Looking for the Ladle

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This adventure takes place (where ever we go).


Adventure:Looking for the Ladle
GM: Ian Wood
Session: Autumn 809 wk
Night: Tuesdays
Location His place in Te Atatu.
Level: Low Medium


The Guild
To go look for the missing Ladle that goes with the healing potion Cauldron.

Scribe Notes

1st Fruit 809

Met my fellow adventurers in the meeting room

  • Albion - elf mind mage - glows a bit
  • MDK - dwarf wearing polar bear armour, expert with the composite bow
  • Brigetta - human female bardic mage
  • Rowan - Female elf binder with Eylor her, 'eyeball on a stick' staff.
  • Lizette - Namer/healer female human

Curiously, all the other females in the party were redheads.

  Aurora -  "I'm a blonde"
  Rowan &  Brigetta - "We know"

The Guild Security person told us that we had been tasked with finding the Ladle for the Healing Potion Cauldron. It had been missing since the fire in 798 (as reported in SGT #21). Both the Ladle and the Cauldron had been stolen but the Cauldron was returned by a Guild Party that season (SGT#22). At that stage it was broken but had been repaired enough in 800WK in order to produce the current ten point healing potions. Originally it had been able to produce twenty pointers but that was with the assistance of the Ladle. The Cauldron and the Ladle hadn't originally been magically linked but there may be the possibility of a link forming by association. Lizette subsequently attempted to divinate the Cauldron for clues but could not divinate any further back than the fire. Brigetta did a Recitation and we learned that it was an artifact of Penjarre. There was a bond to another item, which may, or may not, be the Ladle and there was also a hint that other items may also restore the Cauldron to full power.

Basically Guild Security wanted us to check out any rumours that may be the Ladle and see what we can find out. Finding it would be an additional bonus. An observer would be travelling with us, a pregnant elven lady. I first thought it was Princess Isil-Eth but it wasn't. The first target was a winery in Borderlay that was rumoured to have healing properties.

We voted for who did what. MDK, Brigetta and Lizette vied for leadership. MDK won, especially after Lizette split her own vote. Brigetta was military scientist with Rowan as backup while I became the scribe.

Greaters were obtained. I had to borrow from Lizette enough to cover my purchase of a Rank 20 in two areas (spells and resistances). I also obtained a Lesser.

  Aurora - "I work for the Seagate Times - There's nothing in my coin purse"

Brigetta then sent me off to Bolton Bay to obtain Waters of Healing and Restoratives. I came back with six restoratives (r6) and two pots of fresh honey from their hill giant wiccan and a dozen Waters of Healing (r14) from the local water mage. By the time I got back, a dozen 10pt healing potions had also been obtained.

2nd Fruit

To get to Borderlay, we were going to take the slow portal to Elfenburg then barge down river. I just hope the barge doesn't sink. The portal entrance was in the carrot closet in the Guild Kitchens. After being warned to stay on the path, we went in.

It looked like we were walking down a misty tunnel. Suddenly Lizette stopped. It turned out she had seen an odd aura .. something ultra-sentient called a Shadow Dweller. So she DAed it for Plane of Origin and got no answer. However, either it was naturally hostile, or it objected to the invasion of it's privacy, it lunged out and touched Lizette, leaving a green sheen on her as well as attempting to drag her off the path. Brigetta grabbed Lizette to prevent this while Rowan dropped an Adhesion spell at the path under Lizette to hold her in place. Meanwhile both MDK and I nocked arrows and fired.

Since I don't have, and can't use, Cold Iron arrows (since I'm part fae), I suggested MDK use those in an effort to drive it away as it was dealing damage to us all, even at range. Instead he started firing something called 'blackrock'. That was when the tunnel of mist started to close in on us and, every so often, we heard a 'ding' as if someone was playing a triangle. I lost consciousness after the next pulse of damage.

The next thing I remembered was being helped back up the path. The tunnel had nearly collapsed but the shadow dweller had been driven off. Albion had healed me up (thanks) and it had been decided to head to the nearest exit i.e. the Seagate end. Also, it had been the elven lady that had been hitting the triangle, explaining it was stabilising the portal against the anti-magic effects of the blackrock. So we picked up all our arrows, including the backrock ones, and Brigetta's javelin, which were sitting on the path and scarpered.

