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Khatovar city burning ~460wk

The City of Khatovar

On the north-western point of the Inland Sea close to the Lunar Empire, Khatovar is a neutral city-state with a shady reputation. The use of magical scrying magics in the city is punished by crucifixion on the outside of the city walls. Spies, assassins, courtiers, thieves and their ilk are known to reside there. In some circles - it is known that - no one including the Fates are not able to scry or see into the city. The information inside the city is secret to the eyes of the gods and the city trades on this by acting as a meeting place for powerful people. Within the city, the arm of the law is strong. But not just.

The guards seem to get someone to Detect the Aura of entities as they enter. They have a list of city rules and tell people that there is to be no scrying magic while they are in this city. Some poor chap is nailed up to the outer gates. Apparently, this is what happens to people who use scrying magic in the city.

Guild member warning from Pent -
Warning. Limb chopping zone approaching. Take extreme care with sharp pointy objects as these may easily cause amputation in the area. You have been warned!

Scribe notes relating to this area:

Original GM: Callum

Spoiler about the area but not about the city as such

The greater summoner living on the eastern border of the Inland Sea only has a handful of succubi but controls numerous avians that live in his castles and in the nearby hills, including a roc, and many harpies. Talk to Dan

Law and order

The guards to not let people carry or wear battlefield equipment in the city, but instead will rent a lock boxes for people to lock their gear in within their own inn hired rooms.
The guards do not let 'Mind Mages' practice 'seeing magics' within the city, without crucifixion to the main gates.


A river flows under the city from west to east. Fresh water is drawn from it on the western side of the city, drains and waste tunnels under the city flow into it, gets a bit nasty by the time it empties into the harbour.

The palace is built on the highest ridge in the west of the city, the wealthiest in the city live or stay close to the palace and adjacent gardens. The guilds roughly form a well-spaced arc next out from the palace quarter. The least popular businesses are to the east of the city or outside the eastern walls in the docks area, these are also the cheaper places to live and stay.

The East gate leads down to the docks and would be the most heavily trafficked. The docks are well used by merchants of the Inland Sea.

The 'main gate' is the southern one with a road leading through the cleared lands adjacent to the city to villages, farms, and eventually the southern trade routes.


Khatovar has a lot of inns offering food, drink, entertainment, accommodation, and meeting spaces with varying degrees of privacy.

Prices generally start at about double what you'd pay elsewhere and rapidly go up.

While visitors are welcome to come, engage in business and spend their money. They're even more welcome if they don't cause trouble and don't out-stay their welcome.

Dancing Dolphin

Near the main gates. Gate guards will direct most new-comers to stay here (where they can keep an eye on them and they probably get kick-backs). (807 & 822wk)

Blue Jade

Inn near the centre of Khatovar. (807wk)

The Captain's Bollox

A nice inn, rarely troubled as the Paper Guard get discounted drinks when off duty. (822wk)

The Cockatrice's Tail

House of Entertainments (Inn/Brothel). (822wk)

Dove and Blanket

A moderate to cheap inn, linked to one of the smaller Thieves dens. (822wk)

Rampaging Stag

A moderate inn, probably also a house of entertainment. (822wk)

The Tanner & Hoof

A fairly rough inn linked to a Thieves den known for protection racquets, abduction and extortion. (822wk)

Jake Peg

Senior thief in the den, has a sword cane (and peg leg). May not have survived holding a Red Crown and later questioning by the Paper Guard. (822wk)

Trumpet & Goose

A nice inn. (822wk)

Singing Hydra

Moderately high end inn near the palace. Magically bound and protected rooms are available for premium guests.

Royal Arms Hotel

A once grand building opposite the Singing Hydra, fallen into disrepair. (as at 807wk)

Golden Crown

Expensive & high quality accommodation complex. Adjacent to the Palace Gardens. Residence of the Elves from The Grove. (822wk)

Allied Traders Guild

Spies, Thieves(?), Brokers, Intermediaries.

Manage contracts to mercenary groups.

Generally adventurer friendly though mentioning membership in the Seagate Guild is not advised.


Representative of the Allied Trades guild. He hired people for various jobs for the guild.


Representative of the Allied Trades guild. He is high up in the guild but we don't know how high.


Ted is a senior representative of the Allied Traders. Negotiated demonic deals for a party in


Member of the Allied Traders. AKA Mr Bamph, a teleporting master assassin.

Marco's Mercenaries

A group of mercenary mages (3 Humans, an Elf and 2 Halflings) briefly active in Autumn 822wk before being killed when the top floors of the building they were in exploded. Wanted for interrogation regarding the explosion.

