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Morgor the Shaper
Morgors Orrery

Morgor is a nice looking young man who has been married for many years, and has wisely employed Guild adventures from time to time. His home is located high in the Shriven Hills. The Orcs of Orc Town that also live in the Shriven Mountains call him the 'Dark Terror' or the 'Terror Dark' and fear him.

He his family and servants mostly keep to themselves in the north of the Shriven Hills. They keep a healthy distance from the Shrivers and the Dragons of the area.

Morgor is rumoured to be a very skilled shaper and adept of many magics. He is known to have an extensive hidden home, built into the top of a mountain range (with the use of magic). It is more like a mountain fortress (due to the local Ice Dragon) and it is known to be extremely well furnished. His family have many skilled servants living in the complex.

Scribe notes


Upstairs and Elemental layer

Downstairs & Vampire lair

Morgor's Time tunnel

South and West are the real Shriven Hills.