Upon arrival we reported the incident to Guild Security. Hopefully someone can repair the damage. Lizette was taken to the healers as she had a nasty, diseased, gouge on her arm which was oozing green. Meanwhile I headed to the Times offices to file the story and do more research into the Cauldron.

3rd Fruit

Summoned a cloud and we flew off in the direction of Borderlay.

4th Fruit

Landed in the north of Tuscana and we walked into the nearby town. When we arrived, we were told that there was a market day two days from now. We had already learned at the Guild that the rumoured wines were mostly Bordeux wines. Also Borderlay wines were considered to be the best in the Western Kingdoms, and may even be the best on the whole of Alusia. Here, we discovered that the wine growing region we were interested in was near the elven mountains, and it was possible that the wines were elven blessed.

That night, Brigetta was doing her katas, which prompted MDK to say "I thought you were a bard, not a mime".

5th Fruit

Summoned what could be described as a 'frollicking' cloud. If any cloud could be described as happy and bouncy, this was it.

6th Fruit

Landed in Foxcourt after the usual 30 hour flight. They mostly speak Lalong here and really appreciate being spoken to in Lalong. So Brigetta, who knew the language, did most of the talking. When we reached the town gates, they insisted on using a mirror that detected enchantments on us. It seems that they have been having occasional problems with elven werewolves that live in the nearby forests and have been there for a few hundred years.

After using the mirror they were wanting to drag Lizette off to the local temple to Michael. I think it was something to do with some strange armour she's got. However, when they discovered that Rowan had actually met and assisted the Archangel Michael on a previous adventure, they couldn't do enough for her. Free lodgings and a blessing was only the start. I found I was immune to shapechanges and had extra endurance (+7) for the next seven days. Some other party members only got a smaller effect for two days. Also we were told that the story of the healing wines originated in MMHS.

The night was interrupted by the sounds of bells and people going to Mass - at least three times. (Compline, Matins, and Lauds)

7th Fruit

Rowan had managed to obtain horses we could borrow from the local Chapterhouse and we rode out towards Bordelay. It was raining, and it was soon obvious that the cloud I had summoned was still about and had invited his friends for a party. So, we were being stormed on the entire trip and soon all of us were wet, cold, and miserable. And, of course, guess who gets the blame. That's right, the air mage i.e. me. We've got spells to summon storms but not one to make them go away. Something to ask the Sorceress in Silver about when we get back.

Anyway, I digress. When we stopped for lunch, I was able to use a Calm spell so we could eat in peace. Finally we reached the border, which was marked by a river and very carefully made our way across the ford through the swollen waters.

  MDK - "It only comes up to here on the ducks"

After crossing, we rubbed down, and cantripped the horses - as well as fed them some carrots. Finally we reached the town of Marcheton and were told by the guard captain at the gate, to go to the Hotel D'vie that was run by his cousin Jacques. Just tell him Edwardo sent us.

So, that's where we ended up. Later that afternoon, we had the choice of having dinner at a place that specialised in Lalong cuisine or one that had food we were more familiar with. We went to the latter. There we discovered that the wine that came from the region we were interested in had Frei d'Dieu on the label. Lizette also detected a magical aura in the wine so we got directions to the town where this vintage came from, five towns to the north.

Brigetta also did a Ritual of Recitation and got the following: "A grape met a foot and gave a little wine. Herbs are added." We got the impression that the healing effects came from the herbs, not from the grapes.

8th Fruit

Even though we were told that there would be a wine festival, two towns away, in a week or so (the 17th) it was decided to head up to the source. So we found our way up to the vineyard. Once there, we were told that nettles are added to the wine to add flavour and to settle the wine. The nettles are found in the mountains and they have to be harvested in the middle of winter. It was the Vavno vineyard that we discovered had the vintage that produced the more powerful effect. It was a blood-red vintage that was meant to be drunk warm. It also had a magical aura and one bottle gave as much healing as a third of a healing potion. Using the nettles was discovered by Yves Bertaine. The resulting wine cost 25 silvers a bottle and they were very cagey about the source of their nettles. They came from a special place but they wouldn't even show us one. Their family crest was elvish in origin and contained a stylised tree.

According to what Lizette could determine, some of the magical elements were hidden .. maybe some sort of fae magic. It was finally decided to purchase some bottles, take them back to the Guild and let the experts analyse it.