Artificers Guild

Alchemists & Mechanicians. Shrivers?

Golems or similar constructs.

The main guild house is a fortress, first two floors are windowless solid stone, main doors have guards inside and out.

Instructions were gained on a secret entrance to the guild, a section of exterior wall that is actually illusory but only if you know about it. It is protected by repelling magic and wards. (822wk)

An informed opinion regarding the leaders of the guild: "The twin brothers are trouble. The other 4 are mostly good."

Lord Randal

A charming shriver, not above seduction, abduction, and extractions of those with useful abilities.

Assassins Guild

Contract murder, poisoning, maiming. A full service organisation. But only of 'bad people' that 'deserve it'.


Currently is a Vampire and the head of the Assassins guild. 300 years ago he was the Head of the Palace guard until a coup killed the royal family and he disappeared. He has been known to try and capture Water mages but also has done reasonable deals with Guild parties where they are in his interest. A VERY dangerous individual.


Nothing is known about this figure except that he is the master of Valorious and therefore probably a Vampire aged at least 300 years. Some 500 years ago he MAY have stolen 4 daggers from the "Realm of the Dead" but has promised to return these soon (as at 807wk).

Enchanters Guild

A guild of mages who seem able to create shaped items. They own mines that produce fine metals and gems.


A mage of Khatovar and a member of the Enchanters Guild. A young human male mage specializing in shaping shadows and portals. (807wk)


A mage of Khatovar and a member of the Enchanters Guild. A charming young human male E&E. (822wk)


A shaper once high in the hierarchy in the Enchanters guild. He was of great assistance to the party and was an ally with them against the Janx.

As of 4th Frost 808wk Blood and Sand, he no longer works for the Enchanters guild.

Engravers Guild

Contracts; Law keepers; Lore keepers; Enchanted Tattoos; ...

Magics seems to be a combination of Rune, Scriptomancy, and probably Summoning. Access to mages of other colleges too.

Internal doors require a hand with an appropriate tattoo to open.

Entertainers Guild

Troubadours, Puppeteers, ..

Healers Guild

Provide and control Healing within the city.

Closely allied to the Paper Guild.

Ruler/Dictator was from the Healers Guild from ? until 807wk.

In 822wk as a negotiating tactic they were able to stop all healing in the city, including that performed by non-guild Healers.

Merchants Guild


Head of the Merchant's Guild and thus ruler of the city from 807wk until ?.


A wealthy merchant of the guild, a competent E&E.

Paper Guild

AKA The Papal Guard. AKA The High Guard though this more specifically refers to the elite palace guards.

Soldiers and guards.

Most gate, palace and town guards are from the Paper Guild.

Often engaged as private guards by those who can afford them.

Most closely allied to the Healers Guild.

Bribes Special Payments for Additional Services
Cheapest is getting them to be more zealous in their duties at specific times/places. E.g. 200sp to report trouble that will get the gates closed for a while.
Fairly expensive to engage for private defensive work, a little more for offensive work.
Most expensive/dangerous, getting them to be derelict in their duties or betray their oaths.


A capable officer of the guard. (822wk)


A functionary in the Paper Guild who reports to the Commander of the Guard (the guild master). (807wk)


A Captain of the guard, human Namer, in his 30's. (as at 807wk)


Not one of The Guilds ruling the city but there are several independent thieves guilds (dens) in the city.

Black Face Rose

Leader of one of the dens, a moderately powerful one and more trustworthy than most. (822wk)

Temple of Tyr

Priestess of Tyr

When an undead contagion was a problem in the docks, she was called by the guard and summoned a holy living fire which swept through the streets and into buildings seeking out and incinerating all undead.

Temple of Vesta

Goddess of the Hearth. Popular and respected in the city.

Lady Sybil

A Vestal Virgin of the temple.

The Colosseum

Large open-air theatre in the Lunar Empire style, run by the Entertainers Guild. Hosts a mix of music, grand oratory, theatre and gladiatorial combat.


God and elder brother of The Fates. Imprisoned long ago, his release would be a very bad thing.

Strongly linked to Khatovar. Probably founded the city, is at least responsible for the special nature of its walls. He may be imprisoned below or by the nature of Khatovar.

His followers commonly use a symbol of a circle with a line dividing light and dark. Terminus was the original patron of the Papal Guard and they still honour him, some are more active followers.

Powerful followers (Priests?) are The Janx. Originally twelve of them, leader was Typhon.