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Natural Habitat
Coastal, Wetlands
1-40 (20)
Nixies are aquatic humanoids with pale skin (through which can often be seen green veins), golden hair, webbed fingers and toes, and gills. They are recognisable by their sharp teeth, which are covered in green slime.
Nixies are fond of human flesh, though they will sometimes refrain from eating a particularly beautiful humanoid member of the opposite sex in order to enjoy their company longer. They are capricious and cowardly and prefer to destroy their prey by guile whenever possible. An invitation to a nixie feast is usually a prelude to treachery.
Nixies will almost always have limited abilities as Adepts of the College of Water Magics. They will have no skills to speak of, but will have the talent of being able to automatically summon [D + 1] × Rank with their talent (1, if unranked) large pike to their aid. Since these "water wolves", as they are called, have a special fondness for nixies, there will always be pike in the area.
Movement Rates
Swimming: 350
PS: 13-23 MD: 10-20 AG: 14-21 MA: 10-18 EN: 10-18 FT: 12-24
WP: 14-20 PC: 14-22 PB: 8-18 TMR: 7 NA: None
Nixies often bite. In addition, they will often carry bone weapons and shields and may wear fish-skin armour (similar to leather armour).
Bite: BC 35%, [D – 2], Close, Rank 0.
Known Locations