14th Fruit

Arrived back at the Guild. On the way, we stopped back at the Foxcourt town and returned their horses.

Guild Security gave us two more rumours to check out, both in Aquila. One was up by Drakenburg, the other near Cauldersfield. The Drakenburg rumour was about a company of orcs which provided caravan protection and were reputed to be extra tough whereas the humans near Cauldersfield provided food etc which was said to aid in healing. They arranged for us to borrow a boat, a seventy foot long caravel.

19th Fruit

We departed flying the flag of the Elven Isles. On the way up, we passed near Sanctuary and one of their warboats had one look at us then turned away. Finally we reached a river mouth, headed up the Baratary River through the Ffenargh swamp then turned into a canal. A pilot came aboard to guide us so my Mage Wind was swapped out for his Mage Current. Finally we reached a fortified chateau where we were able to get horses, and were given food, drink and a blessing. Looking at the heraldry, this was one of Isil Eth's chateaus. She's the local sheriff.

We then headed out towards a mountain pass. A third of the way to Cauldersfield, we reached a valley which we were able to tell also belonged to Isil Eth. It was identical to one in Borderley. There, we were able to obtain some Pinot Noir wine which helped ease muscle complaints.

26th Fruit

Reached the Aquilain border and a border town. There, we were told that we needed a permit for MDK, since he's a dwarf. So, not wanting to get into trouble, we duefully went over to the town hall. To our surprise, we were then told we actually required permits for the elves. It really looked odd when we noticed that the permits had the word elf crossed out and dwarf written in. So, we headed off to the recommended inn while the bureaucracy was sorted out. Once there, Lizette started advertising her healing services. Fairly soon a queue began to form, mostly injuries caused by blades or blunt objects. Apparently a fight had broken out in a nearby inn. We also heard rumours that something was brewing in Aquila.

That afternoon, we found representatives of the orc company in the pub and we negotiated the services of two of them, Steve and George, as guides for 120sp a week.

27th Fruit

Left town with the two orcs, passing a caravan guarded by the rest of them. On the way past some fast DAs were done which told us that there was no magic in effect, last magic to input was healing, the nature of the enhanced resilience was that they could take more damage before dying and the origin of the enhancement was a blessing, given two years ago on a plane called 'Emerald'. So I interviewed George and was told that they got the blessing from the the Green Queen. He didn't know how to get to the portal, having to be shown the way and led there. He said that to get the blessing they had to be a warrior, live tough and fight hard. I suspect several members of the Guild will be very interested in this.

He described the Green Queen as a ugly human with a greenish glow. They fought for her, fighting some lizard spawn things, possibly some demonic saurines. They felt good after killing so we suspected that the blessing also gave them death aspect as a side effect. Their Captain had been there several times and he had double effect healing. The Blessing was also permanent. The portal was somewhere in the mountains and he was led there by the Captain. We surmised that there may be some sort of magical forgetting on the portal. The Captain was currently near Cauldersfield.

29th Fruit

We were 40 miles north and now well out of Isil-Eth's domain. The orcs insisted we carry shields as the bandits around here use crossbow bolts that go straight through armour. Rowen made shields for us all and I decided to travel with a barrier of wind up as well. Albion also requested a barrier.

2nd Harvest

Just after lunch we got attacked as we were getting back on our horses. One bolt hit me and I nearly lost consciousness. Fortunately I managed to fall down as not to cause additional damage.

  Lizette - "I don't wanna lose my shield"

MDK, George and Brigetta charged the three crossbowmen while Rowan put up a wall of dust to protect us. An invisible caster was also seen. After some hesitation, Lizette finally got around to removing the bolt from me and I got healing from Albion. Meanwhile a flash of light affected the ones charging which resulted in blinded riders on non-blinded horses and vice versa. The crossbows were discarded and they switched to swords. Brigetta got knocked out while MDK's horse trampled one. They then bugged out.

The tracks indicated that there had been twelve of them. While Brigetta scried for them to see if they were going to their lair, loot was checked for. All we found were three cold iron bolts and an empty potion bottle that had contained a invisibility potion. Brigetta then concluded that they were in the process of setting up another ambush for us further down.

