normal. Prices for this are expected to go up.
  • Local merchants in Novadom are supplying Dwarven traders in the foothills out of town, with large amounts of imported food which does not seem bound for the Superstition Mountains.
  • Merchants report considerable business stocking Barovian forts.
  • From the markets of Seagate, Tycho and the Five Sisters large purchases in both food and supplies have been made.