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Kingdom of JARENMARK

Location: Southeast Ivinia

King: Lygen Klabesel

Jarenmark is one of the major kingdoms of Ivinia. Jaren Cerethys was a Yarili chieftain who united the isle of Bajel against the invading Ivinians c.489 BT. Having defeated the invaders, he forged a kingdom which allowed the peaceful settlement of the newcomers, and won the respect and admiration of both peoples. Jarenmark has planted colonies on the mainland and expanded into the Chazarian Sea. The kingdom claims most of the region of Wubena to the south and parts of Harbaal.

By Ivinian standards, Jarenmarkers have been a peaceful folk, more interested in foreign trade (and plunder) than Ivinian wars. But with the rise of greater states in the rest of Ivinia, the Klabasels have been forced to play a greater role in the region's politics. Since 744 there has been a tacit agreement with Swenway to jointly oppose any southward expansion by Ibanvaal. This led to the joint conquest of Chezaheim in 745 by which Jarenmark obtained Fegevik and Enkoelheim. The two allies are currently discussing their course of action regarding the Menglana-Ibanvaal war. Should Ibanvaal be too successful in this war, they will likely give requested aid to Menglana.

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