So, after some discussion, it was decided to turn the tables on them ... loot or no loot. From what we could tell from scrying, the eighteen bandits were in two groups, each group on a hill. So, while I summoned an air elemental, Rowan started creating a small army of stone golems. MDK wanted to fly in and strafe them with arrow fire from the air so, once I had my elemental, I cast the necessary spells on him i.e. flying, feather fall, and arrow flight. Just in case I needed to take to the air I also cast the same spells on myself. I also ensured my wind barrier was still up.

So, once we were set, we headed off. The golems were split into two groups for a hill each. We followed one group while the air elemental provided protection for the others. A volley of arrow fire shattered some of the elementals but the rest waded in. The others also advanced up the hill while I waited at the bottom with the horses. Meanwhile MDK was raining death from the sky.

The battle was short and decisive with the surviving bandits deciding to bug out as fast as possible. The golems gave chase, at least until the creation spell expired. MDK had been hit by a well aimed arrow while falling boulders had hit Lizette and knocked her down the hill. While she healed herself as best she could, the rest of the party checked out the area. They found the following:

  • Staff containing three charges of Flash of Light (rank 8)
  • Four healing potions - 15 points each
  • Six magical swords - especially useful versus fae. They also had an attachment to a demonic entity.
  • Six magical pikes - can change their lengths so they could be used in close as well as for reach.
  • Three magical crossbows and eighty bolts.
  • A relatively intact body of a bandit - the rest had been basically dismembered by the golems.

A campsite was set up on a nearby hill. Rowan even provided a round house for us to camp in. Binders are so useful. We spent the next day and a half while Lizette healed herself up and MDK.

3rd Harvest

It was lunchtime by the time they were ready. Lizette then resurrected the dead bandit. His name was Brian and we soon discovered that he was under a geas (rank 5) that stopped him from revealing information on the bandit operation. He also had no idea where we could obtain any more of those 15 pointer potions. MDK started opening one and Albion's danger sense went off. Was there some sort of trap on it? So Albion did a Limited Precog to see what would happen if he opened and drunk one and he felt the presence of another entity when he opened the bottle and felt good after drinking the potion.

Just in case the surviving bandits had reinforcements, we moved to another campsite, five miles away. Divinations told us that the potion containers had been previously used as some sort of soul container. There was also some sort of demonic presence including a bit of willpower. We had already concluded that the geas was demonic as it was still going even though the bandit had already died once. Nature of Magic on the bottle was Channelling.

So Brian was divinated. He had been exposed to a demon, 'accepted' the geas, probably unknowingly. Could it had been Renove? Been offplane at least six months. He did tell us he had met the 'Green Queen'. His group hadn't been fighting but had been scouting. The 'hill' was somewhere in the mountains. His aura also showed the same healing effects that the orcs had.

We had originally thought that the potion containers were made of standard leather but they proved to be made of elf-skin. Ewwwwww! Brigetta did a ritual on one and sang a song about an elf so had been happy until the skin was flayed off and bound with a bit of demonic willpower then used as a magical holding for liquids, souls, poisons etc. Has travelled through several planes and been in the presence of demonic and angelic beings. It was about two hundred and fifty thousand years old.

During the ritual of rescitation, Brian died. Presumably the geas kicked in. Lizette then divinated the items acquired, with the results summarised above. Meanwhile Rowan petrified then itemised the bandit's body.

4th Harvest

We headed off, arriving in the town of Dunbown. The guards there wanted us to lay down our weapons for examination. A Michaeline priest came to examine them. The crossbows and the swords we had recovered, he insisted that they be turned over because of the demonic taint. He also questioned Albion about his daggers but seemed to be satisfied by the answers. Finally we agreed to give them over in exchange for nine favours at about 5000sp worth each. He also told us not to take the potions on to demonic or angelic planes.

After leaving most of our weapons for safekeeping, we headed into town. I shopped for some replacement arrows but there was a lack of ones with non cold iron heads. I also got my armour patched. We then went to an inn where we had dinner. Brigetta did some entertaining. All in all, we spent a quiet night.

5th Harvest

Headed off to the next town. Again we had to declare our weapons.

10th Harvest

Five days and five towns later, we reached Brixton, a rather larger town than the others we had passed through. At the inn, they had a troubadour playing. Brigetta joined him for a set as well. Later on, we met with Captain Jess. She told us that she wasn't aware of the Green Queen hiring mages. She wasn't sure exactly where the portal was as they were usually approached around here and taken there. It could be temporary with a limited duration. Off-plane, they fought dark elves, saurines, and giant ant things. On exiting the plane, they noticed some sort of unblessing effect. Also the potions were meant to be a last resort only. Those that took them were tainted.

