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Nastiness Rating 7/10

Earl of Death and Havoc


Malthus' avatars appear in the form of a huge, filthy buzzard. Their feathers are black as night and their eyes are the colour of new blood. They carry about them the smell of carrion. Until recently there had also been reports of them appearing as giant spiders with a similar mien.

They are great generals and can build strong forts and organise warriors to march and to slaughter and can keep them supplied by dark arts when they are in far places.

Avatars of Malthus will never be willing servants. If they do agree to serve, they will do so only under the condition that they be allotted a daily portion of human flesh and will be made free to eat the flesh of the summoner if the required diet is not forthcoming.

In the normal course of events, Malthus may not be bound, compelled, charmed or controlled.

Known Agents and Followers

  1. Carnassus - an Ogre Illusionist active in Baltheim - See The Gyldwasser Depths

Priests and Churches

Activities and Known Interests


A Chronology of Events and Encounters


Malthus's Avatar was consumed by a Ancient sentient spider and the Demon was presumed destroyed. However Malthus proved the stronger and the giant spiders spirit was absorbed increasing Malthus' powers such that he can now has mastery of the college of Spider Magics. Often his avatar form will be that of a giant spider.


Reports indicate this may no longer be the case and that the spirits have once more split and become separate entities.