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Young Mebh


Name: Mebh
Race: Human
College: Air
Gender: Female
Played by: Julia McSpadden
Faction Sheet: Faction sheet in MS Word
A close up of Mebh can be found here.


Mebh is a short human female who would be a pure fighter if her adventuring parents hadn't bullied her into learning a college. Mebh is landed gentry from Tuscana.


A rank 10 Warrior with limited Air magics, light cavalry archer who can also tank if need be. A skilled Military Scientist. Specially skilled with a trident




Mebh is a follower of the Powers of Light and is held in high regard by the church of light. Since joining the guild she has met many individuals who need to be purged from the face of Alusia and only some of them are members of the Seagate Guild of Adventurers.

Mebh always tries to be helpful to the her fellow adventurers