  "I don't use my courtier skills much. Every time I do it just makes it worse" - Lizette.

11th Harvest

Picked up my now repaired armour, then watched with the others as 240 odd orcs turned out with short lances. It was an impressive sight. We used crystal balls to keep track of them as they headed along the road then up into the mountains near the Cauldersfield border. The trip took five days and they met up with another group of sixty orcs. There seemed to be some tension between the two groups. They were still having a stand-off after a week. By then, we were already on the way to our next destination.

20th Harvest

Finally reached a town called Bastok, located near the Drakenburg border. Hostery was offered by the Humbold regiment. They provide comfort, food, and accomodations for travellers. Pilgrims get it for free but merchants are charged. So we decided to pose as pilgrims. We went shopping and I decided to buy a flute.

That evening we 'prayed' over the broth we were served and discovered that there was a hint of magical resilience in it. So the entire party volunteered for kitchen duty. I ended up washing dishes.

  "I'm a fae. If it's (the cauldron) is cold iron it'll burn me if I touch it" - Aurora
  "It's hot" - Rowan

None of their ladles were magical, even the ones made of ceramic. The cauldron had been in use for six years but was only magical when a soup stone was introduced into the mix, four years ago. So we decided to head off to their headquarters in Drakenburg. A caravan was leaving tomorrow morning so we arranged to tag along.

21st Harvest

We were the only pilgrims on horseback so we were put at the back of the caravan, under the watchful eye of Sergeant David. He had been assigned to integrate us into the caravan's defense. About two in the afternoon some full knights of their Order joined us. Definately knights of substantial means. None were pacted. However, to our surprise, the lead knight had been to Emerald. I was using my fae sight to keep an eye on the surrounding countryside and there did seem to be something odd about them as well.

That night, reached another hostery. The gates were a bit oversized, and were big enough to get a siege engine through. Again, we volunteered for kitchen duty so I was washing dishes and serving tables. The magic was in the horsefeed as well and, once consumed, the effects lasted for three days. It was curious though that the knights had their own set of accomodations and the spaces for their horses were unusually large. The horses had a plane of origin of Emerald and the name of the illusionary spell was Metamorphosis. We came to conclusion that the original creature was rather larger than a standard horse.

22nd Harvest

According to Lizette, the knights and horses were 'unusually frisky'. I'm not sure I want to know what she meant by that. She then clarified by saying that they had 'awesome stats'. Yep. Too much information. Since we had already determined that the magic here wasn't caused by our missing ladle, we decided to leave the caravan here, telling them that we were going to visit a nearby battlefield.

A short while after the caravan left, we were relaxing in the hostelry before our departure when the head knight turned up who wanted a word with us. The resulting conversation has been security sealed but the result was that both parties were satisfied by the outcome and we departed on reasonably friendly terms. They agreed to return the horses to Isil'Eth's estate for us so we could make a more rapid return to the Guild by cloud and by boat.

28th Harvest

Arrived back at the Guild and reported. They told us of yet another rumour, that there are a group of brownies south of Brastor that may have information. After some discussion, it was decided to barge down to Brastor then cloud.

29th Harvest

So, that's what we did, reaching Castle Brastor that afternoon. Michaeline Guards were at the gates. We were told that there were raids from across the Sea of Grass, consisting of barbarians, orcs, and goblins - not necessarily all together. The road to the south was still open, and Sureme were appearing in the swamp again.

30th Harvest

We were preparing to leave when we werre told that some invested Hellfires were missing. So we checked our gear, just in case. Rowan discovered that she was short two healing potions and Brigetta found one of the missing Hellfires. The last magic to impact on it was Teleportation. Looks like the local hobbits have been up to mischief again. We were also told that it was not a good idea to fly, as there were griffons and winged humanoids in the air.

So we hired horses and set off, reaching Westgate that evening. After some argument about which of the three inns to stay at, we finally decided on the Plodding Ox.

1st Vintage

There were bounties listed for hobbits, orcs and goblins. Pixies and Brownies could be found to the south. So we headed off, past broken villages and stone manors, still broken and abandoned because of the Dark Circle. Mist rose that evening as we made camp and the temperature dropped, so I put a Resist Cold on myself.

