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As of Winter 807WK
Carzala Arms
Duke Leto and Elisabeth DeWinter.png
Lord Leto DeWinter of Carzala

Physically, Lord Leto DeWinter of Seagate, Duke of Carzala, appears to be a young and powerful man with charm and good looks (and access high ranked healers). He is in good health and has a fair and kind temperament. Most think of him as a good leader. When the Duke is not in residence at Castle Chilton he is normally accompanied by thirty members of the Carzalan Noble Guards (from his vassals), many mages and court members.

Lord Leto (b755wk) married Lady Elisabeth Caith in 780. Elisabeth, who is the daughter of Maxine of Brandenburg, is a cousin of the Duke of Brandenburg.

Lord Leto and Lady Elisabeth have four children as of 807WK. They are; Ann-Neville ♀ 782WK, /Isabella ♀ 783WK, Antonio ♂ 784WK and Pablo ♂ 785WK. All four are currently training abroad in the courts of the Duchies of Aladar, Brandenburg, and the Court of Alfheim. Duchy of Carzala:
The Duchy of Carzala has traditionally been in debt to the northern duchies of the Western Kingdom. As a frontier Barony and then Duchy, the requirements for men-at-arms to guard the frontier, coupled with building infrastructure, has meant that in times of war the Duke borrows large amounts of money. He is only able to pay this off slowly. A large amount of debt was repaid in Spring 806WK after the Lunar Winter games.

Even in peace time there are costs incurred in defending the Duchy from Goblin raiders. Other problems arise occasionally, such as the Plain Barbarians in the Sweet Riding and the Sea of Grass. Without the income from Ambassadors’ (Foreign Nobles in Seagate), The New Seagate Merchants Guild, The Seagate Adventurers’ Guild, and the large revenues from extensive beef herding on the Sweet Riding, the area would probably break down into independent Baronies without any central figure holding Carzala together.

Within the Duchy of Carzala Old Seagate is a Freetown (under charter from Baron Bolton), and New Seagate is the Capital City of the Duchy of Carzala. It is also the location of Castle Chilton which is the dukes Court within Carzala and home of the DeWinter family.

Friends of the Duke

Duke Leto has an excellent relationship with Ambassador Logan who he thinks highly of. Lysander and Baron Blitzkrieg of Stormguard are good friends with the Duke. It is also said that he is good friends with Kree, Silverfoam and Silken who are also guild members in good standing. Count Engalton Redwood has a good working relationship with Duke DeWinter as does Prince Dramus.

Carzalan Awards.JPG

Carzalan awards

Mayor of Seagate: ‘Keys to the City of New Seagate’: This is very well respected award (in the form of bronze keys in a case) from the city of Seagate to the recipient (normally at a public award ceremony). The recipient gains free accommodation in Seagate for a year, and is often invited to lots of social occasions. The award has previously been given out eight times for; commoners removing bandits, saving two guards from drowning, putting out a large fire, saving six children from a sewer troll, giving the city a dance hall.

Merchants Guild of Seagate:
‘Honourary Merchant of the Duchy of Carzala’: is given to non-guild members who manage to return wealth to New Seagate or Carzala. Normally this takes the form of; new trade route, discovery of new commodities or tradable cargos and the like. The recipient is given the use of a guild accommodation barge. This is usually moored just south of New Seagate in the Sweetwater. It also comes with a medal.

Lord Duke Leto DeWinter awards

‘Defence of the Realm’: A wooden medal, which is given to those that help defend Carzala in an unconventional way. With the medal comes a purse of 1,200sp per year for five years and free accommodation in the New Seagate Guard tower. Holders - Chief Architect Sabastian - GM Jono Bean

‘Order of the Blood of Bolton’: Given out to nobles of Carzala. Sometimes the Duke knights the new recipient. The medal is received for assisting the Duchy of Carzala beyond normal service or requirements. It is a silver medal, which comes in a case, and a formal dress sash in duchy colours. The award also comes with two good horses and a purse of 1,200sp. The recipients of the medal are members of the ‘Order of the Blood of Bolton’ which is sometimes called upon to assist the Duke in times of need.