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WestKing Trading Company
Stars Profitability; 6/10 Reserves; 4/10,

Cash on hand; 2/10

Years Reputation; 8/10, Lawfulness; 8/10
Locations Home port - Zumular

Duchy of Brandenburg
Western Kingdom - Aquila, Bowcourt, Foxcourt, Innesburg area.

Main People Master Merchant Francis Daple

Master Merchant Stephan Kronlor
Water-master Susan Renald.

Assists 11 Wagons Masters & 14 Tinkers & Mules

7 Captains, 5 Lieutenants', 1 Watermage (Freetown)

# Ships
6 Caravel, 3 Cutters, 2 Carrak
# Wagons
13 teams, 14 tinker & mules
Wines, Fine wood, Gems, Flour, Tools, Needles, good quality wool
Grain, Rye, Flour.
Lead time
Three months.

The two Master Merchants Francis Daple & Stephan Kronlor are both skilled merchants and have lead the company well since its founding 10 years, to better cover the realm and its commodities than each as individuals could do. Since then these trading companies have prospered with the extra business generated.

All these traders are reputed to be honest and reliable.

A small merchant based in Newcourt specialising in transportation

This merchant based in Elfenburg specialises in Fabrics and is well known in the baronies for excellent contacts.

Holler is based in central Aquila and specialises in Ales & Wines. They have extensive contacts with Breweries wide and far.

These merchants are a large family specialising in sourcing Ales & Wines as well as Weapons & Armour. They have offices in Seagate, Bowcourt, Innesburg, Burgelfin, Novalar and Aquila.

This merchant house specialising in sculpture, painting, weapons, armour and mechanician devices. Is based in Brastor but have offices in Seagate, Aquila, Elfenburg and Lunar Empire