It was my watch when the attack started. The first I realised that we were in trouble was when I got shot by arrows and fell down. Then we were charged by 14 goblins and battle was joined. By the time I recovered enough to grab my claymore and join in, the tide had turned, thanks to MDK and Albion's retaliatory strikes. The ones that were able to flee, paused just long enough to steal the purses from their fallen comrades before fleeing. For some reason, Lizette leapt on a goblin, prompting several ribald comments from the rest of the party.

2nd Vintage

It was getting close to dawn anyway so, after being healed etc, we packed up and left, taking what little loot that we could get. (bad quality short swords and 27sp in three purses - mostly in coppers). Each goblin had a wickedly sharp thumbnail and were very emanciated, basically at starvation level. Ears were collected and the bodies burnt.

5th Vintage

Still on the road. Suddenly, I noticed a brownie sitting on my horse. Unfortunately I don't understand brownie - yet - so we conversed in pixie, although I was determined to pick up as much brownie as I could later. Albion and MDK also had pixie companions. As far as I could tell, they weren't illusions. We then stopped for a break and Lizette said 'Lunch'. So 74 brownies turned up for free food.

As it turned out, the brownies helped with the food so it wasn't so bad as we initially thought. MDK just felt he had to make a comment about edible brownies so he ended up being cursed until he apologied. Dinner that night was also brownie provided including deer, a couple of hares, several fruit and even bunny cream. Of course more brownies showed up. I lost count at over seventy. Didn't help that they wouldn't stay still long enough to be counted. After dinner, there was entertainment including Brigetta doing a sword dance. Finally there was a light supper and we curled up to sleep with brownies on watch.

6th Vintage

I woke up the next morning with brownies on me. I was wearing my translucent negligee armour as per usual but, surprisingly, I felt okay about other entities seeing me in it. Usually I try to be very discrete as I'm a bit nervous about attracting unwanted attention. In fact I was feeling so comfortable that I even purified while still wearing it. Turned out that I had picked up a talent to render me safe from lustful thoughts.

After dressing and breakfast, we rode off, I think I was trying to find out how many brownies could fit on me and my horse. I think I got up to seventy four before someone mentioned the Dark Circle. With that, all the brownies vanished. They soon came back though, especially after that we told them that Liessa had been responsible for vanquishing Rashak. Apparently they had met Liessa on an earlier adventure. They had survived because they had a Protector called "Mister Wight" - and yes, that was how it was spelt - I checked. He's still there so some of the party expressed an interest in speaking to him.

7th Vintage

Finally we arrived at the crest of a valley, beyond which was swamp. Beyond that was Novadom. I was talking to the brownies about ... well my faeness as I prefer to put it ,, and what I could do to become more fae. They couldn't teach me the pixie transformation I had been questing for, but they could teach me a monor form of the Wiccan Damnum Minatum ... a Damnum Micronum I christened it. Basically it could only produce embarrising annoyances. Suits me fine though, I'd rather not hurt anyone if I could avoid it. Those sort of pranks aren't fun. We also told them about the Caudron and that we were looking for alternative healing magics to either replace or enhance it.

We headed down into the valley, and discovered that we had been accompanied by the local brownies all this time. Anyway, a feast was had, and we probably picked up enough cooking tips off them to make a good go at it.

We were then led to a dread portal in the side of a hill and went through a maze of winding caves etc before emerging in what I initally assumed was a very large cavern. I assumed it was since I didn't feel enclosed anymore. We then felt a presence, an avatar strength aura according to Lizette with no GTN, the only power he was associated to was himself and his plane of origin were the Fey Realms. This place somehow felt right, as if we were part of it too.

He told us he had been studying the local brownies when the minions of the Dark Circle had shown us and tried to get him to join them to conquer the brownies and aid in the quest for world domination. He told them where they could put that suggestion and basically kicked them out of the area. In doing so, he grew in strength and resilience. I guess, sometimes, resistance isn't futile.

He led us out, the walk taking only five minutes. A Song of Power was then sung with buffetted the land against the effects of Winter. That also gave us the Blessing of Girding Winter.


Autumn: Fruit (4)
  Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Waning Lugnasad 1 Guild Meeting 2 Broke the portal 3 4 5 6
New Moon 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Waxing 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Full Moon 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
Waning 28 29 30 1 2 3 4
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